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100 Replies to “11 Body Language Signs She’s Attracted To You – HIDDEN Signals She Likes You”

  • Except I always cross my arms when my crush is speaking to me because he makes me feel really nervous…

  • A lot of wishful thinking here… people who want to convince themselves that girls find them attractive. I freely admit that no girl has ever flirted with me in my life. I have already probably broken several world records!!

  • Crossed arms could actually be just a habbit. I know plenty of girls who do this when engaging in conversa?tion with people. If it's a girl you notice who doesn't cross their arms a whole lot but does when she's talking to you… Then you're probably out of lucky buddy.

  • I can honestly say I love the comments more than the video! It would make life so easy to just ask her out instead of looking for all these whack signs, nothing wrong with rejection!

  • Just came to gloat, married at 22, divorced at 26, 27 now and my papers just got sign a few months ago. Just have been working on myself, had a rebound and made a gr8 friend, been practising the 'wae', sorta broke it off with the not gf(still mate's) and now I'm going out with a 21 year old hot chick. This does work. Life is sweet…..till she bails

  • Crossing her arms doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't like you. It could just mean that she's introverted or nervous.

  • I play guitar in rock backs and sing. I know she likes me. Whoever she is.

    Learned that in Jr. High school.

    Gotta get some leverage over the situation. A bit of temporary/intermittent social prominence seems to work with all these ladies.


  • I had to girls play with my own hair and ended up one made fun of me and broke my heart and the other said she likes me like a brither so yeah that’s my life

  • why is every video herald as epic!! The rules of engagement goes on and on. LOL….this feels like learning Jedi mind tricks and for what? if you realiy think about it, is she even worth it? Studying to outwit or keep up with her subconscious behavior sounds like more work then its worth. If she is reactive to mindgames that you have mastered, then that relation with her will last until someone comes along better at mindgames then you are and take her away from you. Probably while your sitting right there watching it happen under your nose.

  • What if she makes a dollar sign with her hands what does that mean almost all girl's do that to me it makes me wonder

  • Just be yourself. If a woman is genuinely interested in you for who you are it will get to the stage where you will notice the one unmistakable sign they are interested in you other than just to pass the time of day with. Women aren't backward in coming forward when they set their minds on something. After all it is 21st Century now and if they are too dainty and timid then you probably don't want any attention from them anyway. To clear all this up there are two kinds of situations where men and women interact. 1: In the context of a first date. 2:
    Any other scenario like you are neighbours and see each other at regular intervals in passing or cross each others paths while out and about etc for example.

  • how the hell should you be able to give attention to all those signs especially the feet, just some casual looking at her feet in a conversation instead her beautiful eyes?

  • LOL out of all these number six is the most accurate, I was talking to a girl that was interested in me, and every time I would say something that she liked her nostrils would flare. The entire time I was talking I was noticing this and I thought it was the cutest thing ever guys should definitely look for that one. I had no idea that was even a sign I just thought it was cute LOL.

  • Holy shit when a female actually looks at me for more than 3 secs that means she might like me oh ya total touchdown.

  • What would you say if a woman, you know, sees you from far, waves to you a lot, calls you a darling and blows kisses to you after doing her a favor?

  • crossed arms can meen many things. You have to look for more specifik signs than that. Sometimes crossed arms are just relaxing.

  • I need advice:

    I was going home yesterday on the train, there was this beautiful woman who sat in front of me, she had her legs open and her arms weren't crossed. I kept noticing her looking at my sneakers.

    Once I got up to get ready to exit at my stop; I noticed her crossing her legs, fidgeting and moving her flipping her hair/moving her head towards my direction (almost as if she was trying to look at me again).

    I'm extremely dense when it comes to picking up signals. So does this mean anything?

    (Btw, I wouldn't say I'm "shy" but I'm definitely the type to ignore most women because I don't want to look like a creep. I'm extremely scared that I one day I might run into a woman who would accuse me of rape just for looking at her lol.)

  • all these are pretty correct in my situation but then one wasnt correct the thing about her leaving her friends sometimes she wont even let me finish before she goes laughing running off to her friends so i began to have doubts

  • this girl sat next to me and her hair whipped my eyes when she put it to the side, so be careful when she wants to show you her neck

  • Its easyer for a woman to notice if a man likes her, if you notice a bulge forming in his pants, he is into you

  • So this girl I like hugs me from the back Everytime she sees me but she sees me like her younger brother.

  • I feel like if you showed this to any girl you know they would say something like “I never do that” or “Girls don’t act like that”. These things said in the video are actually so true and it’s very interesting viewing the psychology of it all.

