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How To Learn Sign Language


(GUESSING JAPANESE GESTURES) That is what you say to a girl… when you can see her panties That means you can see her panties? Do it again! Japan with Ham Hello everyone! Welcome to Japan with Ham and then she says on videos that she prefers cats At the end she also likes dogs I like dogs but I love cats We thank you all for leaving comments Today we are going to explain how to communicate in Japanese in a bit different way we are going to make a game or battle where Yuko will do hand-gestures, used in Japan & I will have to guess the meaning Obviously, I don’t know which gestures will Yuko use & her strategy will be doing gestures she thinks I don’t know Ready? – Yes. – Let’s go! 1st gesture: She’s smoking. Isn’t she? At least, in Spain, that means: Let’s go smoking Ha, smoking is like this It means we are going to eat She holds a ramen bowl on her left hand; this hand grabs chopsticks & she mimics the action of having ramen So, it means: shall we have lunch together? Do we go now? Mmmmm… It means you want to make your dreams real, doesn’t it? You wish something very badly… No? Try to touch me He he. -Don’t know, I don’t knooow! Help me! This gesture is normally used by Japanese kids & what does it mean? I am shielded… You can’t touch me Ah. Then, if you do like this, a force shield is automatically generated around you Now I am shielded Ok. Then, when my boss comes to me at work, with a pile of paperwork… No! Noo!! – I am not going to work That one… Is the CHOP! hand-gesture… No. – No?… Ah, I got it! Now, now; that one… Ok. when there’s a group of people, & you ask to go though… To walk in between 2 people… Or to start a conversation with somebody walking on the street Or to start a conversation with somebody walking on the street Please, let me go through This is one point in my score, ok? Is it? – Yes This is the shark fin. Many foreigners say this gesture is like having a fin… CHOP! – Ouuch! Let’s go with the 4th one. Go Number one! Don’t know… I don’t know what does it mean? & they are not coming back. This gesture means someone wants to leave & they are not coming back. I am leaving! & the person is vanished… No, I don’t think that’s true Ninja, ninja. – I can`t believe it … How you do it? … & you grab it… What!? Where is he gone? I am still here! I haven’t moved I happen to be invisible. Didn’t I tell you in the video “50 things about me”? Ok, stop fooling around because I am losing & I’ll have to make a comeback Next! Eh… The cat! You are the crazy cat lady! Cat is like this & then?… -You like it… The dog? No! You lose My god… Then, what is it? Because of this, you cannot go alone to the toilet Aargh… It’s a ghost. The ghost, of course! & what’s wrong with you? If you see a ghost or a demon in the corridor you don’t get scared? No!. -No… Sure. Well, I lost again This one is very easy, because my father is always doing it… Ok? I know that one, sure. That means you are crazy Just like you! In Japan, this one is used to tell someone you are crazy, or you are blathering Or, if you don’t want to tell someone openly: you are a fool. You do this… Or when you are with a friend & hear someone else talking nonsense… Just, don’t pay attention. That one is crazy Crazy like you… Eeee-argh… Somebody’s sweating? No?… Smells bad?; no No. I give up, boys, No… She is beating me cruelly… Ho ho! This means someone from the Yakuza Does it mean: you are Yakuza? Do you mean me? If I do it, does it mean I am Yakuza? No, no, no. Another one… For example; Yesterday I met a man… Ah, I get it! To avoid saying the word “Yakuza” in front of other people In case you don’t know it, (Although I guess it is common knowledge) Yakuza is, Organized crime syndicates in Japan, the mob This is what they are named It is not regarded as socially appropriate… Speaking openly about this issue, then, with this gesture, you are indicating there is a Yakuza… or something… Interesting. But I lost again This gesture is similar to the former one, but on the neck Aaah!… That means you have been fired I don’t know it out of my own experience. I have never been fired But yes, that gesture means you have been fired So, you know friends If you ever go to Japan to work… Do your best to avoid being fired from your company… Cheer up! But, anyway, being fired is not usual. no? Unless it is a case of flagrant wrongdoing or misbehavior… I score one point! Next! That’s an easy one! – Is it? Yes. I know this one Furthermore. I’ll explain it step by step. – Ok This means “I”, you point at your nose to mean “me” This means “spouse”… Girlfriend! -Yes, sure… -This is boyfriend & this means “Demon” Now, blending all those gestures together, the result is: My wife goes mad It is used as an excuse to go back home when, after working hours… You may go out with your workmates to have a drink… If anybody wants to leave earlier, they would say: Eh! My wife will go mad I have to go back now. – So do I! Ha, ha! That’s right! This one… Shall I disappear again? One point for me! Yeeeah Gesture number 10: That one… Is… Your mother got angry with you & is tugging your ear? No! You get punished or something?… No? Mmmm? No… I give up They say, ears are the coldest part of the body When you touch something very hot… Then, you touch here… In order to cool down? Really? -Yes! -That’s cool You touch something hot & then you touch your ear to cool down… -Yep! If you touch my ear you’ll notice it is warm Ok, well, I have lost again 11 Eh? Why do you think I don’t know that one? No? Yees, that means we are going to disregard a topic Don’t get bitter; let’s move to another topic For instance: Someday we’ll have children & I do like this… Don’t I? But I come back here… When is it going to be? This will be the most difficult one… -Let’s see You will never guess it! C’mon, let’s go OK? Agh!… Do it again… Let’s go, both of us… … To watch… The cinema? Ha, ha! You are mean! You are mean!. Mean!… CHOP!, CHOP!… So bad… – Isn’t that the meaning? -Noo! So bad… – I am sorry, I’m sorry Let’s see… Do it again… No clue of what it might be Pfff. No idea of what it is That is what you say to a girl… when you can see her panties That means you can see her panties? Let’s see. Do it again! Can you do it again? OK Yuko was right when she said I would never guess it It would have never come to my mind that there was a hand-gesture to say you are showing out the underwear I would have never found it out After reviewing the score, Yuko has won It’s been narrow, but she has won Congratulations Yuko We will think about a punishment for Ernestooo Leave with the comments your ideas on possible punishments & I’ll choose the one I like best & you’ll have to do it in the next video Gosh! I want you to know that she alone has planned this video entirely She has arranged the whole thing… Do you want to kill me? I see you want to kill me, girl If you enjoyed this video, click on LIKE & we’ll see you in the next video… CHOP!


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