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How To Learn Sign Language

ABC Phonics | Learning Videos & Nursery Rhymes by Super Kids Network

A is for apple a- a- apple B is for ball, b- ball C is for camel c – c – camel D is for Doll d-doll E is for elbow e-e-elbow F is for foot f-foot G is for goldfiish g-g-goldfish H is for hand h-hand I is for igloo i-i-igloo J is for jar j-jar K is for kitten k-k-kitten L is for leaf l-leaf M is for monkey m-m-monkey N is for nose n-nose O is for omelet o-o-omlet P is for pie p-pie Q is for quarter q-q-quarter R is for rose r-rose S is for sailboat s-s-sailboat T is for tire t-tire U is for under u-u-under V is for vase v-vase W is for wagon w-w-wagon X is for xylophone x-xylophone Y is for yellow y-y-yellow Z is for zoo z-zoo These are the alphabets and the sounds that they make yeah yeah

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