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A Few Facts About Me (First American Sign Language Vlog) | Rikki Poynter

[INTRO MUSIC] Hey, what’s up! People asked me for a video all in sign language. All sign. Wow, I’m nervous. I’m not a fluent signer. Okay, here it is. My name is Rikki Poynter. What’s my sign name? [SHOWS SIGN NAME] I’m 24 years old. I live in North Carolina, but I’m from Germany. I think that’s the sign for G-E-R-M-A-N-Y. I think. Right? What do I do for work? Firstly, YouTube. I film vlogs like this one. My second job is a writer, or SEO writer. Writer. I can’t sign that very well. I love coffee. I love drinking coffee. I like him. His name is Pikachu. He’s a little dirty. He’ll go over there. I also like Sailor Moon! She’s sitting over there. I like reading books too! This is my favourite book. What’s it called? Battle Royale. It’s a good book! I’ve read that book over and over and over and over and over again. I don’t know what else I want to sign. I think I’m finished. When I learn more, I’ll sign more later. In future videos, future vlogs. Okay? My signing isn’t that good. It’s kinda shitty. 😛 Aaaah, I’m nervous! Thank you for watching and I’ll see you later! Bye! Subtitles by the community

100 Replies to “A Few Facts About Me (First American Sign Language Vlog) | Rikki Poynter”

  • Rikki, you are doing fantastic! I watch most of your vlogs, but I always assumed that you had a very, very basic understanding of ASL (Just the letters and some basic sign) And this video showed me the commitment and dedication you put into trying to learn the language, and that alone impresses me! Not many could easily do what you've just shown us. Watching this, I would have wondered if you took ASL classes, because it seemed like you had formal training.

    Keep it up and i hope to see more signed vlogs in the future! Ciao

  • The sign for germany was very close! It was understandable – not like you were signing a totally different word XD

  • are you completely deaf ? also your signing is awesome. im learning asl so i was able to understand a little without subtitles 😄

  • I love asl and I love your channel only reason I got back into learning asl bcs back in high school deaf girl moved their and I felt bad for her so I become her first friend we talked a lot and she helped me learn some asl words.after I graduated I went too book store an got a asl book to start studying asl.

  • I want to learn a sign language too. I live in Russia, but I mostly talk to English-speaking community on the internet, and ASL seems to be very different from Russian sign language, so I'd have to choose only one, but this way I'm afraid I won't be able to practise enough…

  • Hey Rikki,
    Since I'm deaf….. I think you did very good job. Okay?? So next time, don't be nervous and don't worrying about messing up the signing cause I understand, you're still learning. Life is full of mistake. Right? Lol.. Well enjoy your life and keep on going… 😉👌

  • Rikki! you did great job! Yes your signing is shitty from a deaf person, but you will get there and keep learning! You rock! I love watching your videos!

  • This vlog really helped me better understand how you feel when you are watching videos with sound that have loads of background noise.
    By the way I always put the subtitles on on movies and tv shows because even as a hearing person I sometimes miss what actors are saying. (I hope I don't offend anyone)

  • You did great. I'm learning to sign as a hearing person because I am an EMT. You are enjoyable to watch sign for someone who is learning because I can actually understand you at the speeds you talk at. I'd love to see more of these!

  • YAY GOOD JOB! Yup that's almost correct sign for Germany. Just put your top hand on front of thumb not behind thumb. (though, it's ASL's sign for them, not German's sign for Germany) and omg I love your sign name! I gotta read that book next.

  • you did awesome. I grew up oral too, I learned ASL in like middle school and high school, after meeting my best friend who is a CODA. (child of Deaf adult). she would help me understand the teachers. her and her family taught me ASL. help me not feel all alone.

  • I'm deaf-blind. Like you, I'm learning sign/am slower at it right now. But to me, you signed great!! It actually was extremely helpful that you signed at that speed and kept a smaller signing space in front of you. 🙂

  • Thank you so much I'm not deaf but learning sign language for help to make deaf/hard of hearing peoples days easier but i'm really struggling for the alphabet when i have to spell my name or other stuffs it's so hard but i will not give up!!! lol and your videos help me A LOT so thank you very much!!! <3
    (sorry for my bad english i'm french)

  • I appreciated the absolute silence. You know how you can be aware of a situation but never fully understand it until you experience it or something similar?

  • You did such a good job! I'm learning PSE and ASL myself and from what I saw you did wonderfully! Are you trying to become fluent?

