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Hollywood in a sense chose me because I had serious of incredible strucks of look I often wonder why the Lord gave me such an opportunity to audition for Elvis there was so many others in line that day and I just can’t believe that I got to pack I never felt I was leaving Hollywood, I never felt I was leaving anything that I was given the abbey was like a grace of God that entered my life in a way that it was totally unexpected and God was the vehicle, He was the bigger Elvis hello! Don´t be afraid, don´t be afraid Todo thank you,thank you, would U give me a little kiss? thank you
maybe if I turned this one, now now, did your sing would be to enjoy your move and play your own music you’d feel a little better… I have all of these letters I have to answer and this is one of a boy who is fan of the King He is an adorable fan of Elvis and he brought me this picture as personal gift I must say I was a baby Dear Dolores Hart when you’re famous I I enjoyed watching you and Elvis you were sweet person with a young man “Loving you” and “Where the boys are” Both of you are my favorite actors I enjoyed all the movies. what are you doing now? Agents in Hollywood want for me in “Loving you” I’ve had a lot of filmes after that and it was wonderful I was nineteen and and they offered me in several contracts (clasical music) Hi, mother Dolores How can I help you? I am worried about Angelina. Angelina was widle. She loved me like a mother and I have no power … you will I will keep it very much in my heart Thank you very much, Mother Dolores. Say prayers for me I’ll do People came to speak to us about every posible forms of suffering they st… in their hearts My role is to help a person to discover you can always find hope and if you can find hope, you may find faith My early life was probably a lost unestable act in the world and I think it was perhaps the first incline on been in the Benedict because the estability… When I was born, my mother and my father had absolutely no way to take behind of me because they were teenagers, you know? seventeen and eighteen and this was a … to my grandmother she wanted to to h aboarding I had the kind of relationship with God that I mstm faith was g… everything right now I was going to work I prayed that I want became an actress and I was … on my side when I was in Hollywood, I was upped six o’clock in the morning whether I was working or not to go to the daily mass and to go the communion Can I pray to get the parl of “Loving you”? I assure I did Every role I … I prayed for When I first came to the Abbey I was on Broadway doing “The Pleasure of His Company” a friend of mine suggested I came in to the Abbey because I was having fatigue after nine months in the show and he said: “Well, I love this place in the country very easy going nuns just go for few days and rest and I said: “Nuns, I don’t want go any place where there is nuns”. so stif… the contemplative… they wont talk, so became I really loved them Just…, I knew I was myself. I could find my own … I knew the reverendant mother and she concerned that I lived but there… in the movies because centraly you could be arroused by boys and you … centrally with man and the … Elvis She said: “But why not? You are a girl just … you don’t appreciate what are created. Just in the sex, used well” I came away with a sense of peace a sense of b… and I said: “I’ll come back”. I said: “I’ll come back” All my life in Hollywood was really going in kind of amazing… I was in a beatiful parl with Marlon Brando who may be… century fox … worth in … dollars But I …. think that… a back on my mind I was thinking about going back to Regina Laudis what I loved to go … offered for true communion with God an eternal love is the Mistery that I found here For me, prayer is holding me in constant open of my heart that God exists I’m called to esponsal communion with Jesus. Yes, absolutely nuns… in community is about my prayer is that He stays with me which … He stays with me like He stays with you, you know? Someone describes the monastery as a …house of … when care… a lot of people and you make the distinction in here to servant all your life.. Cuerpo y Sangre de Cristo… Many of ours relationships s… boyfriends, but there was something else that was not minimus the— to spose, that was not intense enough I yet think my life with progress of the normal tracks of m… someone, marring, having children. But it is not the pab that God translate me cupper life, and I was in politics… I feel that I’m tried most things in life that make you happy the journey took me down into alcoholics and drogadiction but degrace to find a program of AA People are surprised to see a nun … doesn’t solve my problems magically idea I tell my mother that I want to entered the Abbey and she said … anymore I looked at this place and so women who had that I wanted “Sister John Mary” This is the any place I can see myself be and because this is where is that In the first complete time I came to the Abbey I said to the Mother; Do you think that I may ever live the vocation here? She said: “No, Dolores, don’ be silly and come back into your movies. You are too young and… for you”. I was so happy. I fled : oh, good, wh… love