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Accessibility at Leaky Con Dallas 2019 *tom felton was dreamy* (Sign Language, PSE, ASL, CC)

– Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my
channel, this is an intro. (snaps) (upbeat music) So, a few weeks ago me
and Becca, my sister, the two of us went to a
Harry Potter Convention in Dallas, Texas. We were sellers there,
selling our t-shirts, our merch, and we also,
like, went to panels because they have panels,
music, they have a dance that we went to, they have
just, like, a bunch of different things that are related to Harry Potter. Last year was our first year
and I was a little bit clueless about what was available,
so, I didn’t request any interpreters, I didn’t
request seating in the front until I arrived last year, I
arrived and I noticed, like, there was, like, some things
on papers saying, like, “If you need ASL interpretation, you know, come up to the table,” or
“If you need special seating, come up to the table to
request that and we can do it.” So, I did it a little bit
last year, but not so much. This year, however, me
and Becca knew that, like, we were gonna go, for sure. And I wanted it to be the best
experience possible, for me. Meaning I wanted an
interpreter to interpret panels that I wanted to go to. I wanted to sit in the
front so I’m able to see the presenters faces. A lot of the times I rely
on speech reading, so, I wanted to make sure
that I could enjoy it. Last year, you know, we
would have to sit in the back and there was no point in me being there because I wasn’t enjoying
it myself at all. So, this year, I made, like,
the effort to request things that would make my
experience more enjoyable, more accessible. So, what does that involve? For LeakyCon, especially,
three weeks before the event I had to send an email
and let them know, like, “Hey, I’m hard of hearing,
I’m gonna need to have, like, special seating in the
front and I would like an interpreter if it’s available.” By law, me as a functionally
deaf person in Texas, I have the right to request an interpreter and if you are functionally
deaf you have the right too. That’s why I kind of
wanted to make this video because a lot of people, they
don’t know they can do that or they don’t want to because it’s hard to advocate for yourself and
to make moves that will make your experience better
and more accessible, but, we have to do it to make
things more accessible for deaf and hard of hearing or
things will just continue to stay the same. Sent them an email, they
sent me back a schedule, I looked at the schedule myself. Schedule, like, kept
on getting updated, so, like, I had to, like,
watch out for it and, like, keep watching. As long as I was, you
know, involved and ready to work with this person,
everything turned out fine and worked out. Let’s jump in the video! What’s up, tis me, Jackie G. I am here today at, where? Dallas, Texas. But for what? LeakyCon. What is that? It is a Harry Potter Convention. Because me, I am a nerd. I’m gonna see how things play
out and how things, like, go and if the accessibility here
is good or bad, so, we’ll see. I’m supposed to go to the check
in and get this red sticker, it just means that I can
sit in the proper seating. Let’s go! – I’m gonna give you this one. – Okay. – Which is gonna give you
the closer seating area. – Okay. – There you go. – All right, Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. – Perfect, easy. So, I bought my sticker,
also they gave me this, which is a paper, it’s like a hard paper, and it has, like, a bunch of information and it has a lot of
information about accessibility and needs and stuff like that,
so, it’s really easy to read and see, like, everything
I need to know about the interpreted panels and what I need to do, so, that’s awesome! – And the button helped, right? – Yes, yes. I made this button so,
um, when I went up there Um, she, like, automatically noticed, “Oh,” like, “I see you’re
deaf, so, I’ll give you this,” Blah, blah, blah. Like, first we made it
so people would, like, come into the booth,
but be aware that they need to look at me face to face or if they, like, try to be like, “Hey, excuse me, excuse
me, excuse me,” like… People always do that and I’m just like… (Camera operator laughs) “Who are you?” And then I look up and, like, I realize, “Oh,” they’ve been, like, for a long time but I’ve not noticed and
so they, like, get mad, so, made this. And it works! Already it works. I just finished the panel about
Jane Austen and Harry Potter and it was awesome, it was great. The interpreters were great,
there was two of them. It’s like really cool and
totally accessible and now I’m gonna go in another
panel and its about Disability at Hogwarts. I’m excited, they mentioned
the word deaf inside of the description. So, I’m excited to see
what they have to say and what they think deaf
would look like at Hogwarts. (Claps) Let’s go! (dream-like music) Hey everyone, I’m back. So, the disability panel
is over and it was great. They talked about some things
that could or would happen in the Wizarding World
if, like, J.K. had shown characters with disabilities. It was cool, it was
relatable and exciting and I’m happy I went. – I thought you were gonna
make comments, you didn’t. – No, I didn’t want to comment on- – I knew they wanted
you to. They were like, “Anybody with invisible disabilities?” – I had ideas, like, for
cochlear implants and hearing aids, like, they’re really, like, not comfortable and I was thinking, like, Maybe they could, like, invent, like, a bug that could, like,
crawl and just, like, crawl in your ears or crawl
in your head and so it wouldn’t be, like,
uncomfortable, but I’m shy and didn’t want to say anything. – That would’ve been really great! I knew they wanted you to
