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9c. Beginner ASL Lesson Nine Part III: Quiz

Okay guys, it’s quiz time! Now, as always Regent is going to sign and you see if you know what he’s signing,
okay, let’s begin! Next week Today Tuesday Weekend Morning Saturday Week Thursday Schedule Meeting Sunday Tomorrow Wednesday Year Friday Last year Appointment Monday Yesterday Next year In the morning I drink coffee, at night, tea. Monday 10:05 AM Next week do you want to go for lunch on Saturday? Tuesday 4:17 AM Wednesday 6 PM Can we schedule a meeting every month? Sunday noon. Last year I bought house,
next year I’m going on vacation. Is today Wednesday? Do you want to schedule an appointment
for this Tuesday in the afternoon? Last week I got a new job. Friday 3:20 PM Last Thursday I had a meeting at noon. I’ll meet you in an hour. Can you wait for 10 minutes? So how did you do on that quiz? So, if you did okay, move on to the next lesson. But, if you didn’t do as well as you’d liked feel free to go back and review the lesson you can review it as many times as you’d like
and then come back and take the quiz again. Alright guys, I hope you have a great day, bye!

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  • It's really hard to find a consistent ASL channel on youtube, but i've finally struck gold. Thank you for these videos, I'll be sure to stay posted!

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