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Hey guys welcome to my channel welcome to this video in this video we’re talking about top 25 idioms They make you sound more natural more American in fact Americans and British people and native English speakers are using a lot of idioms and sometimes it just get confused Because they don’t make sense if you translate them word to word So you just have to know the meaning that stands behind those phrases, and we’re gonna learn them today So if you’re interested in sounding more like an American or a British person please continue watching this video And The first grace is feed around the bush, and if you again translated word into word it means like Beating something and run around bushes I don’t know whether that makes sense at all, but the actual meaning is not speaking directly and avoiding the main topic Beating around the bush a good example is sometimes. You’re watching a video by some vlogger, and he names the video I got married, and then he’s talking about anything, but his marriage And you’re like come on stop beating around the bush get to the topic Medium number two is the best of both worlds sometimes when we go into a Chinese or Japanese Restaurant here in America people say it has the best of both worlds So it has the best Asian food and probably like American desserts or something best of both worlds I like that in the meaning of this idiom is it has all the advantages? another idiom is Bite off more than you can chew and it if you if you translate a word to word it actually makes sense it means Taking up a lot of responsibilities that you cannot really handle like sometimes I think I’m fighting more than I can chew because I have my business I have my blog I have a second vlog. I have my studies, but in the end of the day. I realized this is something I enjoy and I want to continue doing this I’ve bitten off more than I can chew you know Blessing in disguise is another idiom and it means that something is bad at first sight, but it’s actually good Good example of that is imagine that you’re not accepted into the University of your dreams cry about it But then in two months you get a job of your dreams Which is even better because you go into practice or in my case where we’re not able to raise money for Lengua trip in Russia first take it easy. This is a blessing in disguise But then Silicon Valley investors invited us and gave us better terms than Russian ones, and I think that was a blessing in disguise Next idiom can’t judge a book by its cover. That’s obvious like don’t judge people by the way They look so the appearance is not the main factor that you should use you cannot charge something Primarily on their appearance, but never judge a book by its cover. You know Give the benefit of a doubt and this means believing somebody stated without any proof and for example when you fall in love you tend to believe you’re a loved one, and you don’t look for any proof and You can always use this phrase. I’m gonna Give you the benefit of the doubt Next idiot in the heat of a moment and doing something in the heat of a moment means that you are Overwhelmed by what’s going on around you and you do something stupid, and then you regret it But then you have an excuse because you were in the moment something was going on you just couldn’t help But I don’t know scream at somebody or I don’t know say a bad word Swear, I don’t know But that happened because you were distracted by something else the heat of the moment the next one is my favorite Kill two birds with one stone, and if you watched my previous videos about ten ways you can improve your spoken English I was talking about one of those methods when you can kill two birds with one stone And this means learning your favorite subject in English like I am studying filmmaking right now in an english-speaking environment And I’m killing two birds with one stone first bird is filmmaking. I’m learning my favorite subject second bird is English I’m practicing it every day when you’re intermediate Go ahead and switch on a YouTube video of a subject that you really love and kill two birds with one stone The next idiom let the cat out of the bag this means Reveal information that was previously concealed for example your friends started dating another friend And he asks you not to tell anybody And then you accidentally post a story on your Instagram With them kissing and this means you let the cat out of the bag It just let the information spread and your friend is really upset the next idiom I’ve heard it here a couple of times and this is mr. boat which means miss the chance when you had an opportunity to go somewhere or do something and you just Skipped on it somebody can tell you oh, you missed the boat We’re not going to San Diego another time this year, and you missed the strip so you missed the boat Leo Missed the boat with you, baby Once in a blue moon. We can say this about an event that happens really rarely like once in a blue moon Once in a blue moon is another idiom and it means something Happens really really and I would say meeting a celebrity in LA it happens too once in a blue moon You don’t really see them walking around though all of the actors live here and even One of the best entrepreneurs Elon Musk lives in LA but it’s not like they’re just walking around. You don’t really see them I haven’t really met a celebrity here. I mean like local American celebrity in the United States I mean I made a couple of Russian celebrities, but that wasn’t purpose but Americans ah no Next idiom take with a grain of salt this means not taking something that somebody says too seriously so for example somebody tells you you will never get into the University of your dreams in America don’t even dream about America You’ll never get there take this with a grain of salt because those people don’t know what they’re talking about They not go through your life. They don’t have the same experiences. Don’t just believe them like that okay? They might have their own truth. Yes, it’s gonna be difficult It’s