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ABC Phonics Song – ASL Beginners Tutorial with Pauses

A-ah alligator, b-beh bear, c-ca cat, d-deh dog e-eh elephant, f-feh fox, g-ge goat, h-ha hat, i-i insect, j-juh jump, k-kuh kangaroo, l-li lion, m-muh monkey, n-neh nest, o-ah octopus, p-puh piano, q-qi queen, r-er rainbow, s-su sunshine, t-tuh turtle u-uh umbrella, v-voh volcano, w-wuh world, x-ex x-ray, y-yah yo-yo, z-zi zebra, I can sign my A-B-C’s. I can read, listen and see, come sing, sign, and read with me. T-H-E, E-N-D, the end, THE END!

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