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(15 WORST!) Body Language MISTAKES Men Make & How To Avoid Looking Weak! RMRS Business Skills Video

Body Language Mistakes
[0:00:00] So, imagine this, you’re at a party having
a great time. Making a really deep connection. This could be your future wife. Maybe your future business partner. Maybe both. and then, all of a sudden your phone buzzes. And what do you do? It’s habit, you reach in you just grab your
phone, you check, oh, you’ve got some messages, you start going through. What have you done? You’ve just broken that connection. In today’s video, gents, we’re talking
about body language mistakes that men make and how to avoid them. [Music]
Mistake number one. Always checking that phone. You get a text message, you get an email,
you get a phone call, you’re checking that phone. It’s a habit and you cannot get away from
this. You’re addicted. And why are you addicted? Because it’s like a slot machine. It doesn’t matter actually who is calling,
you know that there’s a chance it could be a great call it could be a great text. But, guys, here is the issue is that you are
breaking the connection with real people. When you bring up this phone, you’ve broken
the connection. So, how to break this habit? Well, guys, it’s hard. You’re addicted to the phone. First thing, you’ve got to admit that. Next up, can you actually resist it? Can you put this in your pocket and just simply
ignore the buzzing and check it when you have a chance when you’re off by yourself? Or is it something that you need to turn the
phone off? Whatever it is, guys, make sure to do it,
you don’t want to break those real world connections. Body mistake number two. Bad posture. And it’s getting worse and worse and worse. Why? Because we’re addicted to our screens, we’re
constantly hunched over looking at our screens. Or you’re sitting at your computer looking
at a screen. And guess what? Your shoulders start to go forward and all
of a sudden you start to walk like this, you start to basically hunch over. You’re sitting in a chair that doesn’t
promote proper posture. So, how to fix your posture? Guys, there are a number of exercises that
you can do throughout the day or in the gym in the morning. I know for me, my shoulders actually started
to move forward and what I’m doing is I’m actually taking a stretch band and I’m doing
exercises like this and what it’s doing is working my back muscles. In addition, I’m jumping up on the pull-up
bar knocking out some pull-ups. Try to be consistent. Again, building up the back muscles, so it
naturally pulls my shoulders back. Now, for some of you guys it’s going to
be a hunchback maybe a hunched over neck, so you’re going to want to go see a specialist. Get the exercises that are going to help you. Guys, you can talk to a chiropractor, maybe
go and see a bone and joint specialist, but make sure that you’re addressing this before
it’s too late. The next body language mistake, crossing your
arms. Guys, we do this all the time. We stand in the back, we cross our arms because
we need to put our arms somewhere. No, you know what we’re sending? We’re sending the signal do not approach
me. I don’t want to talk to anyone. If that’s the case, then cool, you’re
sending the messages. But, for many of us, we want to be approached,
we want to speak to people and, yet, we’ve developed this habit. Don’t close yourself off. Next up, gents, we’ve got the handshake. One of the most common greetings out there
in the world, but here’s the issue with it, it’s got to be just right. And I know some of you guys have huge hands
with big strong muscles, guess what? You don’t want to be crushing people’s
hands. On the other hand, you don’t want to be
that limp fish. So how do you correct? Whenever I don’t get a good grip and I don’t
give a good handshake, I do it again and say, you know what? Let me do that again, I want to give you a
good handshake. Because I want to set the tone that I pay
attention to the small, but important details. The next body language mistake that people
make is they have no gestures whenever they’re talking. When you don’t have any gestures, you don’t
have any show of emotion with your hands, you look like a robot. Now, that was an extreme version, but there’s
many of you guys that do that. Now, what about going all over the place? You don’t need to do that either. I’m not talking in – there is an extreme
on both ends. What you’re looking for is the happy medium. Now, there is that joke about, you know, you
want an Italian to shut up, you simply tie up his hands. I do agree, it depends on the culture. It’s something you got to pay attention
to. In Japan, less gestures with your hands. In the United States, it’s a happy medium,
but make sure find out what works for the culture you’re in and then adapt to it. Whoa! Stop! Hold on! Before I go further into the video, gents,
I want to let you know over at, that’s my website. I’ve got tons of free gifts for you. Guys, I’ve got a free app, tons of free
e-books on shoes on watches on casual dressing. Anything you want you’re going to find over
at Real Men Real Style when it comes to becoming the man you know yourself to be. And, gents, you want to go check out my latest
creation, our free style dictionary with audio. Why? Because so many of you guys ask me, Antonio,
what do you mean by this term? What does this word mean? So, I’ve got hundreds of words that every
stylish man needs to know. I made it simple. We’ve recorded an audio, so you can listen
to it or you can go to the PDF dictionary. So, guys, I made this information all free
over at Go grab it. I’m linking to it down in the description. The next body language mistake that people
make is that they fidget. They have these little ticks these little