  • im hearing but i understood all of that your signing is very good. i love your videos and alot of them help me with communicating to the deaf people at my church so ya thank you

  • Late to the party – I'm still learning ASL, and I can barely have a full conversation, but I understood most of this without the captions! You did well!

  • I started learning sign 6m ago for my daughter bc she is hard of hearing… I'm not quite brave enough to post a video yet bc I don't think I'm very good… but my receptive skills are great and your signing was understandable! I think you gave me the courage to post a video later today… also kinda a personal question but do hearing aids help you at all or are they mostly irritating? I only ask bc my daughter hates them and I don't want to force her if they are not helping as much as irritating her. hopefully you see this… love your videos!

  • I'll admit that you're better than me at doing hand signing or sign language as they called it. Speaking of sign language I used to take ASL in high school in 1 month & it didn't work out. The reason of why it didn't work out its because I already know how to sign language since I was baby. I'm not deaf btw. Just a hearing person. My parents are deaf and they're the reason who taught me how to learn sign language and understand them by reading their hand sign. The downside is right now I can barely do the hand sign alil bit. But in the up good side is that I can still read the hand signs very well. Anyways good job with your video and I hope you do more soon

  • That was very excellent. The only thing That I would critique on was that if you wanted to say that you loved coffee, as in it's your favorite thing in the world, try using a different sign. Now if you were trying to convey that you have deep affections for coffee, (like I do, lol) the yes that's the right sign. But if you were trying to convey that it's your favorite thing in the world, make a fist, kiss the back, of your hand, and as you end the kiss, push out with the fist just a little bit.

  • With the lots of spelling involved, I'm wondering how young kids learn to sign?

    Also well done, I don't speak ASL but you looked pretty fluid from here 😀

  • Hallo, Rikki Poynter,

    durch Zufall bin ich auf Deinem Vlog gestoßen und musste schmunzeln, wie Du den Gebärdenzeichen für Deutschland vorgeführt hast.
    Wie im Kommentar von ellebelle beschrieben, ist die derzeitige Gebärdenzeichen für "Deutschland":

    Zitat von ellebelle:
    "The sign I know for "German" is an L shape on the forehead, but with the pointer finger higher than the hairline. My ASL teacher says its because of a long time ago the helmets. Your sign may be a newer sign, or mine might be a regional or old sign. Also, I'm not sure if "Germany" and "German" have different signs."

    (@ellebelle: Not "L" fingerspelling", only index finger – That sign is meaning für both –> "Germany" and "German" –> That depends on the context)

    Ich schreib es in Deutsch, ich aus Deutschland bin und es auch in Deutsch geschrieben habe.
    Sicherlich überraschend … 😉



  • Great signing! Not shitty at all! It's awesome for first full asl vlog.Excited to see your future Vlogs! ^_^

  • that was great I understood everything lol I'm not deaf but I love asl/ pse , and I want to learn more ASL style signing but I need to know more words first lol , but I enjoyed this 😆 keep goin👌

  • I don't think your signing is shit. You're learning and that's great. Plus I enjoyed watching you "talk" about yourself. Please do more of these, they're really enjoyable. Don't be nervous!

  • This video is awesome and your signing is well on its way! I'm just learning how to sign and it's really encouraging to see your progress. You're super expressive and you'll do great. =)

  • I wonder how many people did not know to click the cc to read what you were signing. Most people just hit play before reading. I like your vlog. I cant walk so when I ride my power chair into a store for some reason they think I'm HOH, don't know why. so when they speak loud to me I tell them my legs has nothing to do with my ears.

  • This might sound ignorant (I really hope it doesn't) but is talking out loud weird for someone who is deaf? I feel like not being able to hear your own voice would make talking out loud uncomfortable.

  • Hi! I am deaf and love watching your videos! I think it's awesome you posted a whole signing video. I have one suggestion, at the end you signed "thanks for watching" but watching looked like the sign for lesbian.. Lol just thought I'd warn you!

  • This is great for practice! I'm finishing my first year of ASL. Battle Royale is my favorite book too 🙂

  • the ASL sign for Germany is the same as one of the Auslan (Australian sign language) signs for fish =D made me laugh

  • I loves this video!! Im teaching myself sign language and i feel happy that i can understand your signs! I would love to see more videos like this one!