gonna be tough, but it’s up to you great things happen and believe in yourself This is a great example right take everything that you’re sad with a grain of salt like Go ahead and that be up in the air the uncertain or unsure you thought you might be going to cinema with your friends but it’s still up in the air because everyone is still busy with a homework or with their jobs You’re not sure whether you’re going to the cinema in the evenings by the way in America You would say movie theater in Great Britain you would say cinema the next one steps somebody in the back And this means somebody was in your circle he was a good friend, and then you betrayed him when he wasn’t looking and when he was trusting you and This is a bad thing to do stab someone in the back Lose your touch means lose your ability or talent to deal with certain things the way used to deal before So for example somebody was a good singer, and then his voice just Disappeared and you can say he’s lost his touch in singing, so he’s no longer great Your touching they go Sit tight sometimes people tell you sit tight like it’s gonna happen Which means sit tight and take no action like you’ve passed your exams You’ve submitted your application now just sit tight and wait like there is nothing else you can do you just need to wait from those universities There is nothing you have to do right now You just have to sit tight and wait for those universities to reply face the music. This is an idiom I’ve learned one who is preparing for this video because I Haven’t really heard it in Conversations here, but then I remembered Kenny Perry’s song. It’s time to face the music. I’m no longer your muse. Do you remember that? Face the music means face the reality, let’s face the reality, I’m no longer your muse So you’re no longer in love with me rule of thumb. This is something. I hear all the time so thumb is your Finger and rule of thumb is a general rule that has no scientific proof my filmmaking course And they say like rule of thumb you put the aperture at 4.0 or whatever when it’s daylight But that was super special, but the rule of thumb you brush your teeth twice a day It’s actually scientifically proven, but you can still use that so rule of thumb remember that oh You’re gonna hear it everywhere in the state’s general rule of thumb The next one if you want to compliment somebody you can tell them you look like a million dollars This doesn’t mean that somebody who looks like a pile of money. It means that somebody looks amazing really polished and you can say you look like a million dollars get over something and This means you are no longer emotionally affected by something it is no longer letting you down and again when you’re talking about relationships when somebody broke up with somebody split up with your boyfriend and In a couple of months you forget, and this means you’ve got over him. It’s it’s over You’re not crying about him anymore crunch time This is something that is happening to me now and crunch time means time when the deadline is approaching And everybody has to work really hard because you need to finish everything in this period of time Why this is happening to me right now because I have to start filming my final project and I have to Discuss my script with a lot of people and I have to finish the script so I’ve been working really hard in the last couple Of days, but I’m hoping that my final project would be really nice, and I’m going to show it to you guys Fingers crossed the next idiom get out of hand and this means lose control of something I am like this person who loves to sing all the time There is another song that just came to my mind. This crazy world is getting canned So tell me why you fail to Understand get out of hand means lose control of things get out of your system is an idiom that means you do something That you really wanted to do for a long time But haven’t found time for it’s about starting a YouTube channel learning English going to London for two weeks to practice your English Just get this out of your system find time. Do it mark it on your to-do list and then you’re free. I am getting this Filmmaking course out of my system right now because I wanted to do it for so many time And I just couldn’t follow it to find time, and yeah, this is it You’d better get this all out of your system right no the last one is hang in there. Oh wait and be patient Now when you’re setting a foreign language sometimes you feel like there is no progress and everybody’s speaking so fast I’m not getting what’s going on But I tell you what just hang in there Everything that you listen to like every single video is in your head and sometimes We just do not realize how powerful our brain is and when you will come to an english-speaking environment Somehow the words will just come out of your mind human brain is amazing We memorized a lot of things, but we use only like 10% of them But in a stressful situation the brain starts working and actually using a hundred percent of its maybe not hundred percent But a lot of its ability so I guarantee you everything that you do it really works, so Hang in there wait for the next video, please like this video if you liked it Please support me with your likes and please let me know down in the comments below Whether there was some idiom that you’ve heard That didn’t really make sense and you were like what is he talking about and then you realize it’s actually an idiom And it has a completely different meaning So please comment them down below because I’m definitely making the second part of this video sometime in the future And I will include the words that you mentioned some looking forward to getting your comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel there’s thread button just click it and This way you’re not going to miss my next video, which is going to be another great lesson hopefully in English ok Thank you so much for watching this up to the end. I’ll see you soon. Hi from California – Mele and thank you. Bye


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