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3 LEAST POPULAR Japanese Romantic Gestures

I’m not very good at rolling sleeves sorry Obviously no No NOOO This video is a continuation
from our last video: Most Popular Japanese Romantic Gestures So check that out first
if you haven’t already ‘Previously on Kento Bento’ So Valentine’s is just around the corner A survey was conducted by Deo Chemicals
asking Japanese women: ‘Which romantic gesture would
you have your lover do?’ And we’re just gonna cover the top 3 So that was the top 3
most desired romantic gestures I didn’t expect the number 1 really I think sometimes they do also this… Ok That hurt by the way It’s funny that you just did that to me
cause that, like something similar to that
was the least desired romantic gesture Not necessarily a flick but like… I think that would be worst to be honest
but it’s just poke on the forehead That’s irritating
– I know And this is you did to me Try to be romantic with the… it’s called Decotsun Do it to me The 2nd least desired
romantic gesture is: Ok that’s when you unravel
someone’s sleeve from behind So it’s kinda like the Asunaro Hug but you also but instead of hugging
you’re rolling up their sleeve Huh? So it’s like this
let’s pull your sleeves down That’s ridiculous What the…who does that? I’m not very good at rolling sleeves sorry Obviously no No NOOO I don’t like you anymore Sorry, I’m not very good
at this one and maybe that’s why it’s
the 2nd least desired one That’s weird I get it to be honest
I get it because it’s kinda like you do that to a kid right? I mean, you help them
tie their shoelaces You help them… oh your sleeves and it’s like a mom from behind
it’s kinda creepy but I think it’s some sort of like
being taken care of I can understand why some might like it
cause of being taken care of but since it’s the 2nd least desired one
I would assume it’s cause you don’t wanna feel like a kid You don’t wanna feel like you’re you can’t do anything maybe Another unpopular one: This one is like you grab
the other person’s hand and put it in their pocket? Yeah, put it in their pocket I guess, I don’t know which way
like that way? Does that seem appropriate to you? No… You can do that if I’m cold What is that? It’s… is that appropriate? What is that implying? You know, I mean you could just… That’s a weird one Hallo Gutentag Can you imagine yourself
receiving a Kabe-don from me I guess So it’s just like… you know Umm…yeah I didn’t know you’d react like that Man, what would have happened if I
Kabe-don’ed you the first time we met? Oh god, I’d get a heart attack probably
or something like that Really? Like omg omg and you are like closer closer closer and then you say something and I can feel
your breath everything *gasp* I’m done I’m done I’m done

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