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How To Learn Sign Language

4a. Beginner ASL Lesson Four Part I: Vocabulary

Hi everyone! I’m Laura Berg here with my
co-host Regent Gendron. Now if you haven’t done lesson one-three be
sure to go back and do those. If you have then you’re in the right place. Let’s get
started! Food Eat Same as food? Same, yes. It depends on the content of the sentence. What you see is no difference between eat and food. Can I explain to them? Go ahead. So, I had asked his food and eat the same
sign? It depends on the content and how you are using it. Hungry Thirsty Apple Orange Breakfast It’s the same as ‘day’ when you sign morning, noon and night. When you eat, you sign ‘eat’ and ‘morning’=breakfast ‘eat’ + ‘noon’=lunch ‘eat’ + ‘night’=dinner So, what he was saying is that in a day
it’s morning, noon and night or evening. And when you eat in the morning you’re
eating breakfast so breakfast and lunch and dinner is how it works. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Tea Coffee Cookie Cake Pizza There are a few different ways to sign pizza. Pizza Or pizza or pizza I tend to sign pizza like this Another sign is pizza There are many different ways. So, there are a few different ways of
signing pizza just like other signs we’ve learned. So, pizza Or pizza or pizza Wine Beer Juice Milk Water More Full It’s important that you understand that ‘full’ has many different signs For example, if you’re filling up your car you would sign full like this. Or, if you’re pouring a drink you would sign ‘full’ like this. For eating you would sign ‘full’ like this. There are many different ways to sign ‘full’ So, just like in English the word full
can mean different things. So when you’re eating and you’re full you would sign
like this. But if you were filling up your car with gas you’re not gonna sign
full for a car you’re gonna sign full like this. Or if you’re pouring something into a glass you would sign full. So, it depends. If you’re filling up a box you would sign full like this. So if you put something… So, if you put something, say, in a box or garbage? you would sign it
like that. So, it depends on how you’re using full. But for this lesson, because it’s
about food Finished, Hotdog Hamburger Sandwich Chocolate Okay, now I’m going to put the vocabulary
words up on the screen I want you to try and sign them before Regent shows you
the sign. Alright, let’s begin. food eat hungry thirsty apple orange breakfast lunch dinner tea coffee cookie cake Pizza wine beer juice milk water more full finished hotdog hamburger sandwich chocolate Alright guys, thanks for watching. Now, if
you’re confident to move on to part 2 please do so and if you need to go back
and review this lesson you can review it as many times as you like. Alright
guys, bye for now! you

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