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A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition

I think I’d like to talk to myself in
the future. Yes, that’s something that I’ll do. Hi Jeremiah. Hello Jeremiah. You look different. No shit? Yes, I’m 12 years old, and…how old are you? 32. Ah. Eh. You look older. Well, thank you. Older than 32 you mean? Yes. Oh, even better. Good. Goes to show how much things have changed, yes. It does. Now, look… My hair. Right. Voice. Okay. Gettin’ older, man! ♪ Gettin’ older! Get down! Oh yeah! ♪ Well, me of the future? Oh, is there more of this? I’m sorry. So…how are things, ya know? Mm? Okay. This is very unusual. Yes, definitely. Quite cool, you know. Here
I am on screen, and… …here you are. You’re right there. Yes. Is there anything in particular you wanted to know about? Is Molly still alive? “Is Molly still alive?” No. Dogs don’t live that long. Ah. And, uh, what about Leon? Are all your questions gonna be about pets? Yes. Then the answer is they’re all dead. Why don’t I ask you some questions? You wanna ask me questions? You know about… You already know. Well, yeah, but… Life before the internet’s kind of a blur to me. What? Didn’t quite catch that. The internet. It’s a thing… You’ll know what it is in a few years. It’s gonna completely take over your life. You’re gonna spend many hours sitting in a room staring at a screen. I’m knowing about my own future, that’s cool. Well I’m glad that pleases you. So… I can’t… What do you do exactly? You know what I’m like! You’re me! Yeah, but you must have hobbies of some kind. You’re interviewing yourself! Look at you! You’re cra- You…You left the tape! Don’t…don’t do the…I’m not… BELCH Excuse me. Oh, charming. No wonder I’m single. I am you! Exactly. Well, what are you blaming me for? Because I’m the result of every decision you make. Well, so are you. Well, fine! Well, HUAH! Yeah, see, I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to that. Okay, so look… Ooh! I see a Star Wars figure down there! Never mind that for now. What were you… Can I have it? Dude, you have that one already! It’s literally the same one! Oh yes. Here it is. I got it right here. Yeah, except Molly chewed mine, so be more careful with it. Sorry. Don’t apologize to me, apologize to yourself in 20 years. “I’m sorry Jeremiah”. See? I just did it for us. Very clever, Jeremiah. I’m glad I thought of it. That’s the spirit. Now, what were you doing before you made this video? Ah! Here we go. Is that Roy? Yes. Do you still draw Roy? No. I don’t draw much anymore. I had a whole cast of characters. I used to make those flip books. I wanted to be an animator. Then I got lazy and went into filmmaking. Don’t you realize that you’re kinda messing up time? Sorry, I’m just thinking out loud. By the way, do you still like Doctor Who? No. Ah. I need to go. Okay, well. Just one thing, before I go. Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. What do you mean? What…? No, I’m kidding, it’s not… That’s gonna be hilarious in 15 years. I just turn this off, right? Agh! The hell’s his problem?

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