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3 Enemies of Language Learning (and how to beat them) –

The 3 Enemies of Language Learning (and how
to beat them) As human beings, we just love comfort. Your first language is like a nice comfy couch. You have been speaking it your entire life. This makes you great at it. After all, what else do you practice as much
as your mother tongue? But the best things in life are often on the
other side of your comfort zone. Skydiving is pretty darn scary, but you will
feel incredibly alive once you land safely. Leaving your comfort zone for language learning
is no easy task, but it’s also essential if you truly want to succeed. In this post, we will talk about the three
enemies of language learning and show you tips on how you can beat them. Enemy #1: Making Excuses One of the biggest obstacles of people wanting
to learn a new language, or anything in life in fact, is making excuses. Most of them are simply convenient little
lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better. And hey, I’m not better than anyone in this
regard! But sometimes it helps to get a good ol’ kick
in the butt, don’t you agree? No matter what your excuse is to not learn
a new language, the excuse itself is the only thing getting in your way. Once you stop making excuses and take actions
instead, you will be well on your way. We’ve learned throughout the years that anyone
can learn a foreign language. It is just a matter of keeping at it and finding
a method that works for you. You must refuse to believe any excuses that
may enter your mind. No, you are not too old, you don’t need any
special skills, you will find the time. Once excuses are out of the way and a decision
is made, nothing can stop you. Yes, it will take some time. And no, you won’t be perfect anytime soon. But that’s part of the fun! Here is our motto: Aim for daily progress
instead of fluency. You need to appreciate the baby steps you
make every single day, establish a routine you can sustain in the long run, and never
give up. If you redefine what it means to speak a language
in your mind, it can be enjoyable right from the very first words you learn and you can
truly enjoy the ride. Enemy #2: Language Anxiety Unfortunately, a lot of people fail at language
learning because they are simply too nervous to speak it. They may know how to say something, but they’re
afraid it will not be the correct way to say it or that they will make a mistake. When learning a new language, you will feel
uncomfortable, vulnerable and nervous at times. There’s no way around it. This will be worse in the beginning, but once
you get used to not being the Albert Einstein of language learning, this stress will decrease. You need to embrace the feeling of not knowing. When you are having trouble putting your point
out there, it is also when you are making the most progress. When you don’t know how to say something,
find a way to get your message across with hand gestures, mimes and the vocabulary you
do know. The person you’re talking to will likely tell
you how to say it once they understand. Now that’s something your brain will not forget! What you have to remember is that a language
is a communication tool. That’s all it is really! If you can get your point across, it’s all
that matters for now. Remember to take it one step at a time. Try not to worry about the opinion of others. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot more awkward than
the person you are speaking to. If a foreign person makes an effort to talk
to you in English, do you judge them? They may make a few mistakes, but it doesn’t
matter, especially if they have a good sense of humor about it. Once you realize that you don’t need to
ever be perfect in the language, it changes everything. Enemy #3: Lack of Time Everyone seems to be in a rush these days. What a crazy performance-driven world, isn’t
it? We are all very busy and that is perfectly
understandable. But we seem to always make time for things
that matter, things that add value to our lives (or not). I strongly believe that learning a new language
can add more value to your life than many of the activities you make time for! Plus, the good news is that a lot of daily
activities can also become learning activities for languages. There are many things you already do that
can be adapted to create language immersion from home. For example, you can change the default language
on your phone, follow people on social media, watch movies and television, listen to music,
play video games etc. It’s all about making the language part of
your life in many ways. If learning a language means stuffing your
head in a grammar book and trying to understand all the complicated rules and exceptions,
very few people would be happy to find time for that. A language is so much more than that and it
can be incorporated in many other ways. There are probably more ways to learn a language
than to learn virtually any other skill out there. Taking advantage of this will be incredibly
helpful to you. If you are looking for an amazing language-learning
method that will give you a solid foundation in French, Spanish, Italian and German. You will love our language-learning program. You need to check it out. You can find us at That’s O,U,I,N,O dot com, Thanks!

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  • This post was partly inspired by a quote from Will Smith: “The best things in life are on the other side of your comfort zone.” This is also the motto of Yes Theory. We couldn't agree more. When learning a new language, you will feel uncomfortable, vulnerable and nervous at times. There's no way around it. But it's also an incredible experience. 🙂

  • Hey ,Thank you
    You are really doing a great job,I have learnt a lot of new things from this channel.
    and I am TRULY GRATEFUL for that.You are doing a great job sir, for someone who can't invest time regularly, this is actually quiet helpful.
    Once again thanks.
    You are awesome.☺

  • I have one problem with my learning of another language. My days are 15 hours long and I am most likely work every single day. But I have tried to learn another languages . I do speak two languages right now trying to learn another language is kind of difficult for me because of what I do for a living. But I try and my problem is every time I go so much forward into it. I don’t have the time to think about it. I do speak Spanish and English and I’ve been trying to learn French but like I say that it gets very difficult for me every time I try. I’m at the point of understanding French.

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