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5 Hacks – How to develop Effective Communication Skills – Verbal, Non-verbal & Body Language

Hey guys! Well here we are today don’t you
think we have certain notions, notions about what, how we’re going to behave, act, converse
in our personal lives as well as our professional lives? We also have really sweet dreams as
to how we’re going to excel and climb that ladder of success, of course in your corporate
lives. But somewhere or the other we get stuck, particularly when it comes to what? When it
comes to communication skills, no, no wait, effective communication skills. Don’t you
think, things such as, basic things, ‘greeting people’ in office, ‘asking questions’,
‘answering those questions’ and then ‘writing messages or emails’ to your supervisors,
maybe team members often becomes a difficult task, a very confusing task, don’t you think
so? So today here on Skillopedia you are going to learn how to better your communication
skills, especially when it comes at workplace with me Meera. So guys let’s get started with
our super goals. Alright! What I think is, we have to aim to
respond rather than reacting to any situation. Now you would think, what does that mean and
why? That is because we humans are actually capable of first listening, processing the
information, thinking about it and then we get to choose if we want to respond or we
want to react. Now think about it, when you look at animals they usually bark and they
react to things because they’re very defensive and offensive at times, especially when it
comes to difficult situations, where people are getting in an argument, heated argument,
bosses are shouting, yelling, probably a meeting, emails which get you really angry and you
just feel like, alright let me just reply but remember, always and always first think.
So what I do is, I usually count 30 seconds 1 2 3 4… In this way, I’m sort of managing
my emotions here before I react. Maybe I might get angry or feel like crying, I feel like
pointing fingers at others or saying incorrect things or sometimes I end up promising irrational
things, just pause, breathe in, breathe out. Did you guys know that studies suggest that
in that moment, that particular moment of anger or whatever, think of a nice positive
memory that you have. It really helps you to calm yourself down and what you’ve done
is that you’ve taken charge of those emotions. Once you guys have done that think, process,
count 30 and then choose to respond. For that matter even reacting to mails is equally risky
just the way I mentioned before. That is why, that is because you just feel like responding
to something that gets you angry, super angry. But here is where you will just take those
30 seconds for yourself, think about things and slowly and gradually react no respond
to those emails. Well guys so that’s about your first goal. Now let’s move to the second goal. Here I
want to tell you that you have to learn how to be selfish. You heard me right, ‘learn
to be selfish’. But why am I saying this? That is because I think that for instance
just, just take an example, people used to tell me to be an active listener to improve
my communication skills, especially make them so much more productive and effective at workplace
and I used to always think and wonder, what does this even actually mean? What is active
listening? I’m listening, I’m here, what does, what do I have to do more and how do I do
that? Let me tell you all, if you want people to listen to you and to your points and to
your new ideas, then you have to do the same. If you want to get motivated, motivate others
who are probably your colleagues, your subordinates, even your seniors, you know, ‘good job!
Karen. Well done! Sean. You can always wish others like, ‘Hey! Have a great day.’
Take my word for it guys, people respond to positive vibes. There’s something I want you to know that
you have to be hundred percent present from now on, promise me that you will. I know you’re
thinking if I’m physically present, I’m obviously there, right? How else can I be further present
than that? Ask yourself again, just try, are you really present? Do you actually listen
and understand each and every word the other person is saying to you or advising you or
suggesting? Probably not. The Millennials surely don’t have the patience for it and
I know as a matter of fact. Especially when someone is talking, we always have a voice
inside us that comes from within, which says, oh my god, just hurry up and finish what you’re
saying, I have to go you’re always in a hurry. And that is why we often think about hundred
other things while people are talking to us. This definitely shows in your body language
and your new eyes. As well as people around you really get it what you’re trying to do.
Now how to fix this? Your body language, how would you fix it? Well guys one good method
is to start practicing at home. Cause should try to focus on each and every word your family
members are saying without interrupting them because that’s where it all starts. This way
through, I know it’s difficult, I know that, but if you want to succeed guys you must overcome
all these small difficulties, they’re not too much. Now try to apply the same thing
at workplace, for example stands stable, sit stable and straight when someone is trying
to talk to you, particularly when someone is trying to talk to you. Then try to respond
with words such as, ‘yes’, ‘okay’, ‘alright’, ‘I understand’, ‘well’,
‘uh-huh’. So now what happens is when these things are happening when small talk
is happening you can always try to take reference from what they’re saying for example there’s
something happening, the discussion is happening, imagine some fellow team member has told you
a whole story about probably how they wanted to take a holiday but your manager won’t understand
that and has now declined or rejected his request and that is what he’s trying to tell
you and discuss with you. At the end of the whole discussion or what he’s trying to say
just try to say things like, “Alright, let me understand this, you are saying, he will
not give you a leave because, he wants to do a team meeting that week itself.” What
has happened? What have you just done? This way the person has understood that you’re
responding and you’re listening, you have been listening. Exactly! Here your focus,
your focus should not be on giving any advice in return, all you need to do is practice
to be 100% present, in the conversation with your body language and your responses, right? Well this brings me to another point. The
one thing I won’t forget to mention under this particular topic is to increase your
communication skills by maintaining a good and a positive body language at work place.
Well guys, I think you’re not new to this particular topic but, we all have certain
common reference points of, what is a good body language? What’s a negative body language?
So you guys know that, slouching is a negative body language that’s what I mean when, when
I say we have common references. Similarly a good handshake leaves are very strong in
a positive impression, right? Now the two main points to understand in this is that,
the way you sit, stand, your hand gestures, whatever you do when you’re communicating,
it’s basically you’re influencing your own mind when you do this. Now what I mean to
say, if I’m slouching and I sit like this, I am feeling weak internally and I’m getting
scared. Similarly if I walk straight, sit in the correct posture, sit straight, my brain
is getting signals that I am strong, yes Meera, I’m strong, I’m ready for the day. This brings me to my next point. Now try this,
‘stand in a winners position’. In a winners pose for just two minutes, whenever you find
yourself alone, probably in a bathroom, yeah, that’s fine. Legs and shoulder, legs should
be shoulder length apart when you stand, hands wide up in the air and look up right, that’s
a winner’s position. This magic trick will help trigger that champion in you and you
will feel so much more stronger. Try to observe a leader you know someone probably even your
senior around you and enact them. What happens is that this would get you started, this will
get your brain to start thinking in a positive in a stronger manner and this will reflect
in your workplace. People start recognizing you as a powerful personality, don’t you want
that for yourself? I know that you do for sure with a great body language, you would
do it, you will increase your own communication skills and you would make sure that you are
better at it. Well guys if you want to know more about body
language there is another video we have on this particular topic that will help you understand
‘body language at workplace’ better and further. Now guys all these goals surely need
to be practiced before, right? So do that, try to, try to do this at home, in your daily
life situations and stay conscious and aware of your own actions, words and points that
you make, the things that you say to keep challenging yourself to get better at everything
when it comes to your workplace communication skills. Now guys with this I wish you good
luck and I shall see you very soon again you’re on Skillopedia with more such useful topics.
Well guys until then make sure that you’re practicing, you’re smiling, that’s me signing
off for the day guys bye.

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