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A beautiful waterfall, a rant and gifts – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.109)

He’s never gonna jump over those hurdles
with that buggy attached to the horse! Oh you’re a laugh a minute Baz! We’ve just received an unexpected parcel in
the post from Canada and it comes from Heinz who is one of our subscribers and
what he sent us is really gonna help us out when we get to the final bits and
pieces we need to do on A B Sea before we put her back in the water. What he sent
us is a cleaning product called Brilleon and I know that the first
thing we’re going to try and clean with it is our dinghy. In the package Heinz
has kindly included a couple of microfibre cloths which are going to be
very handy. I have watched the online video about this product and I do know
that it is all-natural so it’s very kind to the environment which is always good.
A little note here says hopefully you can get your boat now sparkling clean
all my best wishes, fair winds and calm seas. Thank you for that. A couple of
brochures which we’ll have to read on the product. I mean this stuff apparently
cleans absolutely everything and anything so we’ll check those out and a
couple of little sponges, the hand clean Ooh now that would be good for when we’re cleaning the diesel soot! And two cans of the product itself. This stuff apparently goes a long
long way because what you do is you wet your the sponge that comes with it, you
make that wet then you rub a couple of times onto the product itself and make
it go a little bit foamy by squeezing the sponge and then you wipe it on the
surface you want to clean and hey presto next thing you know it’s super super
clean. So using this on the boat as I said the first thing we’re going to do
is clean the dinghy with it because that needs a good clean and you’ll actually see
the end results. So Heinz thank you very much for sending these products through
to us we will definitely give them a good workout when we get to the final
cleaning stages on A B Sea. I’m very excited today because I’ve had a delivery and
it’s the hand laundry mangle or hand wringer. It sounded by reading the
description as if it would stand up to the environment on the boat because
everything’s been coated to stop it from corroding so let’s just have a look at the
actual article. A little plate, handle. So this is the mangle itself
I’ll put it together and we’ll see how it works. Trying to get this, the water
assembly into the hand wringer is pretty almost impossible it’s like one side is
just just too high to get it underneath the bit of metal
that’s in there so I’m gonna get Baz on the job I think, see if I’m doing it wrong. It’s not complex it’s just difficult! So it works I got it together and it works. Sorry
about the glasses but it’s very sunny out here. There were a few things I was
disappointed with it was just about 5 euros more expensive than the
Collingwood (Calliger) which gets rave reviews everywhere that I’ve been looking but
despite what the information on the website on Amazon said it doesn’t really
seem to be made of high quality materials and it doesn’t seem to have
been put together very well. It was made in China and it seems like they must be
mass producing them because one of the screws that actually holds it to the tub
is really really difficult to turn I don’t know if it’s slightly cross
threaded and the top bar has got a slight look of rust to it already so I
don’t know … you know they say it was all treated with zinc but who knows
and also one of the blocks that’s cut that’s inside of the mechanism it’s been
really jaggedly cut you know there’s they’ve just obviously thrown it together
really quickly The handle also wobbles at the place
where it’s screwed on so I’ll have to put some electrical tape inside of the
join there so that it’s it’s nice and firm and all of the screws that held the
rest of the mangle together were very very loosely done so I’ll have to go
around and tighten them properly. The little water plate was very difficult to
install and Baz and I took … I mean it didn’t take like hours it took us about
10, 15 minutes but we had to really think about how we were going to do that so
that it would work. Apart from that it does look as if it’s going to do what it
says it will do so I’m excited to do the first load of laundry although at the
moment I’ve got no dirty clothes for anything so we’re gonna have to wait for
that I’ve put a tea towel and a pair of jeans through the mangle and you can
tighten and loosen the two rollers so that you can get different thicknesses
through and it’s wide enough to get jeans through and I’m sure to do sheets
you know if you just fold them a couple of times they’ll all go through as well
so in practice I think it will make my job a lot easier
when I’m back on the boat so I’m quite glad that I’ve got it. I don’t know that
it’s necessarily worth the money that they’re charging for it. From reading
reviews on lots of websites the Collingwood gets pretty much four and a
half five stars where if you look and I was quite happy to pay the money for that.
Looking at this didn’t have a lot of reviews didn’t seem to have had a lot
of people buying it I think probably because most other places can get the
Collingwood but I just couldn’t get it delivered to Greece so that was the only
