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8 year old controls DJI Mavic Air using hand gestures | Simple Gesture walkthrough.

Hello everybody in today’s episode Today we will fly the drone show you how to control it only using gestures without using a remote control hand gestures Yeah, so enjoy the video First we set the drone down to the required takeoff spot then we turn it on Next we have to tap the mode button on the back twice Then we step back now We have to wait for the drone to recognize the face after he recognizes the face We show our palm and it should take up Now when we put our palm up and we move it side to side the drum will follow Also works for Up and Donw. When it recognizes your face it will also follow you in every direction And also go away from you when you walk towards it Watch out for the trees When you take both hands and you get them closer to each other, he will fly closer. But when you separate your hands further apart will fly further away make a rectangle with your fingers to record. When you want to land it you get up to the spot where you want to get the land And you show them your palm and just do the down signal So we hope you enjoyed this video Leave a like and subscribe and hit the notification button to get notified when a new video comes out. Take care and come back to watch next video Bye!

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