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A Day In A YouTuber’s Life – Come Work With Me (American Sign Language Vlog)

[door opens] [footsteps] [engine starts] [intro music] Hello I’m doing a vlog type video today. Today, I have to drive to
Winston-Salem. I’ll be doing a photoshoot there. Not sure of the sign for that. It’s a last minute thing,
but it’ll be fun. Sorry it’s so dark here. The sun is in front of me. It’s gonna be a long day. First, need some Starbucks. It’s a long drive so I need coffee. Okay, let’s go. [car door shuts] [car engine starts] [lets out breath] Alright, got coffee now. If you wanna know what I got… Can you see that? Starbucks is done. Now I have to go to a restaurant. Pick up… pick? Get a pizza. For the shoot and lunch in general. Okay, I need to go. It’s around…
How long is it? It’s about an hour,
hour and a half. Alright, I’ll go now. I’ll see you later. I’m here! I’m excited! The restaurant is right there. Okay, I really need to pee. But if you wanted to see my outfit… This broke. Should probably hold on to the wall. There we go- woop! Okay. Pee. NOW! I have my pizza now. I also got…
I need to fingerspell this. I also got fried oyster mushrooms. I need to learn my food signs,
but anyway. It’s supposed to be “calamari”. It’s all vegan. I mean, if… This restaurant is for everyone. If you eat meat, or you’re vegetarian, or ve- ugh, okay. Or if you’re vegan, they have something for everyone. So that’s really awesome. So if I come to Winston-Salem,
I have to order from this place. Now I’m gonna drive to
my friend’s house and then photoshoot time. Hello. I’m here at my friend’s house now. But… I think he’s asleep. And I can’t knock on the door. If I do, his dog will freak out. I tried texting. I tried calling. I know he told me that
he was going to take a nap. But he was supposed to
wake up like… An hour or so ago. Where are you? Guess I need to keep
calling and texting. [cheerful music] Time to work. Hello again! I’m back. So… It went well. We took the photos. I had to knock on his door. And the dog started barking. Then he woke up and
was like, “Oh, shit!” “I just now woke up!” Yes, you did. So now I’m home. I have my own photos. So I’ll just… I’ll upload those later. It’s really hard to sign
with a camera in your hand. Hopefully, this was something
different to watch. I hope you enjoyed it. Guess that works. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you later, bye! [music playing]

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