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2017 Discovery | Gesture Power Tailgate | Land Rover USA

Your Land Rover Discovery has a power
tailgate incorporating gesture based technology; this means that you can open
or close the tailgate using a foot movement, which is useful when your hands
are full with shopping bags or luggage. The tailgate also incorporates a powered
fold down section which deploys when the tailgate is open, providing easier
loading and casual seating. This video will show you how to operate the system. This vehicle’s powered tailgate and available inner powered tailgate incorporates gesture-based technology which allows touchless opening or closing of
both the tailgate and inner powered tailgate. For this feature to operate you will
need to have your smart key with you and be within 4 feet of the
vehicle’s rear quarter-panel area. The sensor areas are located at each
rear corner behind the rear wheels and below the bumper. Be careful not to contact the
exhaust during the process, as it may be hot. As you approach the rear corner of your vehicle check that the surrounding area
is clear of any obstructions and that your standing area is not unstable or slippery. When safe to do so, perform a
smooth kick motion in the sensor zone. When the sensors recognize the kick gesture, the tailgate automatically opens,
followed by the inner tailgate. If the kick gesture is not recognized,
confirm key location, adjust your positioning, and
perform the kick gesture again. To close the tailgate and inner powered tailgate, repeat the kick gesture and the
tailgates will automatically close. For more information on your Land Rover Discovery, visit
or contact your authorized Land Rover Retailer.

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