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ABC’s in ASL// ASL lessons with Ri!

Hello everyone! My name is Rianna and welcome
to my youtube channel. So, today I figured for my first video I would start with something
short, sweet, and simple…and something that I know well. The American Sign Language alphabet.
So, we’re gonna start. obviouslt the first letter of the alphabet is “a”. This is A.
Kinda just looks like a fist, but your thumb is on the side. You must make sure your thumb
is on the side. This is A. “B” Thumb in. “C” Like making a C shape with your hand. “D”
So, I see D alot like this. That is not D. D is with your pointer finger up, always remember
that. “E”…This is A…This is E. Thumb is below the fingers. “F” is like “okay”. “G”
…”H”… So from G our thumb went down and our middle finger came up. Thumb is down,
middle finger out “H”. “I” Thumb in, pinky up. “J” is just drawing a J with our pinky.
“K” So for K, you start with 2 fingers, split them like that, put your thumb in the center.
K. “L” simple L with your fingers. “M” Three fingers over your thumb. Imagine an M being
drawn on your fingers. “N” Is just 2. “O” Simple O with your hand. “P” Just like K except
turned down. This is K. This is P. “Q” is just like G, Q is pointed down. “R” Cross
your pointer and middle finger. “S” …These are the letters you dont get confused with:
A- thumb on the side. E- thumb below the fingers. S- thumb over the fingers. “T” thumber between
the pointer and the middle finger. T. “U” two fingers up. “V” ..”W”…”X” is just like
a little hook. X. “Y” and “Z” you just draw a Z with your pointer finger. Hope this helps.
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