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ABC Phonics Song – Spoken Version, ASL Tutorial

a-ah Alligator b-buh Bear c-ca Cat d-duh Dog e-eh Elephant f-fuh Fox g-guh Goat h-ha Hat i – i Insect j-juh Jump k-kuh Kangaroo l – l Lion m-mmm Monkey n-nnn Nest o-ah Octopus p-puh Piano q-qua Queen r-rrr Rainbow s-sss Sunshine t-tuh Turtle u-uh Umbrella v-vuh Volcano w-wuh World x-xs X-Ray y-yuh Yo-Yo z-zuh Zebra I can sign my A-B-C’s. I can read, listen and see. Come sing, sign, and read with me. T-H-E . . . E-N-D, the end, THE END!

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