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3a. Beginner ASL Lesson Three Part I: Vocabulary

Hi everyone, I’m Laura Berg, here with my
co-host Regent Gendron. Now we’re on to lesson three if you missed
lessons one and two make sure you go back and do those. Alright, let’s begin. People Some people sign ‘people’ Tall Short Thin Fat Eyes It’s easy. You just point – eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hair Eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hair, neck, jaw etc. Nose Freckles Scar scar. It depends on where it is on your body. Depends on where it is on your body. So scar depends on where, where it is on your body. So you just… No, using your thumb means ‘surgery’ So, I just signed surgery, with the thumb. surgery. scar. Using your finger, scar. Glasses Shirt Same as volunteer? Volunteer shirt Volunteer It depends on what you’re talking about. I’m going to go volunteer now. What shirt should I wear I just asked him about the sign for volunteer. And volunteer or shirt, it also depends on
the context. Blouse Blouse Blouse Shirt t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt blouse jeans? pants and jeans Same as farmer? Farm Farm So farm, farmer? tie Bowtie Bowtie Purse Jacket Dress Shoes You sign ‘shoes’.
I sign ‘shoes’ A lot of people sign ‘shoes’ like you. Boots? There are different signs in different places. Canada dialect, in other places different. People learn different signs in different schools or how Whatever you family uses is what you tend to use. All those signs are fine. So we were talking about dialect before, it depends on what your family uses, where you grow up, so ‘shoes’, ‘boots’, ‘shoes’
I didn’t know. Belt Doctor Nurse Police Hair Blonde Brown hair Black hair Red hair White hair Alright, now it’s review time. So what I’m going to do is put the words up
on screen and you try to sign them to test your knowledge before Regent shows you the
sign. Okay, let’s begin. People Tall Short Thin Fat Eyes Nose Freckles Scar Glasses Shirt Pants Tie Purse Jacket Dress Shoes Belt Doctor Nurse Police Hair Blonde Brown hair Black hair Red hair White hair Alright guys, thanks for watching, we hope
you enjoyed this lesson. Now, if you’re confident in the vocabulary
words you just learned please feel free to move on to lesson two which we’ll be putting
those vocabulary words into sentences. If you’re not quite ready, that’s okay. Just go back and review this lesson. You can review it as many times as you’d like. Alright guys, have a great day! Bye.

3 Replies to “3a. Beginner ASL Lesson Three Part I: Vocabulary”

  • i can not begin to explain how much your videos help me! i've been studying ASL for two years and often struggle keeping up, its great to go back on your videos after my classes to revise!!!

  • Randomly started teaching myself sign from watch touching videos on youtube with different interaction and it was touching to see. With he help of your channel and a few others, I've been picking it up pretty quick. Always keeps me excited to learn! So thank you.

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