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7 Tips to (IMMEDIATELY) Improve Communication in Your Relationship

46 Replies to “7 Tips to (IMMEDIATELY) Improve Communication in Your Relationship”

  • I love ya man!!! Your videos always put a smile on my face!! 😆Thank you for being you! Mua! 💋😍🌞🤗

  • Awesome video, but this won't work for me. After being in relation for 6 years, he just called me a whore. 😁.

  • What about begging your man to call you for a week & all he does is text ? That lead to the break up, through text. Cool. Most people are so emotionally immature, they don’t understand the value of communication.

  • I love Adam too! 🤗
    His videos are always informative as well as entertaining. But we singles over 40 need just a little more please. Help us Adam! 😩

  • i took your advice and sent him the video, now to see if he watches it lmao, i love how you worded to send the video to him.

  • I was definitely an over-communicator…it's true, you definitely have to bite your tongue sometimes, not just in romantic relationships but als professional, familial, platonic etc.
    Some things are not for you to say, but for the person to realise themselves.
    I love how practical and self-aware these tips are.

  • It is Okey but it's too late for such things like help or helping me
    Don't worry about me just do things right or should I be sorry for being saying how it is for me,
    You will be okay if try and lean what you understand about what Adam is saying,

  • Pretty much the only thing is that both parties need to be sincere and invested. The father of my kids cut me off by cheating and ignoring our kids so since he could give fuck less its pointless to say anything to him

  • How to,ask a man to make messages or call without being needy. Because he never initiate to make messages he only answer to my messages 😀 or maybe he is not interested anymore?

  • I try to resolve fights but the guy keep misunderstanding and dwelling on the problem, the start to blame me for his own mistakes started to be so negative. I know that guy was a player to. But if i find someone new to go out with at least i know more things.

  • I try to resolve fights and this guy keep misunderstanding and dwelling on the problem, he never wanted to talk about anything, this guy was so negative about everything. He didn't want to do nothing about it either.
    Really this guy that i know was a really a doshbage and a player.

  • Adam is one of those straight guys that I fell in love from first sight 😍 dunno is it love or phisical temptation though

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I used to use these tips EVERY TIME I needed to talk to my ex (while we were still together) but that THICK SKULLED BOAR just didn't care. None of these worked, ever. With my LDR boyfriend now, on the other hand, there's no problems in communication at all. It may change when we can finally be together together, but then again it may not.

  • So there's this super cute waiter at the local coffee shop I go to weekly. I'm shy, and I know he is too. I don't know how to small talk very well and can't seem to get past the formalities. I often go with my family which i know doesn't help at all, but I'll go early, but he knows I'm waiting for them. I don't know how to go about this. Do you have any tips without me looking pathetic or desperate? Thanks a mil,I'm crazy attracted to him

  • First thing first! Thank you so freaking much for sharing this with us women! You have no idea how long I've been trying to understand my man. Because of your video's I actually feel like my boyfriend and I are in a really good place in our relationship. He's finally opened up to me about his feelings on certain situations and my actions to other things.. It was very emotional draining but so so worth it. Until we did step 6 I believe it was…. ("Kinky Sex or Wild Sexy Time")! WOWZA!!! Is all I can say to that one… Lmfao, But in all honesty I feel so much better about the relationship now. And I can see a change in his actions & attitude. I will take everything I learned and not only use it with my significant other but also with all my friends and family. Granted not all of them but communicating and being present in the conversation is a great thing to have. Thank you again

  • If I address a problem with my boyfriend and all he does is apologize but does nothing to change, is that a communication issue? All I get are apologies but I don't feel like it amounts to much because the issue pops up over and over again. For instance, we would commit to something and then he gives me an excuse (I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt because he has depression) and flake off and then after 2-3 months I would readdress but in a different form.

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