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7 Brutal Dating Mistakes That Turn Men Off

My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to another video. Today’s video is all about discussing
some of the worst and brutal dating mistakes ladies make.
I am just here to raise awareness. So let’s start with the video
and let’s start with number one. One of the most common things that
I think the female species just love doing and that is to find excuses to call
or contact or write to a man first. Women can be analyzing, obsessing, coming up over reasons to why a man is
not responding or taking contact with them first, or why they should take charge
instead and do it themselves. A common one that I know and I’m sure some of you
are guilty to this one, you’re in the initial stages of dating
and you’ve been on a date with a man for the first time,
and then after the date, you message him first to
thank him for the date. Wrong. That is not how it’s supposed
to be done. A man is the hunter. A man takes initiative
until your relationship has reached a point where you are being serious and exclusive
with each other. But in the initial stages, they are so crucial. You cannot afford to be showing too
much interest. I’m sorry to say, but the man is the hunter.
Regardless of gender roles today, he will value you more. He will
really be more interested in you. I know that it’s a cliche ladies,
but it works and it has always worked. There is a psychological reason
to why this cliche works, so please take it serious and stop
messaging or calling him first. Number two, and this is going to offend or maybe
even make some of you very upset. You go on the date with him and this is
actually doesn’t matter if you’re in the initial stages of dating or
if you’re even married to the man, a woman pulling out her wallet to offer
to pay or to pretend she’s offering to pay. It doesn’t matter if you want
to pay or you don’t want to pay, you are never to pull out your
wallet in front of a man ever. And I’m serious, ever. Men earn
more on average in our society, men are the protectors by nature. Men are the ones that should
be looking after a woman. But I know gender roles are changing to something that I personally
don’t want to be associated with. It’s not for the good and it’s
definitely not good for the woman. But if you are there on each date
offering to pay or pretend that you’re inclined to pay, then ultimately, what happens is
that we are spoiling men this way. We are showing that it’s okay for the
woman to pay when it’s actually not. And luckily, there are some cultures
where this is totally taboo, like middle Eastern cultures, even in Russian cultures and some
other cultures around the world. But there are some
cultures and unfortunately, I’m from one of those cultures where it’s
expected that the woman offers to pay or pay half the bill.
Shout out Sweden and Germany, and the whole Scandinavia by the way,
and a few other places too. Let’s have a discussion in the comments
section below which countries women are expected to pay. Regardless which
culture you belong to, ladies, stop offering. If he gets put off by you, if he starts imagining that you
are some form of gold digger, then you know what?
This is not a generous man. This is not a gentle man. I don’t think this is the high quality
man that you want to be investing in. Because this man is always going to
be 50/50 with you and that is a very depressing direction to take in life.
So make sure you get out now. Number three, big, big mistake
ladies to look available. And if you don’t understand
what I’m talking about, there is this kind of aura about some women,
while a lot of women actually. We can just know that she’s
single and she’s looking. Not necessarily that she’s throwing
herself in front of all men, although we do have
a few like that too. And that is a big no, no too
ladies. But I’m talking about, let’s say, you’re sitting in a restaurant,
a woman who is hunting. You see it on her because she
will be looking around a lot. She will literally be sitting there
with the sign on her face saying, I’m waiting for somebody to start
talking to me. I want to meet somebody here. And men smell this.
And they read body language. They’re not stupid in the
end of the day. So of course, a woman’s chances of number one,
meeting a high-quality man becomes less. Number two, she sends out
the wrong message about her and she puts off
the high-quality men. Of course, she will get the playboys and
the pickup artist and all those guys. Those will approach her definitely
because they say she’s available. But a man who is really looking for
a woman of high quality himself, he hates desperation. Desperation freaks him out.
