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Albanian compared with Indo-Aryan language

I’ll give you an example here let’s
compare Indic the most 925 cognates sets versus Albanian the 226 sets, I give you the
basic comparison but here here I’m going to try to do it verbally
we’re in the proto-indo-european homeland and it is if that God appeared
to the people before they began wine drinking and it sat there and it talked
to the people who were going to be the ancestors of the indo-aryans and he said
you will go out into the world and you will have a fantastic religious ritual
language which will be recited generation after generation and will
preserve enormous amounts of the indo-european vocabulary and then it
turns to the Albanians to the ancestors you are in trouble
your language will be mangled and by the 21st century the only thing you will be
are gangsters and Luke Bessson on films , this is about if nevertheless although I will deprive you
of the great linguistic legacy of indo-aryan that I’m giving to my
favorite side here, throughout every semantic field you will still have this rightful proportion of words indicating your indo-european
status nothing will totally collapse you will
still be Indo-Europeans right across the entire semantic field now this is an
image that I get from doing this particular exercise the important thing
however is that I’m only looking at those words that have contributed to
proto-indo-european I have not looked at the full range of words that may have
isoglosses in other groups and that is what…

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  • I am not a linguist, so I don't know if you are right or wrong in your findings, about Albanian being least indoEuropean language. But here what we know; According to Greek historians, Balkans and South Italy were inhabited simultaneously by Hellenes, Illyrians and Pellasgians. It appears that Pellasgians predated Hellenes and Illyrians. Pellasgian language was not indoeuropean since indoeuropeans were at Caspian sea. They shared the same space for about 1500 years. Greek historians wright that pellasgians were switching from their language to Hellenic, where Hellenes never switched their language, which means Hellenes did not know pellazg language . On the other side All ancient Greek gods, Zeus, Aphrodite, Athens etc still exist in Albanian language and not in Greek language anymore. This means Illyrians who were indoeuropeans were not numerous enough to overwhelm the present day Albanian language with their vocabulary, but instead present day Albanian language has mostly pellasgian vocabulary with a small indoeuropean infusion, enough to make Albanian indoeuropean , but not enough to make it boldly indoeuropean as Indic you are saying are. This theory I am proposing seems to be supported by DNA research. Albanian and Greeks appear genetically identical, and for a large part Albanians belong to early farmers.

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