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A Few Minutes In The Life Of A Sign Language Interpreter

Interpreter: Hi, I’m here to interpret for
Mr. McDeafman’s appointment. Nurse: Oh, he needs an interpreter? That’s
ok, we have people here who speak Spanish.>>That’s great for your Spanish-speaking
patients, but Mr. McDeafman cannot hear, so I will interpret for his appointment.>>That’s so sweet of you to offer, but I
don’t think we need that. We’ll just write notes back and forth, or he can read lips.>>Well, the hospital hired me to come here
and interpret today, so I should probably go ahead and do that.>>Ok then, I’ll give you his paperwork to
fill out.>>Actually, the patient will need to fill
out his own paperwork.>>Can’t you do it for him?>>No, since I don’t know him. Patients should
fill out their own paperwork anyway.>>You mean he’s not your father or something?>>You mean that blond man who looks about
my age? No, he’s not my father.>>But how will he do his own paperwork? He
can read?>>I’m amazed you find your way home every
day. He’s a grown man. I assume he can read. If not, I will interpret the questions he
needs to answer.>>We also have a blind patient here. Maybe
you could help him too. Do you know Braille?>>Is that a serious question?>>Are you a volunteer?>>I think I’m being Punk’d. No, I’m not a
volunteer. Are you?>>No, of course not. I get paid to do my
job.>>Me too. Isn’t that nice? We both have jobs
we get paid for.>>The patient will need a ride home after
his procedure. Will you drive him home?>>That gives me a great idea. Sure, I’ll
go pull my car around now.

34 Replies to “A Few Minutes In The Life Of A Sign Language Interpreter”

  • "You mean that blond man who looks about my age? No, he's not my father." ROFLOL "I think I'm being Punk'd." I'm gonna say that next time this happens to me. So….tomorrow. Ahhh…the funniest stuff is always the true stuff.

  • are women alowed to interpret for men??? LOL???? Wouldn't it be better for you to wait the waiting room, you know because of HIPAA???

  • HIPPA says nothing about the gender o service providers having to match that of the client. There are more women than men in this field, so yes, women are aloud and often to interpret for men. As interpreters we are required to follow all HIPPA laws.

  • @MCRochNY At first glance I thought you were asking these questions for real, but I think you're telling us dumb questions you've heard, right? Please tell me that's it. 🙂

  • @mdlagreca She's offering to pull up closer to the exit so the patient can be loaded into her car easily. But she'll probably speed away and never come back, right?

  • The HIPPA thing is a joke, waiting in the waiting room for my pt. to come out is also a joke, women interpreting for men is a joke…

  • Lynne from Lynne Wiesman and Cynthia Roy – we both think this is the most hysterical thing we have ever seen and it's brilliant!!! We LOVE it and will show it to all students!!! We are LOAF – THANKS!!!

  • @DBadvocate Yes, I'm thinking the interpreter's going to run away from the assignment. Plus, this is meant to be sarcastic. And they're cartoon people.

  • @paj006 Yes, I'm sure that's right. When I first looked at the comment on my phone I was thinking the LOLs were because he thought it would be funny for a woman to interpret for a man, but then it somehow became clearer when I sat down at the computer to reply.

  • This is SO funny, this does happen from time to time in real life!! A few has given me the look of shocked disbelief that I can drive….then they asked "…but how do you hear…." then I reply…"hey, I'm not blind, ofc I can drive, we are more observant." They acted like it's a miracle, ohhh brother!

  • Lord knows I've run into nurses (and a hundred other 'professionals') like this!
    I'm very Hard of Hearing (at birth) and haven't learned much ASL and yet encounter just as many ding-bat persons like the nurse in this and other videos you have done! I just wish I could get someone to translate BAD English into GOOD English at doctor appointments! LOL
    One such 'wonderful' comment by an administrator is that I should wear my hearing aids in the shower (and other wet circumstances). Oy Vey!

  • The Youtube comments has too little space, to finish (it's a long story!) it was a homeless shelter county system admin. saying I should wear my hearing aids ALL the time and said to in the shower, plus to buy replacements at the corner drug store (on $400 cash aid that's a tad impossible for $1,800 POWER aids! Times 2 – bilateral hearing impairment). She would not accept my explanations (it needs a prescription…). LOL

  • @SecretExEnig Um, yeah, I remade it when I realized the program had a hospital scene I'd overlooked before, but some people like the original one since it looks more like a reception desk. It really upset you that much?

  • This is typical in the medical field personnel. It would be funny if it were not so sad and true! I speak sign and work in the medical field, so I know. Most of them find sign language interesting but not enough to desire to communicate with patients. I am not saying they should learn to interprete but most patients would love to know they care enough to at the least to communicate the basics until an interpreter arrives. Thank you for this video! Peace.

  • So, should you be interpreting this ridiculous exchange since you are standing right above the Deaf person? Just making a silly observation. I realize that the program doesn't have the capability of doing that. It should! LOL

    I absolutely love watching these "Few Minutes in the Life of a Sign Language Interpreter" videos. They really do capture the ridiculousness of some of the people we encounter. Keep 'em coming!

  • I told a co-worker I was going to school to be an interpreter, and the first question she asked was whether I would learn braille as well. I didn't realize that particular thought was so pervasive!

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