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ABC Phonics Song – ASL Letters and Symbols Tutorial

Welcome to ABC Phonics, Sing, Sign ,and Read! We’re going to start with learning all the signs for
the ASL letters and the corresponding phonic symbols. I’m excited to show you how easy it can be! Let’s start with “a,” . . . “a.” For “Alligator” both hands simulate the opening and
closing of an alligator’s jaws. “Alligator” For “b” the fingers are straight up in the air, and the thumb is across the palm. “b” To make the sign for “Bear” cross your arms across your
chest and claw like a bear. “Bear” For “c” the fingers and thumb curve, like the
letter “c” on a printed page. “c” For “Cat” the thumb and index finger pull beside
your mouth to show the whiskers of a cat. “Cat” For “d” all the fingers except the index finger come to touch
the thumb. The index finger stays straight up. “d” For “Dog” start with slapping the thigh and end with
a snap. Like calling a dog. “Dog” For the song, you might only be able to fit
in the thigh slap, and that’s just fine. For “e” the fingertips rest on the thumb. “e” To make the sign for “Elephant” your hand traces the
shape of an elephant’s trunk. “Elephant” In the sign for “f” the thumb and index finger touch each
other, and the other fingers are splayed out. “f” We keep this same hand shape for the sign for “Fox”
and twist it in front of the nose. “Fox” For “g” the thumb and index finger are out just like this,
but we hold it flat, like a table top. “g” For “Goat” the hand starts in a fist by the chin and moves up into
a “v.” This shows the beard and horns of a goat. “Goat” For “h” the index and middle finger are pointing to the side. “h” For “Hat” simply tap your head where you would wear a hat. “Hat” Some people prefer to use the sign for “Happy” in this
song. I’ll show you what that looks like. For “Happy” the hand moves up, in front of
the chest, like happy feelings. “Happy” For “i” the pinky finger sticks up in the fisted hand. “i” For “Insect” the thumb touches the nose and the first two
fingers wiggle like the antennae of an insect. “Insect” “j” uses the same “i” hand shape but we curve it
to show the shape of a “j.” “j” For “Jump” the non-dominant hand lays flat and a “V-shaped” hand
tips upside down and jumps on that hand. “Jump” The sign for “k” has the index and middle fingers spread
apart wide and the thumb in between. “k” To make the sign for “Kangaroo” put your hands in front of your body
and hop them up and down, like a kangaroo jumping. “Kangaroo” In the sign for “l” the thumb and index
finger literally make an “l.” “l” For “Lion” the dominant hand sweeps over the head
to show a lion’s mane. “Lion” The sign for “m” has the thumb tucked under the
first three fingers of the hand. “m” For “Monkey” take your hands and scoop them up your
sides like a monkey tickling itself. “Monkey” “n” is similar to “m” but the thumb is tucked
only under those first two fingers. “n” For “Nest” both hands show the shape of a bird nest. “Nest” To make the sign for “o” the fingers come
to rest on the thumb. “o” In the sign for “Octopus” one hand rests on
the back of the other and the bottom hand opens and closes, like an octopus moving through the water. “Octopus” The sign for “p” is the same as “k”
but we tip it upside down. “p” For “Piano” move your fingers as if you’re playing a keyboard. “Piano” The sign for “q” is the same as “g” but
we also tip this one upside down. “q” For “Queen” we keep this “q” hand shape and run it from
the left shoulder down to the right hip, indicating the sash that some royalty wear. “Queen” The sign for “r” looks like you’re crossing your fingers for good luck.
Take your index and middle finger and cross ’em. “r” The sign for “Rainbow” uses the four fingers of the dominant hand and they spread
in an arc over your head like a rainbow in the sky. “Rainbow’ The sign for “s” is a fist with the
thumb in front of the fingers. “s” For “Sunshine” we start with tracing a circle in the sky, and
then the hand opens to show that sunlight. “Sunshine” “t” has the thumb peeking out between the index and middle fingers. “t” For “Turtle” one hand is on top of the other fist, and the thumb
of that fist wiggles, just like the head on a turtle. “Turtle” The sign for “u” uses the index and middle fingers
pointing straight up and touching each other. “u” To make the sign for “Umbrella” one fist rests on the other
and they pull apart, like opening an umbrella. “Umbrella” For “v” take that “u” hand shape and spread the fingers apart. “v” To make the sign for “Volcano” start with the shape of a mountain,
then one hand shoots through the other, to simulate lava. “Volcano” “w” is just like a “v” but we add the ring finger. “w” For “World” take two “w” hands and rest one on top of the other. The top hand moves around, like the Earth, spinning on its axis. “World” The sign for “x” is the index finger, crooked
into a hook, just like this. “x” For “X-Ray” we start with the letter “x” and then both hands
open, like the light on the x-ray film. “X-Ray” In formal ASL, it’s also common to finger spell
“X-Ray.” That would look like this. X-R-A-Y “X-Ray” For “y” the thumb and the pinky are spread out wide,
like the sideways version of, “Hang Loose.” “y” For “Yo-Yo” your fist will open on the way down, and close on
the way up, just like playing with a yo-yo. “Yo-Yo” The sign for “z” uses your index finger, and simply
traces a “z” in the air. “z” For “Zebra” open both hands in front of your body and spread
them apart, like the stripes on a zebra. “Zebra” See how easy that was? Now YOU know all the signs too!

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