When I was in Hollywood I did become engaged to marry Don Robinson. I was in love with Don. The moment I ever I Knew In the first date we had dinner for three hours and in the bardinner… I ask her marry me she said: would you give me some time? and … day she… I knew in my heart… looking for … and became engaged I said well, three weeks dress, invitations Don, as an architect so already working around the house I had not resolved the both of… life my intention of entering the monastery and marring Don were running neck and neck Do was a terrifying time It was a terrifying time when… and I could feel in my heart that was something around I told her that she was distant she had received a letter for me at Regina Laudis it is time to do it I said her: towards, are you telling me that .. to become a nun? and she said: yes, I am I was totally collapse like all interfaces on your give yourself a person in a contract commintment than outside force comes in and break it all out every part of my love for her was destroyed in a few seconds It was, it was imposible to explain because… how do you explain God? how do you explain love? When m p come in as an actress considered I talked to her … I had the feeling when I entered cloistered life that I wanted some me… consummation of one kind I don’t know where my mind was except that I was in love by God The first night I felt like I had … story building I had no idea that what it was going to mean singing seven times a day working in the garden ten people in one bathroom the external horrible meanings they were horrible because it was in real strict separation between a visit and the community you didn’t talk to any… didn’t talk to you It was terrible, it was very hard and very lonely so m Mother Prioress said… This is not working I wonder what nuns are needing … Oh, my God! I’m sure… The monastic life new we are you don’t have distraction from others human emotions it’s like Mother Priorest descripts I’ve been here ten years people it was twenty times harder than i could have possibly imagined it’s like trying to imagine another dimension you can because you had a I was unprepared for being in relationships to everybody all the time It’s my llama Mother Priorest decided that we needed a llama and that I needed to be her character how she figured that out i have no idea ’cause i’ve never ever expressed interest on the llama Can I May I speak with you about a few things? Ok May a asking by advise It’s so hard I know you know this Mother, I am so impatient I can’t stand it … right now I can’t stand, in serious I’m still buried to contemplative peace all my life Why do you come to the monastery? I said that I was looking for a home for my heart … for Christ when you started you’re really in trouble and you have a long way to make you go through the practice to become a nun we made plants it’s … time and you have to trust that your heart grows and commty on work of becoming a person of Christ in this monastery so hard is sometimes to know, to see it, it’s some dark and it help to see it Good night Good night, Mother I always carry the mission when I was younger that God had given me a purpose for what I was doing I felt I was supposed to be here for something beyond just the … I think Mother Priorest saw in me a friend in some point and it was hard for her in terms of could she stay, could she do it out our encounter we understood we were trying to get to the same place, do you know? and we knew the community needed something The first came sixteen and seventeen, I was only a kid in a personal college, for became to the abbey it was a very hopeful place to us I wanted to work for peace, I wanted social transforms a wanted a community, I wanted to give more to the planet that I was keeping Many others saw Mother Dolores and Mother Abbess with sense of them delivery women who had found a love in their lives that we were searching for Mother Prioress chees to me, chees with old people, with young people to came there people that was crying she had the sense that she we were learning how to have a relationships some of us … discover our vocations I knew I felt called here I wanted to give me… and the singular … of cut down your hair have been happy been married or having nun what I was looking for I think the first thing that you realize is that the sexuallity… we are very sexual women, here in the abbey and our sexuality is not deny anyway People wonder: what is she mean? she is a nun It’s getting the … dimension of sex thats the genital or physical sex to think is a physical act kind of pleasure and I .. pleasure to other people My voice… physical union and … is much and deeper I never gave up of Dolores by the same … today taht I used fifhty two years ago Because Dolores is … I am … todaywonder eventually I undertood why she came here I don’t think that Dolores vocation was to be a mother and a wife she co-starred with people like Montgomery Clift Robert Ryan,… but I think she found out… security she is happy with her security, she wanted marry with God I’ve come to the abbey for forty seven years I think that it is something Have a good day and you and you call me, please… thank you, Dolores…

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