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80 Replies to “19 Body Language Signals She’s Attracted To You!”

  • All of these videos can be boiled down to a few signs: 1. She sits close to you; 2. She touches you; 3. She holds her gaze when she looks at you….etc. None of them ever seem to lead anywhere.

  • I tell you what.   Girls are masters of hiding their attraction to you.  Just jedi's.   I didn't realize how many liked me where I worked because they hid it well.  I definitely didn't see it but after watching this video the signs were there.    Did it strike me funny when a woman I worked with came in on her day off  dressed to the nines, getting super close and talking to me?  Nope.  I didn't see it but looking back, yep, I probably missed the most obvious sign.   But I was married at the time and still am to the same woman so it wouldn't have went anywhere anyway.  My wife is the mother of my kids so she is sacred to me.

  • Last Time I saw my ex she was showing me all her 2fake teeth she had . big smile and perfect teeth out of the blue

  • She can show you all those interest then ignore you next day, like she doesn't even know you. It's stupid game women play with you

  • I always get a second look when I pass ladies, …… they are just checking that they haven't stepped in something!

  • On all that is good in this world, stop. If I have to pick up women using a socially prescribed play book, it better come with a Viagra prescription.

  • Honestly, I think those type of signals girls only make to VERY powerful guys. You can look and dress like Tom cruise and won't get any attention longer than 2 seconds if you don't send out a highly energetic confident vibe. I have experienced this with clothes. Didn't work as long as I still needed her gaze to validate my worth for society.

  • Great vedio. Thank you.
    REPENT commentator John 3:16.
    Jesus Christ God of gods loves you. Don't enter into HELL.
    Captain Jesus Incarnate Son
    of Jesus Christ God of gods

  • I must be super ugly then because none of these things women do to me it's a shame I got to keep telling myself I look good but if a woman don't see that then I'm wasting time saying it and even wasting time watching this stupid video because I don't get none of these body language from women.

  • Holly Shit…. Too many fucking Rules.. If a girl wanna chill with me, she better be Simple and not fucking Secretive and Sensitive…. TALK bitch!! Come forward and open up So i Know You're Interested In Me!!… Open up for a Conversation, It's very Simple!… Stop sending stupid signs like we into some baseball game bs!!….. I have left many Chicks in the past standing there for not coming Forward, and Acting too hard and important to get, i don't have time for that childish shit… Am fine by myself alone investing that time doing constructive personal shit at Work, Home, making More Money, and dedicate that time to know myself better, Achieve my Goals i rather say, i got lot's to do…

  • these always make me laugh. What is a signal for one is not a signal for another. Just come out and say it. In a lady like way.

  • Well I tell you what if we ever go to war with women vs man all we guy are going to do is wait until all the cat starts fighting against each other then we make are move lol

  • I had to watch it again, only louder with no one around so I really appreciate more this great information! Thank you!

  • You forgot to ask me if I give a crap about what women think. Only stupid men get married or have a girl friend. It is better for a man to remain single and spend every dollar he earns on himself, not some cunt and her brats. It is actually better for a man to jerk off than to get laid. THINK about it.

  • Do you really think men have the time to digest all these subconscious signs?
    Maybe ladies should just help us here, make it easy for us to easily understand your actions rather than making it more complex to understand.

  • video is very good! Attraction is a two-way street and understanding subtle signals is crucial to attraction success! I'm currently becoming involved with a beautiful Brazilian woman. Considering that I do not walk and she doesn't 'see' my  wheelchair this subtle clue is very promising! ! One last tip: When watching these videos try learning one new tip from each video! The dividends paid will be well worth the time!

  • “A woman moves closer to you whilst you’re sitting with your friends”?!

    My arse!!

    Firstly, if you’re with a group of guys, a woman isn’t going to move towards you! Even if she does move towards the group, how do you know which one of the group she’s interested in?!

  • No 10 – Strut. “Pay attention to if she’s walking towards or away from you”. Well if she’s walking away from you, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that she’s not interested, does it?!

  • All This Of Course Does NOT Apply To Me, As I'm Involuntary Celibate Female Reject Lonely Guy. This Nonsense Means Nothing To Me.

  • She approached me and asked me if she could come see one of my shows alone, that valid sign? She was grazing the table and very smiley when asking me

  • She might be a freaking tease….lot of women do these things without any intent to get to know you better. Just be yourself and be fucking honest about your feelings. Geez! Watching for all these clues would be to much work.

  • Nowadays we enjoy something.
    I do sometimes.
    We are sinner.
    We are get astrayed.
    If we know .let us turn to God.
    Believe lord Jesus christ.
    If we have a time.

    God will judge the world.

  • Its good to learn this, so i know when to walk away 😁 no way if i ever want to have a female person around me anymore. Friend yes but nothing more, i have had it with women .

  • Correct and totally insane. They suffer from a serious mental disorder, and is fulfilling their role outlined in the Gay revolutionary Act. everyone should read that congressional document

  • I get approached I would say often for a male…but I notice that after what I thought was a positive and polite interaction on both our parts…they pretend the encounter never happened and don't re establish contact? Is it just my turn?

  • Thank you so much! And i always felt that those special grimacing girls that always looked away and ignored me secretly fancied me. I suppose the clue was keeping their winter coats on at the beach. Ps this video is only insightful to sub-humans and AIs that lack all human understanding and emotion

  • My crush shown most of these signs when she was with me. When I actually ask her out, she told me "I have a boyfriend". THE BEST WAY TO KNOW IS COME UP TO HER AND ASK HER. DONT FUCKING GUESS BASES ON THESE STUPID SIGNS, DONT WASTE TIME.

  • for signal 2, so there is one time, i talk to a girl and she says she is hot , does it mean she is attracted to me ?

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