speak, I bet they’re excited you were there. – It was fun and I’m happy I went. Oh, I got a ribbon. – What does that mean? – I don’t know. – Remember we were talking about it- – Oh, revealio, revealio, like- – Spoonies. – Like, represent the spoonies. Spoonie means, like,
people with disabilities they tend to be, like, more
tired, exhausted because, like, their energy is inside of
their disability, like, my energy is inside of my hearing, I’m constantly trying to focus
on listening to the sound and placing the words that
I don’t know or that I miss. So, I guess that makes
me a Spoonie, right? – Right. – Okay, what’s up everyone? Welcome back to Day two. Dude, we just finished the
second panel of the day and it was awesome. The first one, it was,
LeakyCon Family Fued. So, they had, like, a few of
the characters from the movies. It was great, the interpreters were there, I didn’t have to worry
about anything, like, I entered in, I walked
up straight to the front and someone, like, brought me
and my sister to the seats. Easy access. Then the second one, I
just stayed in my same seat and Tom Felton and a few
of the other characters from the movies were there
and again it was awesome. No problems, no issues, a
chair was already set up. They had a light that was, like, shining on the interpreters
so I could see, and everything was perfect. The accessibility here
has been great so far. – Back to the table? – Back to the table. Oh, by the way, check out my outfit. Ow! – (Laughs) Don’t hurt yourself. – Hey everyone, welcome to Day Three. Yesterday was amazing. Draco or, Tom Felton, was amazing. Just, like, wow, like, stunning. (Acoustic guitar strumming) ♪ ‘Cause there’s nothing now, ♪ ♪ Anything, anyone, anywhere, ♪ ♪ Then she came along, ♪ ♪ Then she came along, ♪ ♪ Something about you- ♪ – Today we are here and
we’re going to watch Tom, like, his own
interview, so, I’m so excited and we’re gonna show you
my seats and how it looks from where I’m sitting and
so far it’s been great. Everything has been great, um, yesterday, we couldn’t,
like, reserve the interpreter for the concert, but the
interpreter stayed anyway because the two of them were
just amazing and they were, like, very helpful and
they wanted to stay anyway. So, it was great and it all worked out. So, come on, let’s go see it. (Mythical music) (indistinct crowd chatter) – And the director was really
keen for me to be close as possible to Alan, now- ♪ You could be my twenty
two now girl, only you, ♪ ♪ Only you, ♪ ♪ Only you, ♪ ♪ Only you, ♪ ♪ (Indistinct lyrics) Watch
it what you’ve done to me, ♪ ♪ My hearts blasted, ♪ ♪ I’m gasping like I’m under sea, ♪ ♪ Water, I’m careful where I tread, ♪ ♪ I’m here to love not
trample on the flower bed, ♪ ♪ I do my very best to keep you calm, ♪ ♪ But you take in my spine
when you brush my arm, ♪ ♪ My feelings false
alarm because there’s ♪ ♪ Something between us, ♪ ♪ I feel it with my heart ♪ ♪ Its starts with my- ♪ (audience laughs) ♪ I never (indistinct lyrics)
just to watch you sleep, ♪ ♪ I’ll even fake this
knee, I’m about to leave, ♪ ♪ So, if you think you want a proper go, ♪ ♪ She gets a big smile
like it’s Christmas ♪ ♪ To a five year old. ♪ – So to summarize my experience
overall it was great. It was awesome. The interpreters were awesome, um, they were willing to work around mine and other deaf’s schedule. But I really like that part
about how the interpreters were really flexible and
willing to work with us. Some pros, I would say it was easy. There was no frustrations
for the most part. I, I know what I had to do, their, their website
had clear instructions. Seating was available and easy to access. There was no problems,
they gave me, you know, a sticker that showed that
I was allowed to, like, be in this specific seating. I knew how many people
I could bring with me. Because it was clear on the website, I could bring one person
with me to sit with me so I don’t have to be alone. The interpreters, they were,
they showed up on time. I didn’t have to worry about, like, where is the interpreter?
Is the interpreter going to show up late because they
didn’t book them, like, the full time. Cons, I would say… There wasn’t really any cons. The one thing that might have
been a little bit messed up was the concert, Tom Felton’s concert. I wanted an interpreter
for that, but because it was last minute, they
weren’t able to reserve them even though the interpreter
said, “Yeah, like, we’re willing to stay,
fine, just, you know, let them, let the coordinators
know you want us to stay and we’re willing.” I went up to the table and, like, I asked them and I told
them the interpreters are willing to stay, but,
they didn’t want to pay them anyway, which, mean that happens
with big events sometimes because they can, you
know, get away with it. I didn’t request that specific, you know, panel or event to be interpreted
three weeks in advance but, the reason for that is because
it was added last minute. The kind of situation where
I’m like, “Is that my fault,” “Is that fair?” Probably not, but, because
the interpreters were amazing it all worked out. LeakyCon compared to
other events, I would say, Its like a nine out of 10. Out of five hearing aides, I would give it 4.5 hearing aides, dude. (camera operator laughing) LeakyCon, fantastic. I can’t wait to go back next year, uh, next year is going to be in Florida, so, I’m so excited. Thank you so much for watching me. Make sure you subscribe to my channel. Make sure you follow me on
instagram, it’s TisMeJackieG. Um, hello all of you new people, love you. Okay, bye! (lips smack) Will you hold my gum. – Oh, sure. And now you’re not gonna
put it back in your mouth. And action! (music crescendos) I don’t know, I mean we could- – Mummy, have you seen my jumper? – Yes, dear, it was on the cat. (screams) – Becca, something is happening
with the, oh, of course. – Hello. – Christians calling me. – Hello, hello. (upbeat music)

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