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Alexa Bliss HORRIBLY PUNISHED By WWE After Her Gesture & Ring Attire GO TOO FAR!

Alexa Bliss get for gear and hand gesture? Back at Summerslam 2019, Alexa wore gear that
fans absolutely loved And it was gear the represented the fan favorite
character, Buzz LightYear, from Disney’s toy story franchise If you didn’t know, Alexa is a massive Disney
fan and even has the Cinderella castle coordinates from Disney world tatted on her body she is a
massive fan of all things Disney so the buzz gear was all her idea Alexa recently tweeted out and responded to
a fan that had posted the buzz gear and Alexa actually revealed something that
we really didn’t know about before hand Alexa had this to say in the tweet: So it looks like some people backstage weren’t
too excited with the attire But telling from that tweet, it seems what
made some executives really furious with Alexa was when she did the buzz laser gesture Wwe releases digital images from all their
matches and even the image of Alexa doing the gesture ended up being deleted and placed
in a separate file Which Alexa’s tweet could explain why the
image was deleted from the original files So why was Alexa so badly scolded for that
hand gesture? It was most likely do the fact that wwe found
it too silly Alexa does these goofy and silly things at
house shows that everyone loves and finds funny But it looks like wwe didn’t really enjoy
seeing those kind of silly things of the pre show for Summerslam So Alexa did end up being scolded in some
way for the gesture it seems But what are your thoughts on wwe coming after
Alexa Bliss for the buzz gesture? Should they loosen up and let superstars have
fun or is it better to keep the serious tone for a match?

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