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How To Learn Sign Language

8c. Beginner ASL Lesson Eight Part III: Quiz

Hi guys, if you’ve completed lesson eight
you’re in the right spot. This is the quiz for all of those words and
sentences that you learned. As usual what you’re going to do is you’re
going to try and see if you can figure out what Regent is signing and then, we’ll give you the answers. Okay. High school Eraser Chalk Junior high school Like Tape College Classroom Grade Student Don’t like Teacher Bored Paper So-so Pencil Glue Learn Hate Stapler Do you enjoy teaching grade 8? My son is in kindergarten but he doesn’t like it. School is boring, I hate it. I don’t like school. Do you need a stapler paperclip? Do you like school? What grade are you in? Do you go to school? You will need a pencil and paper for the test. In your desk you should have an
eraser, pencil, ruler, glue and tape. Do you go to college? I enjoy reading books.I enjoy reading books. My classroom has chalk and a chalkboard. I love school. My son is in kindergarten. So how’d you do on the quiz? If you didn’t do as well as you had hoped you can always go back and review the lesson you can review it as many times as you’d like and take the quiz as many times as you like as well. If you did okay then feel free to move on to the next lesson. Bye for now.

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