things that they don’t even notice that they’re doing. Maybe it’s their legs is bouncing up and
down, one hand is twirling a pen. The issue with people when they fidget is
it draws and it distracts and it can take away from the point you’re trying to make. The next body language mistake. Your feet not pointing in the right direction. Your feet actually tell where you’re going
to be going or where you want to go. So, when you’re speaking with someone, you
want to show you’re giving them your full attention, make sure that your feet are pointed
towards them in a general direction. [0:04:58]
But, what you don’t want to do is all of a sudden have your feet pointing in a different
direction. So, even though I’m looking still at you,
you can tell that my torso is turning over and that’s what your feet do. Whenever you start to get feet pointed in
a different direction, all of a sudden your entire torso turns and that sends the signal
I want to leave I want to go out of here. Now, sometimes you do want to end the conversation
or better said escape that conversation, so you can subconsciously send the message that
you want to leave by actually pointing your feet away. The point I’m making here is make sure it’s
a controlled situation. You don’t want to be sending a signal that
you don’t mean to. The next body language mistake men make is
that they point. Guys, be very careful when you point. This actually can make some people upset in
certain cultures is very bad manners and people don’t like getting pointed at even if it’s
for a good thing. So, how do you actually talk about somebody? And, yes, I know we all talk about people. So, how about use the military terms; look
at your twelve o’clock, go check your six o’clock, check your three o’clock, your
five o’clock. It works and it’s much more subtle. Now, this next mistake really depends on the
culture, but let me – let’s get close. Maybe a little bit too close, right? Guys, we’ve all got something called personal
space. This is really culture-dependent, but you’ve
got to understand this because if you enter somebody’s personal space, they will not
like it. Now, obviously we want to get close to certain
people after we’ve been talking to them for awhile, but understand if you enter it
too soon, that person can reject you very quickly and push you away. The next body language mistake that most people
make is they don’t understand the power of mirroring. And this is when you’re looking at the body
language of another person that you’re talking with and especially if you find that they’re
standoffish, mirror their own body language. Even if they’re closed off, if you are talking
with them and you’re a bit closed off, they’re like, this person is like me and then, they
start to open up, then guess what? You need to open up. If they’re holding a drink, you’re holding
a drink. People like people that are like them and
you can use this to your advantage. Next up, let’s talk about leaning. So, when you lean towards somebody, you’re
showing interest. When you lean away from them, you’re showing
disinterest. Just be aware of this. It may be something they’re invading your
personal space and, yeah, you’re trying to lean away because they’ve got bad breath,
but what you don’t want to do is you really are paying attention to somebody and you lean
back and you cross your arms over, guess what? You’re sending the signal I’m not really
interested, I don’t want to be here. Next up, let’s talk about physical objects. So, I talked about phones breaking connections,
but glasses can do this as well. So, if you’re drinking a coffee, you’ve
got a glass of water, you want to be careful because if you hold it up high, it is going
to break that connection. It’s better to actually put it down. Now, yes, if you’re marrying them I guess
you could hold the glass of water, but it’s something you got to pay attention to those
small things. Next up, checking the time on your watch. Now, I like watches because you can discreetly
check the time. But, what you don’t want to do is all of
a sudden pull it right up there and, boom, check the time. Because what are you doing? You’re sending the signal I’ve got to
be somewhere else I got to get out of here. Now, let’s talk about one of the most important
parts of body language which is eye contact, but guess what, guys? This is too much for just one video, so I’ve
got you covered with another video, twenty one eye contact mistakes. If you like today’s video, you’re going
to love this one because I go into a lot of detail. I go over twenty one mistakes that men are
making when it comes to eye contact. And, yes, gentlemen, this video is for us
guys because we make some stupid mistakes when it comes to eye contact like when we’re
talking to her and we are not looking at her eyes. Yes, I talk about that. So, guys, check it out. I’m linking to it down in the description. And bonus point. Did anyone notice my pocket square disappeared
and slipped into the pocket? I didn’t mean to send any signal there. It just happened. All right, gentlemen. That’s it. Now, it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What did I miss? What could I have added to this video to make
it better? Again, I want to hear from you guys. And if you’re new to Real Men Real Style,
make sure to subscribe. If you like this video, click on that like
button. And if you know a guy out there that needs
this information, make sure to share it with them. Gentlemen, that’s it. Take care. I will see you in the next video. This pocket square keeps disappearing. Look at that. I should have gone full crazy, right? It’s a small pocket square, so I don’t
know. What do you guys think looks better? I probably should have gone with this look
the entire video. Oh, well, I guess for the next one, right? See you guys. Take care. [0:09:08] End of Audio