  • To all the virgins out there I just wanna say that there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. I’m not one but actually ya know busting nuts is bad. Ya nut is fluids from yo brain and you need dem fluids do keep energy. If you keep busting nuts you’ll lose energy and look older than you already are.

  • Hey!

    Must start by saying that I had not even seen this woman work in the store all 2017, what I found out she was employed early in 2017, responsible for the entire department of work clothes. Just as much of 2018 I had not even seen her until the beginning of October. Could be that at one point she was in the cash register and paid for? But no more.

    I'm going to make myself short, I usually shop in a shop that sells tools, oil, clothes and everything possible for entrepreneurs and the like. There, a woman who showed interest by giving long looks, turned her head 180 degrees and looked at me even though she talked to other customers, several times, at least 5 seconds long when visiting the store. This happened during the next few months, during the visit before Christmas * on one occasion, she said it wasn't that way? But she kept giving me a look.
    I then chose to become friends with her on fb and Instagram, but she declined. I removed my friend's request for fb and instragram. I've backed everything 100%.
    When I was in and shopping one of her colleagues was a little over, one that I know is a friend of her at fb, question is if she has talked to her colleague about what has happened.
    But we had an okay call for us that we used to have before, she said hello when she was almost at the checkout, then I asked what everything is good and so there when I paid the checkout.
    How should I relate to her when I come to the store to buy what I now need or need to squeeze hydraulic hoses, she knows now that I like her.
    How should I respond to her, should I be unloaded as nothing has happened, just be myself as if we are starting an unwritten sheet, if she supposedly starts to give me glances again, what is the best way to show that you have seen her eyes? Or should you just be completely calm, she will start looking again or the door is closed.
    I had seen some videos from other dating cocher and there was an advice that if a woman is watching, it may be because she has girlfriends that she has that would suit me and that she then gave me glances to become friends with me. * A few weeks ago we / I had the opportunity to talk, she was in the cashier called me the mastery? no pickup replicas from me. Asked if she knew where to go for a place in the city where you could meet new friends and get friends, sure she showed a smile, and looked down, and said she didn't have time for that and that she didn't know and meant that dating is done online which I said I did not like to know who is sitting on the other side of the profile. Why, my face got a smile when I asked if she knew where to go to find friends / friends, my question was ridiculous or she thought I was.
    Or should I stay away from the shop altogether?
    Is there an "I come back" opportunity or just move on.
    This is my dilemma. This is 2018.


    Was back to the store last week, began to sweat like hell, did not go up and talked to her only got a look at one to two seconds, can not say what her gaze showed then so she helped a new customer, should I move on, there is more info but on the whole, it has gone so long without anything happened, am i gone should i stay away ???? Ds July 2019

  • I got punched by a girl in the shoulder back then and she was smiling when she done that.

    Also she was laughing at my lame jokes, but we didn't end up to be together instead she was gotten by other man. Because I was too young too dumb to realized, that I should've bought her flowers and held her hands, give all her the hours when I had the chance.

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  • I am a guy and i definitely recognize 100% some signs of interest from
    people who are absolutely attracted to me.
    especially number 8 and 9,the only problem is that those people are guys or gays or faggots whatever you want to call them.
    it's so obvious that they looking for a way to have sex with me..
    I'm physically attracted to women (I'm straight) i got kids and my whole live i dated women but some way somehow they are looking for attention.

  • Once a beautiful person touched my balls at a bar and I thought it was best day of my life . Turns out later when i was flirting with that person, I could see a buldge pointing out her skirt and immediately had a mini heart attack . I ran away drunk and it was possible the most scariest experience in my life .

  • ? Im a guy and I flare my nostrils when i zone out like staring at walls…guess I have a chance with a wall 😏

  • Can u provide.. Me hangout group link. I need a good girl… For friend and even ❤dominic111.dpam @g……. Only good girl/ woman.

  • me :when i looked in a mirror i think im a trash
    girls :i just looked in the back girl looked at me more than five seconds and
    and years ago a girl likes me i do remeber i was just standing 2 girls were repeating walk the same way

  • I hung out with my crush yesterday and we found a spot at the park to sit on the grass so I was slav squatting and she way laying on the ground right next to me so close I could feel her hair against my knee. And at 11:11 in the afternoon she was like "oohh! 11:11!" And pulls out her phone and takes a selfie of us 2 and in the picture her head is resting against my shoulder for a quick 5 seconds and she playfully threw tiny pebbles at my back knowing it wouldn't hurt me and laughed. Im pretty sure at this point my crush likes me, I sure hope I'm right

  • Please help me with this
    If a girl wants to know if i am in relationship with someone or always wants to look at snapchat/messenger does that mean she is interested in me or not?

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