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100 Replies to “7 Hidden “Body Language Clues” That She Likes You”

  • My crush:

    Acts different around me
    Always says someone loves me (maybe to cover up the fact she loves me)
    Pranks me by asking me out (haven't said yes cos I know it's a prank)
    Laughs at things that I say which aren't funny
    Starts quite a few convos with me
    Once wrote on her instagram bio that she was taken by me

    Does any of this suggest she likes me?

  • I know all this. I just don't give a [email protected] Women are too much trouble and too much money. The better dressed you are and more wealthy you appear combined with ignoring them drives them insane. I thought one girl was going to snap her neck just the other day as she was tossing her hair so violently. Not all guys are clueless, some of us just don't care. Sorry but you're not worth it. Holes can be rented.

  • i like this girl and i think she knows i like her, i heard her conversating with a friend saying that they think i like the girl. Im a bubbly type of guy that has a contagious smile and she always smiles back at me.
    whenever we are in a group and she try's to be funny she always looks back at me for confirmation and she laughs at all of my jokes. i tested her the other day and did some absolutley lame ass joke and she still laughed. i also noticed the other day that her body position tends to face me on some occasions momentarily when im not in the conversation.
    do use think she likes me back? or am i over analyzing cause i didnt notice any of this till i started crushing on her.

  • dude im so confused about girls so if there is a girl in my class that i sit next to and she is putting her feet on my chair wich usly is tuching me and her bodey is faceing me dose she like me?

  • Besides a big thick Johnson, a thick wallet is another non-verbal turn-on for most women. Not counting good grooming, sharp dresser, trained psychiatrist, olympic shape, and hunts sharks on the weekend for fun……….just your typical average guy. Right.

  • Hey Tripp, this video would be more effective if you had a female model acting each part out (with just your voice in the background) instead of viewers limited to their imagination. No offense, but I'd rather look at a hottie than Tripp Grunge.

  • New dating site forming, based on the findings of a clinical psychologist. Take the survey and get a FREE relationships ebook at the end. Save yourself six months of trial and error with that new date, ask him/her to take the survey and get both your results (confidentially), then compare. Newest thing to hit the relationships market with no cost (just starting up).

  • I dont understand, I get these signs from 99% of womens, including these twice older than I am.
    But Im not even good looking.

  • 1.She makes Eye contact
    2.She sometimes fixes her hair
    3.She sometimes looks at me then turns away and continuously changing her sitting posture when im sitting beside her after 10 to 15 secs.
    HELP me! Is she is interested or just its normal!

  • The most important clue that a girl likes a guy is when he asks her for her phone number and she actually gives it to him. That usually means she's already considered a possible relationship with him. No phone number = forget it! Of course, you should not ask too soon because that makes it look like you're nervous and desperate to get it over with. You need to do a bit of chatting first to see if the both of you are philosophically and psychologically compatible. And, if you're not, that's life and it's time to look elsewhere. Don't expect the girl to just give you her number. You have to ask for it and it's really a bit of a test to determine if you have any courage. If she does not want you, then she will say something like she's already got a boyfriend even if she does not or terminate the conversation before you even get a chance to ask her. But, even if she finds a guy unacceptable for a relationship (by her particular standards), she will still respect him for having the nerve to ask. With practice you will find it easier to do this and will better handle rejection. Of course, if every female a guy approaches rejects him, then maybe it's time for him to do some self-evaluation to see what his problem is. If he can't figure it out, he might want to ask some friends who he trusts for an objective appraisal so he can get to work on fixing himself up. Girls tend to be attached to guys that are polite, respectful of women, and know how to use soap and water for hygiene. A good sense of humor and intelligence are big pluses.

  • I saw all this in my crush. Did whatever all ur previous videos said about how get ger a girl to chase u. All that was on track. But fuck! I got friendzonned.. like hardbricked friendzonned xD

  • Yes the one where she looks around the room but not you is classic ..she wanted me to notice her "first"., so plaid along and IGNORED her!.. few minutes later she has her friend introduce her to me.. to easy

  • Clue one for men, she empties your wallet, clue two, she pretends your special, after she's slept with every guy on your street…

  • tripp, your spot on with these tips, I'm sure you know this but there are women out there that will do these techniques consciously to test a guy. you should put a video together of body language they do subconsciously that tells a guy that she's into him.

  • one time a girl had her phone on her hand while I was talking to her. we stayed like this for a good while. She waited for me to ask her for her number then I said bye have a great day. when a girl is holding her phone on her hand that's another way to know that she likes you

  • It sounds like a woman can't look anywhere but straight ahead or down at her feet without triggering some guy to come hit on her.

  • Lmao I love how this guy is supposed to be some sort of authority on how to get girls. Tell me the last time a guy rockin' the beanie look got any action!

  • I think that a lot of it, on our end as men, has to do with mindset. For example, be charming with them, but don't have sex on your mind.

    In that respect, I would say the best thing to do is have a take it or leave it attitude. Otherwise you will come off as desperate and needy, and that is a huge turn-off.

    Act like you don't want anything in particular from her, as it will help her feel comfortable with you. Think before you speak, and will do speak, be charming – which includes being humorous.

  • Or if she blinks 10 times without saying anything Or if she opens up a can soda when you walk by and she covers her eye with two finger she digging you bro so… Shoot Your Shot!!!!!

  • I went nuts over a hot female in a restaurant here in Vegas today. She is a hostess, and she was looking sooo beautiful! She's a brunette. Everytime I turned around, I was scoping her out. One time, she looked like she had a nice smile on her face. Then, she started messing with her hair. I will go in there this friday and hopefully her gorgeous self will be there again.

  • Honestly just grow a pair and ask her avoid the bull.This girl that ur into just might be genuine,ive seen this many times.Honestly just ask take the rejection if she's not interested. Avoid the frustration guys and heart ache…ur welcome…just ask

  • Ive gotten all these signs last night, sad thing is I prefer her as a friend.. To add to that is that she's got a bf, I don't see her that way….fml how am I suppose to tell her she's in the friend zone….zzzz

  • My Crush:

    Flirts at me sometimes when i tell a joke she laughs also she wrote a letter for me saying dear AJ you are such amazing guy happy bday btw she said

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  • I haven’t seen the girl who has a crush on me since I found out from all the signs, is she terrified and embarrassed? She doesn’t want to come around anymore damn what gives

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