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5 best free language learning Apps

What’s up guys a few people been asking me
about certain apps that they can use for language learning, and so I decided I was just gonna
make a video about the best apps and the best things you can do on your phone or on your
tablets that I are gonna help you learn your language quick. So, honestly, the first thing that I can recommend
to you is that your whole phone or your whole tablet can be a language learning tool. You have to go to your settings and change
the language to whatever language you’re learning. See, I’m learning French so I have my whole
tablet set French. My whole iPad. And people are scared of doing that because
then I think I’ll never be able to understand what’s going on and I need my phone, but honestly,
you’re so familiar with your phone already that I find 90% of the time when something
comes up in French I can figure out what’s going on just be just based off context, and
based off what I already know was going on my phone so I just want to show you a few
of the apps after you set your whole phone to the language. So, the first one I want to point out is called
memrize and this is a great app. It’s basically a digital flash card app. You can choose different flash card decks. These are all my different decks that I have. I have some in Esperanto some in French, one
for Spanish. This is just a premade one and basically you
just click on whatever level and it’ll test you on your vocabulary words. Here it’s giving me an audio test and I gotta
click on whatever it was the right one. Then also give you text tests and I think
this is something like se saouler. Something like that. Yeah. That’s right. Now, this is kind of an advanced French flash
card deck but you can also do more basic ones. So for example, I’m just gonna search for…
where’s French in here? There’s French. I’m doing French four or five, or something
like that. You can go to French one and start learning
that. It’ gonna give you much more basic words. Hi, what’s up. It’s gonna start giving you basic words like
this salute, hi, quoi de neuf, what’s up,let’s go. Memrise is great application for learning
vocabulary words like that. The other one I want to point out, the really
common, one is Duolingo. And I have mixed feelings about Duolingo because
I feel like there’s much better ways of learning grammar but as far as just getting the basics
of the language it’s really great. So this is basically just has another type
of quiz thing for you and so I’m actually learning French for Spanish speakers right
now so la mujer which is the woman and I’m gonna click on la femme this is great it’s
actually really fun and it’s very interactive because you can there is a lot of different
ways that you can interact with other people you can join other clubs with other people
you can make your own profile and then you can see all your friends to see how much your
friends have been learning this week so these guys are slacking because
they have zero experience and these guys been doing pretty good you can set goals for yourself
do you just want to learn a little bit every day do you want to go super intense and do
a lot of tests everyday and I’m gonna keep mine at normal
so I want to point out is HelloTalk and this
is really great I like this a lot better than Duolingo because this is going to actually
help you get experience talking to native speakers so this is an app where you can go
on here and you can just look for other people that are on this app that speak the language
you’re trying to learn and they’re trying to learn your language so you know there’s
a bunch people here from France this guy is from… he lives in the United States but
he is learning French. Or he speaks French and he is learning English,
i guess. And then you just make friends with some of
these people and then you can talk to them. So I’ll just show you this lady. I’ve been talking to her in French. And the reason that I love hello talk so much
is it a lot of different cool things that you can do so you can see here I wrote something
in French and down here she corrected my French because apparently I had made some mistakes
so there’s a little button on here like let’s see for example okay so she wrote this in
English I can correct what she said, Let’s just say she made a mistake… I have a bad connection Internet here… okay
so she made this mistake here you have to say I have a bad internet connection and then
I can correct her mistakes and and It’ll show up as a correction just like there. so let’s say I didn’t understand what she
was saying here. I can click on this, and I can get a translation
of it. So do you like swings swinging songs? you
know translations aren’t always perfect but basically what she’s saying here is like do
you like swing music so hello talk is just a great app for getting to know native speakers
and for learning how they actually talk. The other one that I want to show you his
Instagram which you might not think of as being a language learning thing but it really
can be so I guess I gotta turn my iPad like this I’m following a bunch of French people
on here so this is some kind of celebrity from France and she you know she just makes
posts in French and then every day you can see it and read her posts in French apparently
her dogs are upset about the French elections that they just had then you just follow her
and you know you get practice reading stuff in French every day
And it’s stuff that might be funny or interesting to you and you can follow as many people as
you want I’m pretty sure this guy is French so he posted stuff in French and then you
just get a chance to read french stuff everyday and you can do this also with Twitter with
Facebook with whatever… probably snap chat I’m not on Snapchat but you can probably do
it on there or whatever other social media you’re on so Reddit is another great example
I’m learning French so all I’m gonna do… all you have to do when you’re learning a
language is just gonna type in R, and then a little backslash sign and then whatever
language you’re learning and then French is a pretty popular language there’s a lot of
them but I’m gonna go to this one with a whole bunch of people and you can see this 27 people
from this Reddit online right now and then you can just go on and you can ask different
questions and stuff. here’s some beginners. He’s asking what this phrase means and people
just have different questions where do you start when you’re learning French people post
videos and the language see here this guy is telling you how to use your… how to improve
your French by playing this video game and this is great because if you specific questions
about the language that you’re just not you’re confused about and maybe you’re on the Duolingo
course and something doesn’t make sense to you on Duolingo. you can come in here and post your question
27 people online right now so there’s probably it’s a good chance that someone’s gonna answer
your question right away and if you’re learning a more rare language like if you’re learning
Wolof or Urdu or some like that it might not be as many people but there’s a ton of Reddits
for every language. Let’s see. you can do can do R hungarian. See and there’s a sub Reddit for Hungarian
speakers and there’s six people online right now and this is really gonna be great for
helping you when you have specific questions that you don’t know anyone else that can help
you with them. so I hope you guys enjoy this video, and that
it gave you some good ideas for some apps that you should be using to learn your language
if you liked this video and you’re learning a language then you can go ahead and subscribe
to my channel I make new videos every week and it’s my goal to make language learning
fast fun and easy for you guys so thanks for watching the video and will see you guys next

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