  • Hi Rikki. My name is Rosalinda but my friends call me J' me (pronounced as jaime). I just turned thirteen a week ago but when i was still twelve my family, an ear doctor, and i discovered that i am also Hard of Hearing with 95% hearing loss in my left ear and 56% in my right leaving me pretty much deaf. I am trying to learn sign language but i just started this year and i don't know much. I also go to a normal hearing public school which has been hard but i felt like my parents didnt care or recconize. Also i have bad eyesight so im pretty much deaf and blind. I just wanted to say that you are my inspiration. I love your videos and since i am confused right now you help me understand whats going on better, so thankyou so much

  • You were amazing!!! Your signing is actually great!! Besides, practice always helps. Keep learning and let nothing stand in your way!!! So proud of you!!!

  • I have no idea what you said. I'm deaf but I don't sign. Your voice in your other videos is really clear for me to understand so a bit gutting to be plunged into silence.

  • Hey Rikki, great job! Germany has another sign (a lot of country sign names have changed over the years to make them more "politically correct"…ugh). The other one has the hand shape like the number 1 with the thumb side of your fist tapping your forehead. Many of my Deaf friends prefer this sign.

    Here is Bill Vicar's page on it:

    Happy signing!

  • I'm hard of hearing and I'd really like to learn sign language. I'm amazed at how fast you are with signing. Nice video!

  • Ooh, I've needed a new book to read. I'll check out Battle Royale. Unsure how old you were when you moved to NC–do you speak German?

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who adjusts their fingers for the "r" sign with the other hand sometimes…I have wide fingers and have trouble with the "r"s.

  • It's been a few yrs since I've taken any ASL classes, but I did actually understand some of what you were saying. It is so awesome to see people w/ disabilities using YouTube like this! I use a wheelchair b/c I have Spina Bifida & have been thinking of doing something like this on my channel.

  • I'm falling for you, Rikki.
    I admire you so fucking much.
    I'm a hearing person but I'm learning sign language, not ASL but CSL (Colombian Sign Language), which is quite different. It bothers me that there's no Universal Sign Language–that would motivate more people to learn it and be able to communicate with hard of hearing or deaf people.
    Anyway, I wish you all the best. 🙂

  • i am so glad that you are learning sign language and doing so well with it, may i suggest that you still caption your videos though. I am also hard of hearing and do understand sign language but I think it would help some of you used captions or voice over to include more people. Either way your improvement in sign is amazing, keep it up. 🙂

  • This vlog was really helpful to me. i am trying to improve my ASL so i can communicate better with my cousins but my biggest issues is understanding other people signing so the fact that this isnt really fast and has captions really helps me understand,

  • I am JUST learning how to sign. And I had to keep rewinding the video lol. BUT I understood, so I THINK I'm doing good lol and I think you did great! love your videos!

  • Cool! didn't know you were from Germany! Have you ever been there? does (anyone of ) your family (still) speak German, too ?

  • Can you please do more sign videos bc I'm in asl 1 and I'm trying to practice to sign with people and read their signs! Thank u!

  • oh u signed pretty good for the first time. not perfect but a great start….u will overcome your nervousness… just be yourself and the more u will sign much better… me wink….i am much older than you and have my own home business by designing custom homes, renovations or additions. i can give u the link if you are interested smile. aww u love cawfee and Pinacha hehe. I love cawfee and cappunico…my fav character is Woody the woodpecker hehe have a great day and hugs

  • I'm an asl student I'm only in level 1A but I could understand u perfectly keep going ur beautiful and amazing I love ur channel already!!!

  • I'm not deaf or hard of hearing, but I enjoy watching your videos. Fun to see you sign, I don't understand what you're saying so for me it's giving a peek into a world of communication that's new to me. Thanks for that!

  • I needed to slow down the video a little to understand, but I did. In my defense I'm a beginner.
    but whatever. Awesome video. I'm glad I got to know more about you.

  • I'm hearing but I love ASL it's probably one of the best languages to me. Even though I'm not fluent at all I still try to learn by watching Switched at Birth and other Youtubers who are deaf so I can get better.

  • That was the best video I've seen from you so far. You don't have to be nervous. It's absolutely fine that you're not fluent yet 🙂 I'm not fluent either in the sign language I'm learning which is OEGS (actually ÖGS but the english language sadly doesn't have an "Ö" xD) It stands for Austrian sign language 🙂 I'm still at the level A1, so the first one. But I will learn it to the mother tongue level 🙂 (or at least one level before that 😊)

  • Hello Rikki!
    I am deaf and from Colombia, my name is Jaime Eduardo
    I loved your videos about the signs and good things, how excellent!
    I congratulate you!!!

  • Omg okay I'm 11 and learning sign language. Now when I dont understand some things, I fill in the blanks with what shes doing so I understood her! I've only been learning for a few months. And for a couple I really dont learn much more just practicing signs i already know. Now it's time to learn the grammar💜

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