option I had. It was about five euros more expensive than the Collingwood and
honestly if the Collingwood wringer is as good as people say it is and that’s
worth that value which I’ll put on the screen then this one
don’t know. dunno… we’ll see we’ll see how long it lasts because I will be
using saltwater we will just see how long the parts last. It’s very simply
made so if anything goes wrong with it it could probably be fixed easily by us Having said all of that having had my little whinge about various things
I’m very very glad to have got it. I was so excited when the parcel arrived today
and can you believe it can’t wait to do some laundry! While we had the hire car I
suggested we go to Mantoudi Port to see the eastern side of Evia Island. I
pictured a place to sit have a coffee and take a look at the boats. But this is
what we found Well when he said you would take me to
the beach … it’s not quite what I thought no … But I can’t believe… so this is like the eastern side of the island – yeah –
so that is the Aegean Sea and it’s flat as a pancake, it’s like a mill pond. Looking at
the devastation on what technically is beach I would say that it hasn’t always
been as flat as a mill pond! Okay and that’s probably the ferry terminal No. That’s an industrial terminal We decided to see if we could get closer to the dock and check it out. Along the way we
found a big red toolbox on the road Probably fallen off the back of
someone’s truck It’s got tools in it. So I’m hoping that the locals know the locals So I’m just going to leave it here and hopefully it will get back to its rightful owner. As we were approaching the gate to leave the toolbox at the gate the guy who was
looking after the place came out. Didn’t speak any English so it took a bit of sign
language to explain that we saw it on the road and we were just hoping that he’d
know who it belonged to. Yeah. So either he’s got himself a toolbox or
it’ll get back to the rightful owner You did the right thing. After dropping off the
toolbox we continued on to the ferry dock but Flossy in our sat-nav didn’t
know which road to take Make a u-turn! Hahaha! He is making a u-turn Good driving Baz. Technically that was a three-point turn. Yes Not bad though, considering. Turn right. It’s good job she’s on the case. Whose case I don’t know but she’s not always
been on our case! We thought we’d go there which is ferry terminal just to see No no we don’t want to go down. I don’t want to go down. I don’t like the look of that road. Let’s have a look Baz That’s the road? Yeah. So there’s definitely not a way down there so we’re going to backtrack on
ourselves get to a main road and get to the main town. One of the things
we’ve been noticing in the pine trees as we’ve been driving around are these
cocoon-like structures and the fairly big I mean that’s probably as big as my hand
so we’re just wondering if anyone can tell us exactly what makes it, what lives
in there and does it bite? Beehives This is great! Nikos is bringing us
to a waterfall. Yeah we haven’t been on this road while we had the hire car so
this is a new little spot to check out and this really is very nice up here is very
picturesque and we’ll check that out then we’ll head back to Limni and have a beer
and buy Nikos lunch. of course Jim I found a juniper – we can
make our own gin! You’ll have to wait a while for it to grow In our search for a taverna in a small
village we didn’t have much luck, I think the key is to have a Greek friend with
you and Nikos has just found out that this place even though they’re working
on it and getting it set up for the summer they are actually opening and will sell
us food and drink We’d like to take this opportunity to
say a big welcome to our newest patrons Asa and Einer
thank you for joining us guys it’s great to have you with us If you’ve enjoyed this video give us a thumbs up and if you haven’t already
subscribe and ding that bell so that you’re notified a future video updates See you next time on Sailing A B Sea

12 Replies to “A beautiful waterfall, a rant and gifts – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.109)”

  • Re ‘cocoon like structures’ : Pine processionary caterpillar, Thaumetopoea pityocampa nests. Do not touch since they are highly allergenic.

  • Its a pity you couldn't play Road to Nowhere without infringing copyright when you were trying to get to the ferry port, so…
    I'm guessing that mangles going to be about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Although you could use it for making pasta so all might not be lost.

  • Just got home from a long trip – and watched your video. The ease and comfort of the off-season seems more appealing to me than the hustle and bustle of the sailing season. Oh – My – just realized I'm getting old. The cascading water and falls looked very interesting – and was glad to hear the water was delicious as well. (No pun intended, it self wrote.)

  • With your mangle, I would definitely try contacting the supplier or manufacturer with pics/videos of the physical quality. They must have some customer support?

    As for the SatNav situation with Flossy, may I ask why you don't use Google Maps? You can download areas and save them for offline use. Surely it would be updated?

    Good vid as always 👌

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