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A Day in the Life of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons

>>It’s really about the mission. Fixing a
limb that the child will use without problems for the rest of their life, correcting a spine
problem, which literally can save their life, whether it’s opening up their chest to allow
their lungs to develop, or correcting a severe spine deformity, taking out a tumor, it’s
really about having a positive impact on a young child which is going to last a lifetime. ♪♪>>For a CHOP orthopedic surgeon, the days
start very early. Many of my colleagues are here by 6 o’clock in the morning preparing
for surgery. ♪♪>>All right, Matt how are you doing?>>Good. ♪♪>>For us, it’s been quite an experience,
but you know, this place is the best. It’s amazing because we just happen to be 10 miles
away from CHOP.>>Many families travel around the world to
get here, so we’re very thankful that we don’t have to travel.>>Every time we sit in that waiting room
and hear all the different languages being spoken.>>Matthew Howder, neuromuscular syndromic
scoliosis. The plan is bilateral partial thoracotomies with expansions of the VEPTRs and correction
of truncal shift. Any questions anybody? ♪♪>>Matt’s had about 27 surgical procedures
in his life.>>He couldn’t walk. He could barely sit up.
He couldn’t breathe. It’s been transformative for Matthew. ♪♪>>Well, I feel more confident. I had like
low self-esteem. And then after the surgery I just felt so much better. And I just look
better. I had to get used to the way the rods were in my back. I went into it thinking I
wasn’t going to be able to do anything. Now that I know that I can, I’m really happy about
it.>>With his disease there’s muscle tightness.
We met with Dr. Baldwin for the tendon release surgery to kind of lengthening them and let
them stretch out. And now his body’s not actually fighting itself to walk.>>That’s that long-term goal of one day he
will walk. Whether it’s with assistance or not, he’ll walk.>>He’ll be upright, yeah.>>He will do it. ♪♪>>Hi guys, ready for a little tune up today? So go ahead and point to that bum knee for me. I make an extra incision because I use your
hamstrings as your new ACL.>>OK>>OK, so this is Benjamin Ruth. He has a
right ACL rupture. We are going to surgical orthoscopy the right knee. ACL reconstruction
using his own tissues. We’re going to take down a
little bit of that base of the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.
We took two ligaments and tendons and quadrupled them for an eight
strand graft, which is stronger than the native ACL. ♪♪>>What happens is cleft feet are very unlike
other feet because there’s less other tissues that are scarred up behind the ankle. So you
never get like over correction by doing it. I mean if you do it in somebody who doesn’t
have it, sure you could really cause problems.>>OK>>Uh oh, there he is.>>Hi, how are you guys doing? How’s everything
going?>>Good, good, good>>How’s your boy doing? How you doing?>>Good>>He had a big, big operation not too long
ago, how’s he responded to all of this?>>Really good, you know, no pain, nothing.
Look there’s a project, he’s great.>>Is he taller than he was before?>>Yes he has to lower his head to get into
the van.>>That’s terrific, excellent. You’re doing
great. You’re an all-star. You’re an all-star. I’m so proud of you. They moved down to Florida and his scoliosis
progressed 85 degrees in the course of about a year or so. And they moved back up here
because they were concerned that they couldn’t get the same kind of care that they were getting
when they lived up here.>>Joshua was close to losing his lung, but
today we can say a success story. You know, Josh is totally straight. ♪♪>>This is the reconstruction after the tumor
surgery. This replaces the bone that was destroyed by the cancer.>>We have no cancer at all. And we’re going
to watch her carefully either here or in Saudi Arabia for a long time. ♪♪>>I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. So
it pretty much meant that my hip bone was out of alignment. By the time I finished my
freshman year, I couldn’t really run anymore. I was having trouble sleeping and standing
because I was in pain so much of the time. I was told, “Like you’re gonna have to wait
until you have a hip replacement at 35. And then you’re going to have another hip replacement.
And then another one, and maybe another one.” So Dr. Sankar cut my bone and then repositioned
it and pinned it so my bones could regrow around the pins and then be removed. Since
I had my surgery, not only did I relearn how to walk, but I also relearned how to run.
And in the fall I ran my first marathon, which is 26.2 miles. CHOP changed my life.>>I tore my patella tendon and that’s the
kneecap tendon that holds your kneecap to the rest of your leg. And I snapped that.
I think sports kind of define me. I played basketball. I played soccer. And I’m running
track this season. They really took good care of me, and I see why they’re one of the top
hospitals in the country. ♪♪>>So half of our time is actually spent trying
to understand really the basic fundamental mechanisms by which the skeleton forms and
grows. And then the other half of our time is spent trying to find treatment. ♪♪>>What I would do is when you go home, is
write down, you know, a series of tasks that you would like to be able to perform with
a prosthesis.>>What she really wants to do is play the
violin. ♪♪>>Stop … that tickles.>>He should not play catcher right now until
the shoulder is completely better.>>Playing against a team or like playing
by yourself?>>Any kind of playing. I don’t want you to
get hit because that finger will break again. And then you’ll be sorry. So I’m going to make you a new thumb today.
What do you think Logan? Yes? OK, this is Logan [unclear] for right hand
syndactyly repair with full thickness skin graft, yes?>>Yes>>So we’ve got this egg-shape ball and it’s
almost like it’s slopped off to the side. Really it’s kind of like the balancing the
ball on a seal’s nose. You want to get the socket that he has, which admittedly is not
the same size as the ball, but you can’t shrink the ball down. You want to balance
what socket you have over the top of the ball. You have any questions for me or anything?
OK, you’re a trooper. See you guys tomorrow morning. ♪♪>>He told us that her left hip had been dislocated,
probably since birth. And it was about six hours of surgery. Brooke came out and we had
told her she was going to get a turtle shell, cause she’s really into turtles. And so she
had a body cast. You know we would have traveled anywhere in the country to get her the best
surgeon, and I think we wound up with that. And they told us if we hadn’t done the surgery,
she probably wouldn’t be able to run by the time she was 15.>>I like to play my piano. I like
to jump. I like to run. I like to play soccer. I like to ride on my scooter. ♪♪>>I used to get surgeries constantly
when I was a baby. I’ve grown up with those doctors and nurses. And I love them all. I’m
so grateful. My left lung is not as large as my right one. So I had some trouble breathing
when I was younger. They didn’t know if I was even going to be able to talk when I was
a baby. So I got sign language up until about age 6 or 7. So from going from like my parents
not even knowing if I would be able to talk, like at all, to being at a place where I can
sing in a choir is really cool. I have so many hobbies and interests now.
And I guess there’s no limit to what anyone can do if they set their mind to it really.>>One of the things that makes it so rewarding
to work with this group of orthopedic surgeons is how much they enjoy just coming to work. ♪♪ I mean you drive home at night and you just realize that you had an impact that’s going
to affect a human for the rest of their life. It’s so rewarding that even the long days
seem to go by very quickly. ♪♪

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