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1c. Beginner ASL Lesson One Part III Quiz

Hi everyone, if you’ve completed lesson one, you’re in the right place because it’s it’s quiz time! And, Regent is going to quiz you on the vocabulary from lesson one You’re going to try and see if you know what he’s signing and then afterwards we’re going to give you the answers. Okay, let’s get started. who what when why where name slow again deaf hearing I or My we they nice no Hello, what’s your name? Are you a teacher? No, I’m a student. I’m fine, how are you? I don’t understand, can you sign slower? Are you hearing? Are you a student? Nice to meet you. My name is Regent. How are you? Are you a student too? I understand. You’re welcome Do you want to eat? What time do you want to eat? So, how’d you do on the quiz? Hopefully you did okay, If you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped feel free to go back and review the lesson, you can review the lesson as many times as you’d like, and take the quiz as many times as you want as well. If you did okay then feel free to move on to the next lesson. Alright guys, bye for now!

8 Replies to “1c. Beginner ASL Lesson One Part III Quiz”

  • Hello, I was watching the animal video with your daughter earlier, Loved it. Comments are turned off, hopefully I can ask you a quick question here. I am a cast member at Disney in Africa at Animal Kingdom where we have the famous safari ride. I would love to be able to sign. baby giraffe, hippo, rhino. Thank you again for all that you do.

  • Hi. Thanks again!! Question. In asl. The statement is shortened (seems shortened I should say). How do I structure the sentence in asl? Ie: noun verb subject. Like when you ask “what time do you want to eat?” In asl it’s “want eat time”. How do you know how to structure the sentence?? Or is it something that comes naturally over time and experience? Thanks again!!!

  • I have no idea why i didn't have my notification on for your channel!!! I fixed that problem right away! I love these videos, thank you so much for taking the time to make it! They help me go back to basics. I haven't been around the deaf community in a while and i forget so much.

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