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How To Learn Sign Language

A Failure to Communicate

Excuse me. Hello? Hey! I’m a human being! If you don’t want to help, at least say so! [Machine] Hello. I am deaf. I may have trouble comprehending you. Thank you for your consideration. [Girl] Hm? [Machine] Usually, I’d read your lips to understand you. [Girl] Oh! Oh. [Machine] If you’d like, you could let this convert your speech to text for me. [Girl] Okay! Could you tell me how to [Train running] Want to try again? [Announcer] Attention, passengers. All is well. Thank you. [Machine] Low power. Shutting down. Oh, yay! [Announcer] Attention, passengers. Line four delayed for one hour. Thank you.

100 Replies to “A Failure to Communicate”

  • My apologies, didn't mean to "vote-down" your comment, my hand slipped on the keyboard. Incidentally, I totally agree with your point… the comments are NONSENSICAL and RACIST.

  • You like it because its you who has communication issues, so you need to Google "communication for dummies".
    Its a shame, even in 2013 there are ignorant people around despite living in the most educated geographical area of this earth, Don't be a hater, spread peace because that's what the western world needs.

  • No problem Martinique. We needs more people like you.
    Say no to RACISM. We should live amongst each other in peace not in hatred.

  • You are a hater. You seriously cant read, and your brain is washed by the western media.
    You can superficially make comments without knowing anything about muslims and blindly follow the ignorant western leaders. You only say what the media wants you to hear and say, you cannot use any brain cells of your to think.

  • Any of the deaf people watching this video can tell me if there is any cartoons that are signed? Or TV shows. I tried to googled and they are only HOW to sign. Thank You

  • Hi, Tyler!

    This video is amazing! I'd like to know if you'd mind if a share it in brazilian deaf communities, with portuguese captions (CC) – just to make it more accessible do deaf people in Brazil.


  • PS – If you like, please send me the Portuguese captions in question and I'll put it in the video. I really should put in English ones too while I'm at it…

  • Unlike .. the wifes of prophet mohammad were leaders and teachers with a high comunication skills .. also muslim womens .. they ware hijab or it called scarf because they are like jewelry .. must be saved

  • A saturation that happens every minute of every day. Social barriers are real, and cause to failure to communication. A solution to the technology the company  that manufacture the Audio translator should of employ  solar power as its application. 

  • The circumstances of both the messenger and the receiver can definitely affect the communication cycle. Body language helps, but it’s too late in their situation. Funny to watch, but this can be very stressful in reality!

  • Hi Tyler, I'm also interested in using this video as a reference in my communication fundamentals class, if it is okay with you. Thanks.

  • That’s a lot of unfortunate events to happen to two people. This goes to show how important communication is; without it we would encounter so many difficulties. Great animation and thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you Tyler for making this video. I am in a Business Communication class and assignment is to Identify a video clip that I believe represents an example of effective communication. I have searched and searched and this is exactly what I needed to find! I love how you broke down so many barriers of communication in your video. Thanks!

  • I could be wrong but I don't think this is a failure in communication. At some point, the interlocutors understand the mean and intention. This video is a great example to distinguish between the real failure in communication and the obstacle in communication.  Deaf people dont always fail in communication, I believe that.  ^_^

  • this video is just to spread misunderstanding of other race/religion, by right they can show their mouth… y don u use a deaf and a blind instead? y chose to insult people??

  • Will be using this video to show the power of written communication to my class in the coming weeks! Thanks for the fun little video.

  • ..this is one of the best short educational videos for communication failures..!! so short and so in it..! Thx for a great contribution

  • I will put the video on my web channel:
    Case your video don't appears, wait the another videos end.

  • This is a awesome way to solve a problem. Excellent work! I would like to use this video for our home school children for educational purpose only. Can this please be arranged?

  • This is an awesome video about communication. Do those of you crying racism spend your time twisting everything just for some attention or what?

  • Hi!
    Really good video! I just wonder because I want to lecture on communication and this is one great video to show but I also want to know from you what you thought about while making the story?? What is the meaning of this story for you?

  • Thank you!  This is a wonderful video.  It captures the difficulties with communicating beautifully.  I appreciate you creating it!  My students love it!

  • I love this video to show how perceptions can interfere with communication. However, I can't show it in class because the closed captioning is completely different from what is said in the video. My deaf students can't understand it. Can this be fixed?

