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#6 Gestures & States – Unity Game Creator Tips & Tricks

hello and welcome to another episode of
game creator tips and tricks this time we’ll learn how to use the fantastic new
and overhaul tool the jesters and stapes let’s first understand the difference
between them a gesture is a simple animation that is played only once
for example waving a hand painting of an object or even throwing a punch States
on the other hand are animations that keep playing over and over again
for example sitting on a chair would be a state in this episode we’ll see how to
make a character sit on a chair using both States and gestures let’s open up
the game creator toolbar and click on the create player button we’ll also
create a trigger object that when we press the key return the player will sit
down this trigger will fire an action which
at the same time we’ll call the character state action as we can see the
character state action has a set of properties that allow you to customize
the transition between the current state and the next one for now
we’ll leave those properties as they are and we’ll focus on creating the state to
create a state is as easy as to right-click on the project panel and
select create game creator characters simple state simple states are states
that only accept just one looped animation for more information about
States see the documentation link in the description let’s name the state setting we have already downloaded a couple of
animations from example with the sitting animations let’s make sure these
animation and setup as humanoid in the rig settings drag and drop the animation
from the project panel to the state field now all that’s left to do is to
tell the character state action which state we want to play by dragging and
dropping the state onto the corresponding field if we hit play we
will see that as soon as we press the return key the character will smoothly
sit the problem is that this animation does look a little bit robotic
to solve this we can make the character use a sitting gesture to match the
transition between the current state and the sitting one doing so it’s as easy as
creating a gesture action on top of this state then we’ll drag and drop the other
animation from example and we’ll add some time padding between the gesture
and the state transition using the wait action let’s get play again and see the result
here we have it feel free to experiment and play with different properties
if you feel brave enough try creating a locomotion state using your own
animations you can download game creator from the unity asset store Cheers

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