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60+ English Slang Words to Know | American Slang

Hello! This is Ashley with TakeLessons
and in this video you’re going to learn some of the most common American English
slang words. Understanding the meanings these casual and informal words will be
a huge help with communicating with native speakers. So stay tuned and don’t
forget to click the link below to check out our free online English classes. We’re gonna start with what’s up. What’s
up. What’s up. This is an informal way to say hey what are you doing. You would use
this with your friends and family. “Hey Tom, what’s up.” I feel you. I feel you. This
means I understand and empathize with you. “I feel you that was really unfair.” I
get it. I get it. This is another way of saying I understand. “I get it now. Thank
you for showing me that example. Same here. Same here. This is another way of
saying I agree. “I am having a really hard time studying for this exam. Yeah, same
here.” My bad. My bad. This is another way to say my mistake. “My
bad I didn’t mean to do that.” Oh my god. Oh my god. This is to describe excitement
or you’re scared. You bet. You bet. This is another way to say certainly or you’re
welcome. “Thanks for the jacket, Ash. You bet.” No worries. No worries. This is
another way to say, that’s alright. “No worries about the mess. I’ll clean it up
later.” No biggie. No biggie. This is another way to say, it’s not a problem.
“Thanks for taking me out to dinner. I really enjoyed it.
Oh no biggie.” No big deal. No big deal. This is also another way to
say, it’s not a problem. “Thanks for going with me to that event.”
No big deal.” No sweat. No sweat. This is another phrase for, it’s not a problem.
“Thank you so much for going with me. No sweat.” Laid back. Laid back. This is
another meaning for relaxed or calm. “This weekend was very laid-back.” Chill. Chill. “I
went to the movies with my friend and it was chill.”
Sweet. Sweet. Sweet is another way to say fantastic. “I passed the test. Sweet!” Cool.
Cool. Cool is also another way to say fantastic. “That was really cool I want to
do that again.” Bomb. Bomb. Bomb is another way to say really good. Bummer. Bummer.
Bummer is another word for disappointment. “That was such a bummer.
I’m so sorry that happened.” Shady. Shady. This means questionable or
suspicious. “I saw a shady guy in my neighborhood last night it seemed
suspicious.” Hot. Hot. Hot is another way to say
attractive. Beat. Beat. “I was so beat after going out all night long.” Sick. Sick.
sick is another way to say awesome. “Those shoes are so sick. I want to go get
some. Where did you get them?” Epic. Epic. Epic is another way to say grand or
awesome. “That was such an epic party last night.”
Ripped. Ripped. This means very physically fit. “Tom is so ripped. Did you see his
muscles.” Cheesy. Cheesy. This means silly. “The romantic comedy we watched was so
cheesy.” Corny. Corny. This also means silly. “That joke was so
corny.” Flaky. Flaky. This means indecisive. “Alanna is so flaky.
she never shows up when she says she will be there.” Babe.
Babe. This means your significant other or an attractive individual. “Hey babe or
she’s such a babe.” Have a crush have a crush. This means you’re attracted to
someone romantically. “I have a big crush on him. I really hope he asks me out.”
Dump. Dump. This means to end a romantic relationship with someone. Ex. Ex. This
means an old relationship or spouse. “You see that girl over there?
That’s my ex-girlfriend.” A turn-off. A turn-off. Something that’s repulsive. “Bad
cologne is such a turn-off. Party animal. Party animal. This means one who loves to
party. Jerry is such a party animal. Couch potato. Couch potato.
This can mean a lazy person. Wiz. Wiz. This means a really smart
person. “Sally is a whiz at math.” Chicken. Chicken. This can also mean coward. “Don’t
be a chicken.”Let’s go watch the scary movie.” Chick. Chick.
This means a girl or young woman. “That chick is so hilarious.” Getting hitched.
Getting hitched. This means getting married. Tying the knot. Tying the knot.
This also means getting married. “Jacob and Jay are tying the knot this
September.” They got fired. They got fired. This means they lost their job. Hang out.
Hang out. This means to spend time with others. “Hey let’s hang out after work I
want to grab a glass of wine.” I’m down. I’m down. This means I’m able to join. I’m
game. I’m game. This also means I’m able to join. I’m in
I’m in. This also means to spend time with others. “A group of us are going to
the movies after school would you like to join? Yeah. I’m in.” A blast. A blast. This
means a very fun event. “Last night was such a blast.
Next time you should come.” Show up. Show up. This means to arrive at an event.
“Hey I know you said you guys are meeting up at 6, but I can’t show up until 7. Will
that be okay?” Flick. Flick. “Want to see a flick on
Friday?” a bunch of us are going after work.” Grub. Grub. This means food. “Hey do
you want to get some grub tonight? I’m kind of hungry.” Wasted. Wasted.
This means intoxicated. She was wasted last night I couldn’t believe my eyes.”
Drunk. Drunk. This also means intoxicated. “He was so
drunk he couldn’t even stand up last night.” Booze. Booze. This is another word
for alcohol. “Will they have booze at the party? I’m trying to enjoy my night.” Pig
out. Pig out. This means to eat a lot. “I pigged out last night on that pizza.”
Crash. Crash. This means to fall asleep quickly. “After all those hours of
studying for my final I crashed out.” Lighten up. Lighten up. This means relax.
“Lighten up it was just an accident. I didn’t mean to do that.” Screw up. Screw up.
This means to make mistakes. “I’m so sorry I screwed up. I totally forgot about our
plans.” Score. Score. This means to get something
desirable. “I can’t believe I scored the best seats in the stadium.” Wrap up. Wrap
up. This means to finish something. “Hey let’s wrap up this meeting within
the next five minutes.” Ace. Ace. “I think I’m going to Ace this exam I studied
really, really hard.” Cram. Cram.This means to study before an
exam. “Sorry I can’t go out I have to cram tonight.” Freebie. Freebie. This means
something that is free. “The bumper sticker was a freebie.” Shades. Shades. This
is another word for sunglasses. “I can’t find my shades anywhere. It’s so bright
outside.” In no time. In no time. This means very soon. “We will have that
project done in no time.” Buck. Buck. Tthis means $1. “It only cost a buck.” Rip-off. Rip-off. This means a purchase was
very overpriced. That phone case I bought it was such a rip-off. My general tips about English slang
words is that they should only be used in an informal setting. So this means
with friends and family and not in a work environment or with the elderly. As
we just learned some English slang words can be inappropriate. For example what’s
up. What’s up, you would normally use with your friends. “Hey what’s up? You all want
to go grab a drink later?” But upon an arrival to an interview, you’re not going
to greet the person and say “what’s up.” You’re going to say, “hello how are you
today?” Which of these popular American slang words is your favorite? Leave a
comment and let us know! And if you enjoyed this video consider subscribing
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