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15 Useful Words to Say You’re HAPPY 😃

Ioana singing: If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” How are you today? Are you happy? Maybe so-so? Well hopefully after watching this video, you’ll not only feel happy, but thrilled, elated! You’ll be walking on air! Because this lesson is all about happy words, or different ways to say you’re happy! If improving your English makes you happy, join our social media classes. They will help you practice and improve every day. Now, let’s get to the lesson. Today, I’m going to teach you 15 words to express your happiness. because saying “I’m happy” can get a little boring sometimes, and may not fully express how you feel. So let’s get to it! In this lesson, you’ll learn 12 words and 3 idioms. So next time you feel happy, you’ll know what to say! Joyful means feeling and expressing happiness. I think the key word here is “expressing”, which means that when someone is joyful, they make sure to show their happiness. When someone is ecstatic, they’re feeling or expressing overwhelming excitement or happiness. Elated means ecstatic and happy combined. Someone who’s elated is in very high spirits. This word means pleased or delighted. Glad usually takes a more subtle form of happiness, so when someone is glad, they might not be as expressive as when they’re joyful. Many times you’ll hear the sentence: “I’m glad to hear that”- which means you’re happy, but maybe not overwhelmingly happy. Let’s see another example: Someone or something that is upbeat is positive and optimistic. Lively means full of life and energy. So when someone or something is lively, we can feel that energy. Chipper is a synonym for lively, but perhaps a little more playful. Someone who is thrilled is extremely delighted or excited. Someone who is cheerful is noticeably happy and optimistic. We use blissful to describe someone or something that is happy and full of joy. It’s happiness in the purest form. The definition of euphoric is a state of extreme happiness and joy. It’s like you can feel the happiness throughout your body and mind. Jolly means happy and cheerful. We usually use this word around the holidays, when we want to describe Santa Claus. While we have a preference to use it around the holidays, it’s also possible to use it in everyday conversation. This idiom means blissfully happy. It’s kind of a synonym for euphoric and blissful combined. When we use it, we try to say we’re soooo happy, at the very pinnacle of bliss. This is another happy idiom. It means to feel elated. Over the moon is an idiom that means very pleased or delighted. Let’s practice what we’ve learned today! In the comments below, I want you to write a sentence about this picture using one of the words or idioms that we learned today. Got it? Easy? You’ll do it? Good job! I also encourage you to read each other’s sentences, because this will help reinforce your understanding of the words. Do you feel happy now? If yes, please like this video. Thanks for watching! We’re thrilled, elated, over the moon to have you study English with us! We’ll see you next time! Bye!

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