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100 Kids Say Bad Words | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids

– [Interviewer] Tell me the
worst word that you know. – (beep) (laughter) I know, I said it was bad. (moody music) – [Interviewer] Tell me the
worst word that you know. (opera music) (muffled laughter) (opera music) (mouth opening) (opera music) – I don’t know about this. – A bad word? – [Interviewer] Yeah. – Why? – [Interviewer] Cause I
wanna hear you say one. – M, mm – [Interviewer] No?
– No. (laughter) – The F-word probably. – The F-word. – The F-word. (laugher) – [Interviewer] Have you
ever said it out loud? – Nope – [Interviewer] Is there any
way I can get you to say it? – Mmmm (laughter) – Can I really say it? – (beep) (laughter) – How about (beep)? – (beep) – I never say that word though. – I’ll get in super big trouble
and I never wanna say it. – [Interviewer] Do you
know any adults who say it? – No, hopefully Mama, you do? (laughter in the background) – (beep) – [Interviewer] Who did
you learn that word from? – My mum.
– Mum. – (laughter) My mum. – My friends. – My dad says it a lot. (laughter) – [Interviewer] Do you
every hear your parents say bad words? – Mmm, sometimes. – [Interviewer] Do you get
mad when they say bad words? – I say: “Don’t say bad words,
I’m the bad-word police”. – [Interviewer] How old do
you think you have to be to start swearing? – Older than 18 maybe? – At least 20 or up. – I think you start swearing in your teens or maybe when you drink beer. – [Interviewer] How do
you feel about bad words? – Inappropriate and sad and funny. – [Interviewer] Does
it make you feel funny to have to say one? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] Can
you tell me a bad word? (opera music) – Okay, (beep). – (beep)
– (beep) (screaming in the background) (laughter) – [Woman In The backgroud] Crystal! – What, you said, told me to say it. – [Interviewer] