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3 Directional Verbs – ASL Video Assignment

I want you to sign three phrases. Using these two things. 1) Directional verb Like for example: GIVE-YOU GIVE-ME GIVE-HER MOVE-THERE MOVE-HERE TOLD-HER SHE-TOLD-ME ASK-YOU ASK-ME ASK-YOU(PLURAL) SHOW-YOU SHOW-ME SHOW-YOU(PLURAL) That is what I mean. Now the second thing. I want you to use an object. Something like a table. DON’T-MIND HELP-ME TABLE MOVE TABLE MOVE-THERE DON’T-MIND MY BOOK GIVE-HER Okay? I want three phrases using directional verbs and objects. Like a book, chair, or table. Okay? Good.

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  • Can you add caption to this video please? I'm trying to learn ASL by myself, I figured learning verbs would be the best way to start myself off

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