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A Fun Way to Learn 25 English Phrasal Verbs! Acted Out! With Examples!

Hi. Welcome to this English lesson on phrasal
verbs where I’m going to act out over 25 phrasal verbs. By the way, act out is already your first
phrasal verb for this video. When you act something out, you use all of
your skills to demonstrate through actions what the word means. So hopefully I can act out these verbs really,
really well for you. I think though, before we kick off this video,
by the way, that’s your second phrasal verb already. When you kick something off, it means that
you start or begin it. But before we kick off this video, if you
are new here, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking that red button below. And as you watch this video, if it helps you
learn a little bit of English, give me a thumbs up. So ever since I had heart surgery, I feel
like it’s very important to work out as much as I can. I usually lift some weights. But when I work out, I also do some walking,
and I do some running. You want to be careful though when you’re
working out because if you work out too hard, you might black out. I’m okay. So my friend Nao from China gave me this gift
and I’ve been practicing quite a bit and I thought today I would show off a little
bit. When you show off it’s when you do something
so that people will admire you. So thanks a lot for this gift Nao. The whole family has been playing with it
a lot. So this tire is a little bit flat so I need
to pump up this tire. In order to pump up this tire though, I need
to bend over so I can reach down here and I will put this on and I will pump up the
tire. I don’t want to pump it up too much though. If I put too much air in, the tire might blow
up and we don’t want that to happen. So sometimes I need to pick things up that
won’t fit in my van. When that happens, I need to hook up my trailer. When I hook up my trailer, I can take it where
I need to go and I can pick up really big things. So a couple of days ago we had a really bad
wind storm and it knocked some branches off this tree. Some though, are still partially attached,
so I’m going to have to cut off this branch because it’s dead. Luckily though the tree is still alive. I’m very happy about that because I certainly
don’t want to cut down the whole tree, so I’m really happy the tree is still alive. But when I look at this job, it seems like
a lot of work. I wonder if I should call up my brother and
see if he can come and help. I really hope though, when I’m cutting branches
off this tree that there aren’t any bees. If there are, I might need to run away. You know cutting branches off that tree was a lot of
hard work. I might just nod off for a little bit on this
bench. So sometimes we will have a hose across our
driveway because we’re watering flowers, but we don’t want anyone to drive across it. So we will block off this area by putting
a few things there that will stop people from doing that. Now the driveway is blocked off. So is there someone you know that you want
to cheer up? Sometimes buying someone something, will cheer
them up. I highly recommend if you need to cheer someone
up that you buy them flowers. These are called lisianthus if you were wondering,
and these certainly cheer people up. Go kids go, run really fast. Sometimes my kids have races and I like to
cheer them on. When you cheer on someone it means to give
them encouragement for what they’re doing. Good job. So Jen grows a lot of different kinds of flowers
and every once in a while I come across a flower that I didn’t actually know that we
grew. This flower here, I think it’s called a Cosmo. It’s really fun to sometimes come across new
flowers out in the flower field. Come on, hurry up, run, hurry up. We need to get this video done fast because
my kids want me to take them to the pool this afternoon so I need to hurry up and I need
to get this video done. So sometimes at work we have events where
we need to dress up, where we need to wear clothes that are a little nicer than our everyday
clothes. Usually for a guy that means wearing a shirt
and tie, but we have other days where we don’t have to dress up where we are allowed to …. ..dress down. Sometimes at work we have a dress down day
where we’re allowed to wear more casual clothes, like a T-shirt. When you dress down it means you wear clothes
that are more casual than what you would normally wear. And if you’re wondering, yes, almost every
shirt I own has a little bit of blue in it somewhere. So the other day I threw my car keys in this
box and now I have to go through this box to see if I can find them. I need to go through this box so that I can
find my car keys. So sometimes when my kids are outside having
a snack, there will be a cat that will hang around. This cat’s name is Tigger and this cat likes
to hang around because it thinks that some food might fall on the ground. This store has a great coupon that lets me
get 50% off my next purchase. So I am going to cut out this coupon and I’m
going to put it in my wallet. Well it’s lunchtime. So I’m going to cut up some cucumber. I like to eat cucumber every day, but I like
to cut up the cucumber so that it’s easier to eat. So after we use the flower pails once, we
usually line up the pails to get ready to wash them. We need to wash the pails each time. So it’s nice to line up the pails so you know
what order to wash them in. So this is Jen’s flower studio and we put
these lights in to light up this area. It used to be a little bit darker in here
and it was hard to make bouquets and it was hard to arrange flowers. So this light works really well to light up
the area where Jen has to work. Well, hey that was 25 phrasal verbs acted
out as best as I could. I hope this English lesson helped you learn
just a little bit more English that you can use in your daily life. Bob, the Canadian here, you are learning English
with Bob the Canadian. Thank you so much for watching this video. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button
if you are new here and give me a thumbs up and stick around and watch another video if
you have time. Thanks for this gift Nao. It’s been a hit with my family. Everyone has been playing with it. And it’s fun to kind of show off a little
bit the trick, the one trick, that I know how to do.

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