  • A failure to understand… I am Deaf and subtitles are generated automatically. Could you upload subtitles so Deaf people can fully enjoy your video ? That would be great!

  • A Human being who obeys a being that is the enemy of all that God made. That being is against the King of Kings. All of us know that God is the King of Kings. Allah refers to the King of Kings as being a man. That Man is Jesus.  Allah hates Jesus teaching Muslims to act as if they don't hate Jesus. Allah would hate himself with Allah being the King of kings. Jesus is the king of kings and Lord of Lords who has a kingdom that is not of this world. People see who Muslims obey. That is why Muslims say what they say.They get defensive and even violent when truth is spoken. Jesus is not that way. Muslim is fearful of an irrational husband killing her had a person see her face.

  • the video was great clearly shows how communication is so important understand feed back ad body language as well as reading people

  • Nice video and animation.  I am using this video to help explain some concepts in a communication class at my company.  I have provided a link in the PPT presentation to this page. Thanks.

    My reaction is a failure communication happen when the people or persons you communicate or a person given by your message was can,t speak and understand. and if that is happened to you. the best way was try to communicate him/her using sign language and other way .

  • Hi Tyler, thank you for the video. I am using it in my Life Orientation Gr12 class to talk about communication and respecting diversity. The link is in the PowerPoint!

  • I'm teaching an ESL course – advanced listening and speaking. Unit 1 is on sources of communication difficulties. I am going to try to do my first Kahoot quiz and use your great cartoon as an introductory video! I will let you know how it goes! Thank you! Love this so much!

  • Thanks, Tyler.  We are using it in our work with volunteer educators for refugees.  Hope that's ok?  We love it!

  • Hey Tyler. Love this video! I am writing a learning resource for staff in the Health Service and it's perfect to illustrate how we can fail to communicate. I've added a link to your page in the document. Hope that's ok with you! Many thanks for your great work. Richard

  • Good video story! Hahahah! I have experienced this with women's face cover. I did not understand anything what they said. I asked them if they opened their face to me what they said, because I am Deaf.

  • thanks!
    that was an interesting video! also, this is part of my university graded assignment, ahaha! they gave the link to this video and all lol!

  • I plan to use this in a video for a nursing education class, regarding barriers to nurses ineffective teaching related to communication barriers. This is way more entertaining than the cheesy nurse ones

  • it is a great video, I will use for my assignment. I need to modify as i need only 45 sec. I hope you don't mind. I put your dertails as a refrence cheers

  • Thank you, Tyler Legrand. I just watched the video today and will use it for my lesson next week about intercultural competence. The issue faced by both sides reflects similar misunderstanding problems in communication, where as the communicator himself/herself has too many assumptions and easily gets into violent communication with another person whose way of communication (and personality, intentions, needs and strategies to meet his/her needs as well as others' needs) might be very different and even strange to the first communicator mentioned.

  • Why doesn't she just take off her
    shitty veil or hijab or trash bag or whatvs? That's the real question here.

  • Hijabs are prisons not fashion choices. If she likes it or doesn't likes it doesnt matter it's a tool of oppression and imprisonment.

  • Now, it is mostly communication through whatsapp , facebook etc…..No talks even???? fellow human where are we progressing

  • Thanks for this Tyler. I plan to use this in an undergraduate course on interpersonal dynamics – the first lecture looking at communication in general. Will let you know the kind of response I get from the students.

  • I used this in one of the exams that I gave to my students about communication in the subject of Affective Education. I have cited your link in the paper.

  • Thanks Tyler, for the great representation of communication. I would be using this in my upcoming presentation about communication.

  • apparently Muslims have to suffer because of their dress code, well  most girls because they want to be too holy lol

  • I wanted the muslim to remove the thingy hijab so badly for a quick second but I guess her religion is very important to her.

    Sigh As an atheist, respecting her beliefs is really hard. Theists should respect the atheists more often.

    Wait… what was this comment about?

  • Thank you so much, Tyler, for producing this video and making it available for others' use. I teach communication, including intercultural communication, and downloaded your video ages ago–before you wrote the preceding message. I'm glad you've given me the opportunity now to thank you for it. There's no formal place for me to put it in the currently IC course I'm teaching because I did not design the course, but now that you've granted us permission, I'm going to find a way to squeeze it in somewhere! (I think I'll even use your caption about the veil and the deafness.)

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