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  • Which body language mistake do you make more? checking your phone or bad posture?

    Another great video? 21 Eye Contact Mistakes –

    Video Summary:

    0:31 – Always checking your phone

    1:17 – Bad posture

    2:17 – Crossing your arms

    2:38 – Weak/strong handshakes

    3:08 – Not gesturing enough

    4:33 – Fidgeting

    4:48 – Feet in the wrong direction

    5:38 – Pointing your finger

    6:05 – Invading someone's personal space

    6:31 – Not mirroring others

    7:00 – Learning the wrong way

    7:24 – Physical obstructions

    7:45 – Checking time on your watch

    7:59 – Eye contact

    8:30 – Bonus tip!

    9:12 – Notification squad

  • Thank you! This helps. I needed to be reminded about many of these ideas. I'm heading to a very large networking function this evening, and it's a big deal for my friend who created and is hosting this event and its organization. In addition, I'm rebuilding my career after numerous setbacks. My body language affects my confidence.

  • Judging the character of others by their neurologically normative body language (especially eye contact, which is really difficult for a lot of neurologically diverse people) is something that I hope kind of goes out of style. You can't actually tell how intelligent or capable somebody is by the amount of eye contact they make with you, or how far back their shoulders are.

    Having said that, there are lots of good etiquette tips here, and especially when it comes to using phones while you're talking to somebody, a good thing for all of us to remember. If I were to add anything… two things come to mind; if you're in a room with a lot of people you are acquainted with, an effort should be made to greet everybody that you know in that room, even if you've only met them one time. You don't want people thinking you've intentionally ignored them. If it's super busy and your time is limited, try to make a mental note to check in with those people you missed later, just to say "I saw you across the room, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to chat, my time was really limited tonight. Looking forward to the next time we can cross paths" or something like that. It makes people feel included. Another tip to make people feel included is to look for the people in the room that nobody is talking to, maybe even the people who look like they don't want to be there, and engage them in conversation for some time. It will make your energy more magnetic to others because you're acting in a gracious manner towards everybody at a given event. Don't be one of these people who just looks for the most popular or successful person in the room and then crowds around them looking for your "moment" with them. Create your own personal magnetism by having the confidence to talk to everybody and engage with them on the same level.

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    By the loved the pocket square thought it looked real good and yeah I noticed it ran down on you. Lol.

  • Great tips, man :') simple but makes real impact. Most of these mistakes can be described in one word: "awkward", and I have been like that most of my life. It's usually due to lack of confidence or being too self-conscious in a negative way.

  • Stand up straight with your shoulders back is the first rule for Jordan Peterson's book: 12 Rules for Life. Trust me, it involves so many psychological and physiological elements. Don't be weak.

  • Thank you so much, Antonio, my life has been completely changed in the last few months just from watching your content, I've learned many great things from you and Raphael Schneider and I've received many compliments from people because of the way I dress and the way my attitude has changed. I've learned and I continue to learn more from you, we need more legends like you.

  • I think you mentioned the pocket square to draw attention to it.

    Well it already grabbed my attention and I want it. So where did you get the square? Please do tell.

