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ABC Phonics Song – ASL End Chant Tutorial

Let’s take a few minutes to go over the signs for
the chant at the end of the ABC Song. I’ll start by showing you each sign individually, then
I’ll sign through the whole chant once, slowly. For “I” the index finger points at the chest. “I” This is also the sign for “me” later on in the chant. The sign for “can” uses both fists dropping down.
“I can do it!” “Can” For “sign” the index fingers rotate backward towards the body. “Sign” For “my” the hand is open on the chest. “My” When we come to the part that says, ABC’s,
we simply spell them out. A-B-C’s. The sign for “read” has the non-dominant hand open and
flat, dominant hand in a “V” shape, upside down, as if you’re scanning the words on a page. “Read” For “listen” cup your hand behind your ear, like
you’re trying to hear better. “Listen” For “see’ the V-Hand moves out from the eyes,
as if looking at an object. “See” For “come” both index fingers come toward the body. “Come” The sign for “sing” uses the non-dominant hand laying out, and the
dominant hand swings gently back and forth across it. “Sing” For “with” the fists meet at the mid-line. “With” When we first say The End, we spell it.
T-H-E, E-N-D. This is followed by the sign for “end” which has one
hand moving across the other and dropping off abruptly, as if it’s come to the end. “End” Now I’ll sign slowly through the whole chant. I can sign my A-B-C’s. I can read, listen and see. Come sing, sign, and read with me. T-H-E . . . E-N-D, the end, the end! Once again, see how easy that was?!

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