So you have to really take a step back. Have you ever heard about this
expression when people say, “I always end up meeting men with I’m
in the relationship. Oh, I wonder why”? Exactly for this reason because
when you are unavailable, that’s when you become
more attractive and it’s for a very valid
psychological reason. By the way, ladies, I do have a free cheat sheet for those
of you who are single and looking. If you want to know where to meet
high-quality men, make sure to visit. because I have a free cheat sheet for you
of 210 places where the affluent men gather. So make sure you visit. Number four, a lot of high-quality men,
believe it or not, can be quite put off when
a woman is a bit too glamorous. And this is a little bit annoying, I must say because I think,
it’s slightly unfair. A woman should be glamorous and beautiful
as she pleases. But unfortunately, there is a psychological obstacle there
because an overly glamorous woman makes many men think that she’s
too high maintenance. They have this stereotype of this category
of women and it’s not in the favor for the woman. So it’s really important to think about
this one and play along a little bit. Tone it down. Some women
say that men like that, they just cannot maintain
a woman of that standard. So they are anyway, not good. Well I’m sure there
are a few men like that as well, but actually, there’s a lot of good men
out there and I’ve heard them truly say this. And it does sometimes come across as the
wrong marketing when a woman is looking overly glamorous, like literally red carpet is her everyday
carpet and the man is a little bit confused. Because men want to also find kind
of their best friend or a companion, a life partner, somebody
who is not necessarily, glammed up 24/7. They also want to have the girl
next door as the woman they marry. So for that reason, of course,
you should dress up. Of course, you should look best and
really be attractive for a man, but make sure you don’t go over the top. And if you feel that you might be the
woman who is very glamorous and you’re still single, it can be worth for you to try out and
tone a little bit of your outfits or appearance down, and see if you will
have any improvements. Number five, and this, I tell my students in my
elite finishing school all that time. So for them this will be
repetition, but it’s okay. If you’re interested in joining
them, by the way, visit. Brutal dating mistake, a lady only dating
one man at a time. Now, apologies to all of you, very conservative ladies watching my
channel and some who could not do it for maybe cultural reasons, but this dating strategy is extremely
effective in today’s harsh dating climate. I mean, men have always dated
multiple women at the same time. And today’s fast paced
climate and especially, the fast paced dating climate with the
strong availability of women and men because of online dating,
you really have to step up a notch. Because it’s not getting easier
to meet your mate even though, it should be easier with all
the dating apps available. That’s one reason to why you need more
than one man that you’re dating at the same time because you simply
need to maximize your options. You also need to have a few men just so
that you emotionally detach and I mean, if we go back to the first point that
I mentioned, not being too interested, too available, too over the guy. Then this is really going to help you because when we are only
dating one person at a time, we are obsessing about that person and
women tend to become a little bit more emotionally attached the men and maybe, shift their focus too strong on one person
because that’s kind of our instinct. We do it with our children, so I think it’s also quite normal that
we do it in other relationships too, more than maybe the man does. So date multiple men at the same time. This does not make you a
loose woman of any sort. Don’t let society control you ladies. We just do what men have
been doing for centuries. Number six, if you’re guilty to this one,
then make sure to leave a comment. Brutal mistake is to upload bikini pictures
or glamorous skimpy pictures on your online dating profile. Regardless
if you are on Tinder, Bumble, or whatever site you
use for online dating. Ladies, do not have any pictures
where you are lightly dressed. I know that it’s perfect to grab
the attention of men because yes, they will most likely swipe
right on you. Is it right, they swipe when they want you?
I think so. Okay. Yes. Men will message you more when
you are showing off your body. If it’s a nice body but it’s just not
worth the first impression that you leave. You will attract more men
who are just in for the meat. You might also actually put off some men
who are looking for somebody serious. Again, a lot of men who
are looking for serious, they want to have a little bit of girl
next door flavor because that’s what really makes them connect. I have this male friend and I remember
he was showing me this profile of a woman that he was really interested in and he
was talking to her for quite some time. But he was really put off by the pictures
that she had put and he really was insecure if she really was a
high quality woman. I mean, don’t forget men are so simple minded
when it comes to evaluating women. They really do think in stereotypes, so you really have to be
cautious about these things. So no skimpy pictures of you
on your online dating profiles. Now lastly, ladies, we have come
to the last point. A big, brutal, brutal mistake that actually I think,
majority of women do is to hold their personality back. They become
a little bit more reserved, which of course,
it can work for some men. I know a lot of ladies do
the mystery kind of strategy, which is also very effective,
especially on certain types of men. But on the general masses of men, you actually win more if you just
show your personality and you really, really are yourself. I know
that it sounds like a cliche. Just be yourself.
But yes, ladies, you have to let your personality
shine and while, okay, you don’t want to maybe show certain parts
of your personality that maybe no man should see ever. But we have a personality that
is a pleasant, fun, relaxed, happy personality with a little bit
of our own flavor to it that is really important that you show.
Because first of all, that’s how a person connects to you and
you really want the man to feel he has a connection with you as early
as possible in the date. But your personality is also the entertainment.
If a man is bored with you, he will not want to see you again. So you have to really think about relaxing
and just letting yourself really go into who you are, aka being
yourself. And maybe if yes, if the man doesn’t like your
personality, then the cliche, he was just not for you.
Make sure now to watch my other video, Things Men Notice First In Women because this one is going
to give you more insights to the mind of a man.
I will see you in that video.

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