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50 People Rescued From Flooded Cruise

The gateway of India in Mumbai, is a famous beautiful arched-monument by the sea. There are ferry rides and people celebrate & host parties on these boats as well. The amazing breeze, the Taj hotel and beautiful scenery is known by all of you. On Sunday 5th January 2020, 50 people decided to celebrate a birthday party on a cruise. From the Gateway of India, these 50 individuals took a boat to a catamaran that was anchored 1.5km away. These catamarans are meant for celebrations & parties. Their catamaran was stationery and did not move around. It was anchored so that the boat doesn’t sail away due to the waves. 50 people were dropped at the catamaran and they enjoyed their celebrations. A person noticed water entering the boat and everyone started panicking and shouting for help. A passerby boat heard the shouts. When they saw the sinking catamaran, they quickly reached the spot and rescued the 50 individuals. They were then taken back to Gateway of India. All of them are safe and no one suffered any injuries. After checking, the crew found that some screws in the lower part of the Catamaran had become loose which is why water started entering and the boat started to sink. An officer said, no complaint was registered. The police came to know about this when the locals informed them as no compliant had been filed. The 50 individuals were safe thanks to the rescuers. The people were panicking a lot but thankfully they were safed. The Indian catamaran’s owner lives abroad and a caretaker gives the catamaran on rent for parties and functions. MBPT & the MMB will both launch an investigation to see if the Catamaran had proper licenses or not. If they do not have license, strict action will be taken.

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