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3 Ways to Say Thank You in Arabic

do you know how to say thank you in Arabic in this lesson you will learn
three different ways to say thank you and how to respond let’s start with the
easiest one shotgun shokran it means thank you it literally
means obliged or more specifically to be obliged
toward someone if you want to be more formal you can
use the following phrase shokran jessalyn
shokran jazzile it means thank you so much the word jessalyn means much or
very when you want to express gratitude in a more polite and direct manner make
sure to use jessalyn to sound like a pro you can also add while you’re thankful
for example chuckling as Arenado Mossad attack
thank you very much for your help what if you want to appreciate something
casually here is a way to say it would set Kara with chat Kara
it means thanks and it can be used by female speakers if you’re a male speaker
say woodchuck care woodchuck care now you know three different ways to say
thank you in Arabic but how do you respond if someone thanks you
if someone thanks you in Arabic simply say reckon this rude it means with
pleasure let’s wrap up this lesson by recapping
what we’ve learned listen to the expression and repeat after me thank you
shokran shokran the formal way to say thank you
so much chakra New Zealand shokran jocelyn to say thanks casually
Mucha Cara por mucho care with chat Kara with Tucker and to
respond just say because this road because this rule well done there’s a
special phrase that you can say thank you in a really friendly way that is a
lie Halik this is a nice way to thank someone as it means may God protect you
you just learned three different ways to say thank you and how to respond and
added and if you really want to become fluent and speak Arabic from the very
first lesson goes Arabic pad 101 Def Con I’ll see you next time marcelina you

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