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6 BEST Apps for Learning English

(gentle upbeat music) – Hello everyone and welcome
back to English with Lucy. So you guys might not know this, but I love tech, I love tech. I always want the latest gadgets. I always want the latest software. I’m a little bit of a nerd. In this video, I’m going to
combine two of my passions, technology and languages, to bring you an amazing compilation of
all of the very best apps and technology to help you
improve your language skills. So, let’s get started. (beeping tech sound)
So you will have heard me say a millions times before that one of the best
ways of learning English and improving your language
skills is watching TV shows and movies in the
language you’re learning. In English, for most of your cases. This is obvious. It’s a no brainer and it’s also a really, really fun way of learning. However, the biggest problem
that my students face is they can’t actually
access the resources. TV shows, and films, and apps might not be available in your country. I know that when I promote
certain things on this channel, I get loads of disappointed comments from people who can’t access it. They have all of the motivation
and willingness to learn, but find annoying technological barriers that prevent them from improving. I have teamed up with, I love that name, and
they have kindly sponsored this part of the video. provide a VPN service. If you haven’t heard of a VPN before, it stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN keeps you secure,
anonymous, and private online. No matter which websites you visit, emails you send or receive,
what you buy online, you can keep it hidden
from scammers, governments, and even your own
internet service provider. But apart from the obvious
benefit of security, what I really want to talk to you about is how you can use a VPN to access restricted content and websites. For example, news websites that are restricted in your country. And you can use it to stream
movies and television shows from almost anywhere in the world. Perfect if certain channels aren’t available in your country. The Hide My Ass network
covers 190 countries so you really can connect
to streaming services from just about anywhere. I always found it so frustrating
when I couldn’t watch my favourite Spanish shows
when I was living in England, or when I was living in Spain I couldn’t watch the English news every morning. Having a VPN has solved
all of my problems. I don’t even think about it anymore. If you’re interested in installing a VPN it is very cheap to do
so, just click on the link in the description box
and use my code new LUCY20 for 20% off an annual subscription. It is such a good way to
access restricted content. (beeping tech sound)
Number two is Google Docs and Google Drive. Google Docs is honestly
one of the best things to ever happen to teachers. Gone are the days of marking
pages and pages and pages of written essays that you can hardly read that then get lost,
the students don’t look at the corrections, they throw them away. Gone are the days. When I was teaching I
was pretty tech savvy. I used to make my students
write their essays on a Google Doc that
they had shared with me. I could then see what they had written and make tweaks so they could
see what they had written and how I had changed it,
and my explanation why. I could add comments, I
could add those corrections, meaning that they can
always come back to it and use the corrections for revision. Let’s face it, when I was a student I never ever kept hold of my essays. I would lose them and then
find them two years later. If you can find somebody
who can correct your work ask them to do so on a shared document and keep it neatly in a folder. It will be your best revision resource, honestly you will thank me for it. (beeping tech sound)
Number three, this is something I have mentioned in a previous video, but
it’s so old now I think I need to mention it again
because it’s such a great tool. It’s is the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary. I am a qualified teacher,
I have been teaching for many, many years, and I’m telling you, this is the best dictionary
I have ever used. And when I say dictionary,
I mean online dictionary. So why is this dictionary so, so good? Well it basically ticks all of my boxes. It’s designed with learners
of English in mind. And the most incredible
feature in my opinion is that every single word
has the IPA transcription, that’s the International
Phonetic Alphabet transcription, in both British English
and American English. That’s rare, there aren’t
many websites that do that. As well as that, for
each word they also have two audio pronunciations
at the very least, sometimes they do have extra accents, like Australian or Scottish for example. Another really cool feature
is that when you search for a word, you can add
that word to your word list, so you can create a list of
all of the words you’ve ever had to search for, and that
is such a powerful resource. I really would bookmark this
website on your computer and use that word list to your advantage. If you use it consistently every
single word you search for, add it to the word list, it’s
only one click of a button, over two years you will
have this huge glossary of everything you’ve learned. You will also hear how it’s pronounced, you will see how it’s pronounced, you will compare how it’s
pronounced in different countries. Oh, it’s glorious. Aside from the pronunciation features and the word list features, they also have very clear definitions and
just lots of other information that might be useful
for learners of English. It’s top notch, whoever
designed it deserves an award. (beeping tech sound)
Right, number four is Quizlet. Quizlet is such a powerful learning tool. It has taken off in the past few years and it’s really, really incredible. It’s basically a digital