  • Bad posture's real issue with phones, staying with face and neck towards down, ehnance develop submissive thoughts that impedes to stand-up for your rights, other that looks like the tool owns you, instead of being used by you

    Speaking about body-language and sub-communication towards others, another topic to approach is breathing: breathing with diafragm instead of upper body, warmens the voice and communication assume more authoritative trait

  • This biggest mistake I have done is not subscribe to this channel years ago, thanks a lot I have been obsessed with it for a week now and started to spread the word about it to my friends

  • Once again, I don't know who is responsible for the subtitles here, but at 7:37 they actually made me laugh because they change the meaning of the statement there quite a bit. ^^

  • When you're talking to someone who's sat down and they listen to you why having their fingers on their chin or one of their cheeks. It clearly sends the message that they are judging and/or analysing you and not truly listening.

  • i'm 15 years old and in the high school , in the break , i usually talk to my friend with military terms , like ' Novemer Alpha Mike Echo ''Name of the person'' is leaving the AO , or target is on your six o'clock …

  • Just starting watching to your site I have to say "I love your list". The only thing I would add is turning away from someone for whatever reason without saying why. Like being called by Jerry your buddy from college. Always communicate to whoever you are engaged with before losing the connection with the person.

  • Very nice suit dude(extremely well cut). But Most of what you advised should have been covered in high school. But I just turned 60. In my HS days, folks that weren't corporate material were channeled into high paid vocational skills. Now I guess they have to adapt.

  • Antonio I agree with your video but what do you do with your hands when you are standing up talking to people or being photographed and looks very silly having them hang down. Equally when you walk or coming down stairs is also very awkward moving your arms.

  • A girl always checking her phone is kinda acceptable, a guy doing this is either disrespectful or shows he's a wimp.

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  • Use a microphone… your voice has alternating very high & very low pitch. A calmer voice is more persuasive. Shouting is not necessary to get your message across unless you have no microphone.
    A microphone will help you. You will not have to shout in bursts if you have a good microphone next to your neck.

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    that here is a meeting of carrier sick natural poor loosers that obey superficial soulless shit…

    who have light get all naturally…

    meditation… real one and no esoteric or religion shit spesrs a shouting heini…

    inner source is the best confidence ever… from in to out… any shit that comes from out like such is poor… but yes… how should come demon culters iver the day sithout addapting superficial sit when they even dont k ow what soul is…

    love is by all that anyway nothing anymore… yes yes… crowl before what others think about you… fet to the whore that bastardgoverments want you… crowl and bow and posture fake trsined fake shit…


    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>
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  • Your videos rock dude! A lot of good points. It's interesting how some of the traits get, how to articulate this, "installed as permanent mods" on those who've been in the military. Especially if you were in for any length of time (8 years active Army), you just carry yourself differently. Great stuff!

  • The pocket square should be darker, so it doesn't destract from giving attention to your speaking. (So I guess it was hiding… It knew everyone was looking at it! LoL)

  • Pro tip from therapists: you need to keep an eye on the time, but also maintain a strong connection & attention to the person you're talking to?
    1) Try position yourself so there's a clock behind the other person. If that's not possible,
    2) check the time when YOU'RE talking, and integrate it politely, respectfully into conversation. E.g. "I'm sorry, it's important I don't let time get away from me here. <check> Ok, only another 10 minutes I'm afraid. But please, tell me more about this xyz you just mentioned." Don't ever check your watch when THEY'RE talking.

  • You know, pretty much all of these would work for women, too. I'd actually love to see people teach their kids to give better handshakes. Limp fish handshakes are creepy. Flat out, just creepy. Any of you church-goers will know what I'm talking about. That "fellowship" part of a lot of services where people greet each other and shake hands. Youth and some grown women just seem like they're not even trying.

  • whats the best way to wear a dress belt is it through the first loop on your pants or the second loop.

  • Friday morning is my day off and bowl in a league. Sometimes keep the phone home or I put it in my bowling ball bag, no phone distractions !

  • When it comes to the phone, there is a simple solutions. Set up different ring tones for different groups of contacts. This way you know when to excuse yourself when your family calls. As oppose to allowing your phone to kill the moment because your buddy wants to see what's up.

  • When it comes to the handshake, the key is to provide a firm hand without squeezing the others persons hand. This goes a long way especially with women. It shows that you are strong without being overbearing. When one shakes your hand and it doesn't give under their pressure. It signals that you can take it and are confident that you could crush them if you choose to.

  • #1 – Turn your phone off completely or if your wife is 9 months pregnant and she's about to pop any day now and you're in a business meeting, put it on vibrate only and you can give yourself a minute of social grace and excuse yourself to the restroom to check it.

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