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How To Learn Sign Language

Age 3 (months 8+9) in American Sign Language

Which is a fake duck? Umm… No, this is fake. Oh yes. You’re right; I’m wrong. Yup. You point to this [and sign] fake. Yep, this is fake. [I] want you to point to it. I was only teasing you. Where is the real duck? Hey, a bug sits on (the rim of a cup) TINY FLOWER/ BUG CL-fly CL-onto. (Topicalization) Will fall down. Where is my camera? I don’t know, do you? Well, you get it. You get .. mine. It [grasshopper] is not sleeping. It’s moving. It’s friendly. Hello! You remember this? Make this ghost(?) this lollipop. Remember? You remember. Why (putting) there? Why? I want to make a pretty box. And puppet. Why did you put a textphone up there, why? Mom: what is this taped cross about? That means “do not dance”. Nooo, not later. This was stolen and put into the drawer… WHY? Don’t steal this. Curious George is fine, but not this… Not.. this and this. Nope. I don’t know how to fix. But, you just told me that you know how. Yes, yes, I know how. I know how to fix. Hmm, that’s a good idea. I can fix. Oh, where is a wrench? Where? Grandpa can come and fix it. No, let me do it. Well, there. I need to wrench this. Hmm.. need your help. I want a tape. More puddle. Hey, it’s starting to rain. It’s dripping — starting to rain. Look, a small airplane. Now I get.. ther e.. I need to balance. Hey, we forgot to go to the gymnastics store. Tomorrow we will go to the gymnastics store, tomorrow. Do again. .. want to jump from one rock to another. Now your turn… now your turn. I want to draw a smiley [on the truck]. Hey, I want to go to the Halloween store. I dreamed about a ghost. … and mouse…and cat I will get honey if I grow big… … and I will get, [when] big, get lollipop, hee. For me. Hmm, none. Chocolate milk is healthy. Some chocolate milk is bad; some chocolate milk is good. You go upstairs, hee. I want you to go upstairs in a bedroom. Why? Hee, I want you to. Why? Pleeease! Please! I want to get a lollipop. Of course, I know! Mom: what is that? Hmm, a birthday party. We are going today? Ok, why is the moon in the morning, why? [It] will become a full round. I stole your hot cereal. Mom: what are you doing? Imagination.

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