place to store flash cards. It also offers so much more than that, but at the very heart of
it it’s a place for you to write your own flashcards,
whether it’s about English, whether it’s about a subject
you’re learning at school, and then you can look back at them. Teachers can also create flash cards, and you can then learn from them. However, now they’ve
added so many features. There are games, you
can pay matching games, you can play spelling games
where you hear the word and you have to write it out. You can play writing games where they give you the definition and you have to write the word. There are loads of options,
and you can see resources that other people have written for you and that other teachers have
written for their students. Try searching IELTS. Try searching Business English. Try searching Photography
English (chuckling). There will definitely
be something for you. You should absolutely give Quizlet a go. Flash cards have been used
for years and years, decades, if not hundreds of years,
for language learning, so it only makes sense that
we can now do it online and through an app. And the fact that we can share
our flashcards with the world and have the world share
their flashcards with us is just a blessing. I never want to hit anyone
with a computer or a smartphone say that they can’t learn English because they haven’t got enough resources. Everything is here for you; you just have to educate yourself. (beeping tech sound)
Number five is the BBC Sounds app. This is the BBC audio app
where everything audio is just included in one app. So that’s basically their music, their radio shows, and their podcasts. And when I say there is
something for everyone, there is (chuckling) something for
absolutely everyone on this app. BBC is a British corporation,
so naturally, you’re going to have a plethora of British
accents at your disposal. You know I recommend the
Archers, that is available through this app, but
there are so many podcasts and radio shows that will
be interesting to you, and will also help you
improve your listening skills. You can search by category, so type in a word that’s
interesting to you, or something you want to learn about, and see if a podcast or
a radio episode comes up. Listening to English
music will also help you. Definitely check out the BBC Sounds app. (beeping tech sound)
And the last one, number six, is Google Translate, and you might think (chuckling), “What? “A teacher recommending Google translate? “Is she mad?” I don’t recommend putting
all of your essays and all of your homework
into Google Translate. I’m more interested in a certain piece of software they have. It’s been available for
a couple of years now, but I’m always amazed by how
few people know about it. You can use your camera on your phone to translate things in real time. Say you’re travelling, for
example, in a foreign country and you want to read the menu. Instead of having to type out everything into Google Translate,
which in some places might be impossible because
it’s a different alphabet, you can just put your camera over the menu and Google will recognise the characters and translate it into
your language for you. Now I wouldn’t say this
is the best ever tool for learning a language,
but it will really, really help you get by, especially
in times of need. And the great thing about it is you don’t always need to
use an internet connection. You can already download the capability of translating a specific language. Right, that’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learned something. It was a bit different, but
I really enjoyed doing it. Don’t forget to check out Click on the link in the description box and use my code LUCY20 for 20%
off an annual subscription, and don’t forget to connect with me on all of my social media. I’ve got my Facebook,
I’ve got my Instagram, and I’ve got my Twitter, and I shall see you
soon for another lesson. (blowing a kiss). (new scene beeping sound)
(playful music) Ooh, that sounded good (chuckling). (new scene beeping sound)
So you guys might not know this, but I lalalbah. (chuckling) Aargh. Okay, okay okay okay okay. (new scene beeping sound)
Someone’s just chastened me, asking if I’m doing the filming,
if I’ve done the filming for this; I am doing it, Georgina. Okay (chuckling), right. (new scene beeping sound) Aargh. (new scene beeping sound)
And, you can use it to stream movies, mwa ba ba ba ba. (new scene beeping sound)
Corner, hua hau hau hua. Um, okay, (chuckling). (new scene beeping sound)
I always found it so frustrating at what
I couldn’t watch, ah. (new scene beeping sound)
And use my code LUCY20 where you can get 20%, pth pth pth. (beatboxing) Okay, ah right (chuckling). (new scene beeping sound)
Where you can get 20% off a full annual descrish shrishaw. Ah. (laughing) (new scene beeping sound)
Anyway, I don’t wanna get cross with you, ’cause
you’re just a camera lens. You’re not even here. Right, okay. (new scene beeping sound)
Number two is Google. No, (chuckling) just Google. (new scene beeping sound)
When I was teaching I was pretty tech savvy. (laughing) What was that? God, it reminds me of
Inbetweeners, when she’s like, “I think you look pretty trendy.” (chuckling) I was pretty tech savvy. Oh god, I hate myself. (squealing) Okay okay okay, I have, I’ve literally just had an appetiser. That’s all I’ve had today. (new scene beeping sound) (laughing) When I was teaching (chuckling) (eagle screeching) (new scene beeping sound)
I used to make my students write their da ba ba. (new scene beeping sound)
So why is this online dictionary, Oxford
Learner’s Dictionary. I spent so long laughing at myself that I ran out of battery. But it’s all good. I always have two batteries on the go. ‘Cause I am in control
of my future, right. (gentle upbeat music)

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