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6 typical italian hand gestures and what they mean! | ITALIAN FACTS

looks like it’s not working huh? hi
Sophie yes where are you yes i am waiting for you here in santa Croce… yes yes, bye! Hi! Where are you from? Hi…from Florence Oh and what are you doing here in Florence? You look very nice…you have nice hair… very blond…(answer) yes, thank you… and…I don’t know we can hang out together, gimme your phone number… Hey Livy! I am here! Oh, my friend is over there, hi Sofy! Sorry I have to go, bye! Enough! enough! Bu! Ha! what the f.? you were afraid, huh? Hey what is this rock? This one here? This is the Vero Sasso di Dante, a rock on which Dante used to sit down and think. By the way, this is one of the secrets of Florence! check the others out in this video. What? what do you mean? What did you do yesterday? oh yesterday I found very interesting
channel on YouTube named wololo there is so many funny videos very
interesting moments and what hey man you have a t-shirt upside down oh really?
I don’t give a f** anyway oh look there’s something shiny on the floor! where is it? I don’t found it. no sorry, it was just a
mistake anyway I really don’t care Hey look, what a nice watch! what’s the price? let me see. 5000 euros! It’s too expensive. Bona! Bona! see you! maybe another time! Hey you! why didn’t you answer to my messages? and who is this guy? Piss off man! Piss off! Shame on you! Shame on you! You have lost the chance of your life! (°runs away crying°) Now, piss off! oh hey guys
you want to see the bloopers and two more typical Italian gestures? just click
on the bottom or if you want to see a video about the secrets of Florence just
click on the top

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