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A Young Worker Of Walmart Kind Gesture Towards An Old Lady In Need

We all love to be treated kindly by others
without any discrimination of religion, caste or race. Because at the end of the day we all have
common thing amongst us that we all are “Human”. So remember that others also expect good from
you for a better society. If you do good it will get back to you from
above heaven. We are sharing a story of a young man who
came forward to help a customer in a superstore. This story will inspire you to treat your
fellow beings with kindness for sure. Brittany McKee was part of this heart-melting
moment when she was at an Evans Georgia Walmart about two years ago. After a routine check-up by the doctor on
that morning and she went to see the doctor with her husband. On their way back they stopped to grab a few
things from the Walmart in Evans. When they walked to the section of frozen
food they saw a woman there who had gone unconscious and fell in the floor. As Brittany is a nurse by profession, she
stepped in to check on that elderly woman. When the lady came into her sense she told
that she was on some medication which made her dizzy and she fell. Luckily she accompanied with her daughter
in the store. Some of the staff members of Walmart came
to inquire about the lady. And they stayed there with the lady until
she was taken to the hospital by an ambulance for some medical aid. The old lady was feeling too weak to sit properly
on her own then a young employee of Walmart Jason got down on the floor and sit beside
the old woman to support her back. It was so touching to see a guy came and was
helping a stranger without any question. He wanted to comfort the old lady and he stayed
there with her to help her. For quite some time media is portraying a
negative image of the society as filled with racism and hate. But Brittany was observing the love and care
of one human being to another without any issue about their skin color or grudges. Then another man came to see the condition
of the old lady, he went down on his knees and prayed for this woman. Brittany left Walmart with a happy heart on
that particular day as she felt unspeakable warmth in her heart. She saw people helping each other regardless
of their age, religion or skin colors. This is real humanity to stand by each other
in an hour of need. We should promote positive acts of kindness
rather than encouraging disputes to make headlines. How Did You Find The Jason Reaction To That
Elderly Woman? Please Share To Pass On The Story And Love
With Your Family And Friends

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