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6 Signs That He’s Into You | Use These Secrets to Decode His Body Language

hey there you sexy single ladies hey there you sexy single ladies hey there your sexy single ladies now while we play that intro I want you to fill out the survey in the card right there and I want you to let me know which one you think was the most flirtatious intro out of the three keep watching [Music] hey there Adam little chick from sexy confidence calm where I help the 21st century woman create a love life that she absolutely freakin loves and in this video we’re gonna be talking about how it is that you can read a man’s body language now of course I’m shooting this video before even releasing it to YouTube so I clearly don’t know which of the survey you chose but chances are you chose the last one number three is being the most flirtatious hey there your sexy single ladies now assuming I’m right assuming you got this right make sure you comment in the comments saying yes I read his body language correctly and hopefully that gives you just a little bit of confidence when it comes to body language men’s body language is really not that complicated you just need to be watching it because most women just completely overthink body language so in this video I’m gonna be walking through a few different types of body language and how it is that you can read it and you’re gonna find that in your interactions moving forward with men you’re going to find these things and you’re gonna find that wow you’re gonna get so much information moving forward on what to do and how to react so let’s start with number one which is the head tilt now if a man tilts his head when he meets you it is very likely that he is attracted to there’s warmth in a head tilt it’s many times you’ll find that when a guy is being professional with the woman he’s not gonna say hey he’s just gonna say hey very nice to meet you he’s being professional but there’s a certain level of warmth and intimacy that goes along with kind of tilting your head and people do a completely subconsciously we don’t even think about it when we do this and chances are you do this when you meet guys that you like so keep an eye out for it the next time you meet a guy and maybe it’s even in the workplace and you’re not sure if he likes you if you start doing that chances are he’s into you number two is fidgeting now back in the day when I used to coach men on how to go out and meet you you sexy single lady I used to take them out and we’d go out to let the we go out to a coffee shop and yes I would actually kind of push them to go out and meet women kind of push them to confront their social fears and one of the biggest things that a lot of these guys are too is they fidget they just have things they’d have a lot of nervous energy and you’ve probably noticed that a lot of times when you meet guys maybe out at a bar or out at a restaurant or wherever they might be fidgeting a little bit it’s probably a turn-off to you because it shows a lack of confidence but just realize that look having the courage to step up and be able to talk to you and approach you and have a conversation with you it takes a lot of card it takes a lot of guts so try to give him just a little bit of kind of room there to fidget give him a little bit of room to be nervous it’s totally natural and even pay him a little bit of a compliment it’ll boost his confidence a little bit and he might me feel even more confident and then the nice thing is once a guy feels confident around you you’re gonna get to know the real him you’re not gonna get to know that nervous Nellie who came up and is still newly nervous as he’s talking to you and I should say by the way it’s just an extra note to this is that I’ve found that a lot of the guys who are nervous when it comes to meeting girls end up being really good genuine guys and it’s unfortunate that because they have this bad body language they fidget a lot women aren’t attracted to them so if you find that you do have a guy who’s coming up to you talking to you and he’s kind of nervous and he’s fidgeting a little bit please just give him a little bit of time to get to know you and feel more comfortable around you and then you can get to know the real him he might just completely surprise you and who knows that might be the guy you end up with number three is when a guy touches you now I think most women will agree that the easiest way to creep out a woman is when a guy touches you when you’re not attracted to him but if you are attracted to him you are interested in him chances are if he touches you you’re gonna feel much more connected to him and if you’re finding that he’s really comfortable touching you of course the hand in the arm that’s more cordial that’s more like friendship but if you’re finding that on your your shoulder your lower back he’s comfortable touching you chances are he’s giving you signals that you know he’s seeing where this could potentially go so keep an eye out for that if a guy is breaking that touch barrier it’s likely that he’s interested in just a little bit more the next body language to read is how long he holds a hug for now you probably have this happen to you but if you ever hug someone and it just held on for just couple seconds longer than is kind of normal it’s likely that if he’s holding on to that hug he doesn’t want to let you go I mean he really cares about you there’s something going on there there’s something more there than just a friendship like friends girl and guy they don’t hold on house for longer than normal it’s just a quick hug but if he’s really holding on he’s taking that time for your bodies to connect and your economic energy to connect with one another so keep an eye out for that if he is holding on to that hug for just a little bit longer than it feels socially normal next is he constantly touching his face now this was one of my worst giveaways when I was going out of meeting women is and Jess would always say this matter what after we of course we’re in a relationship with one another she would always say when we first started talking that first day we met on New Year’s was three years ago now that I was just like constantly touching my face and that it’s just it’s just something I do when I’m nervous I’ve seen it when I even speak in front of like large audiences sometimes if I’m nervous I’m touching my face so if you find that a guy is doing that it’s kind of his way of grooming himself or just kind of like making sure he doesn’t have anything on his face on his lips it’s more likely for you women when you are attracted to men that you’re gonna be actually touching your hair okay so both of these are indicators of interest and finally the best body language to really read and look for is just if he’s constantly smiling humans smile when their interest when they’re happy when they’re engaged and one of the best things that you can do will attract an amazing man is to keep that smile I call its mocking smiling while talking so these are all really important kind of indicators to be looking for but don’t necessarily read into them more than just them being indicators then being signs and it gives you just those kind of like subtle moments of when you should kind of keep talking to a guy or when you should stop talking to a guy and I really believe that really what separates great communicators from bad communicators is body language and the best way to improve your body language it’s just by noticing it so now that you’ve watched this video you now know more than 99% of people out there when it comes to body language because most people don’t even think about it but if you want more help to be able to get out there or Trackman flirt with guys I recommend you click on the dis link in the description will take you to a free training also have a link at the end of this video it’s going to help you be able to get out there and be more effective when it comes to talking to men flirting with men and more effective on dates and also if you enjoyed this video please leave a comment in the below the video I really appreciate it let me know any questions you have I’ll answer as many as I can and finally give it a like on YouTube if you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to subscribe thank you so much for watching and I’ll speak to you you sexy single lady next Sunday bye bye

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