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5 Die in New Zealand Volcano Eruption

New Zealand is very beautiful and is famous for its volcano. It is called White Island volcano or Whakaari. It’s very beautiful and popular. On 9th December 2019, in New Zealand there was a group of tourists inside the volcano when it erupted. The volcano erupted and killed five people. The New Zealand Police Deputy Commissioner John Tims said that police, fire brigade and ambulance worked hard to rescue everyone. There had been 50 people near the volcano when it erupted. Many have suffered dangerous burns and bruises. One is severely injured and the authorities tried to save him. Authorities said a few people were missing and volcano is very dangerous and are rescuing people. New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern said that, everyone is working to save the victims. When the Volcano in New Zealand erupted, it was very dangerous. Gas is released and ash starts falling. This ash is very dangerous for health. New Zealand authorities say that the Volcano has settled down and there haven’t been any more explosions. Everything is safe. They said tourists can now come visit the tourist as the Volcana has settled down. The volcano had erupted in 2016, but no one died.

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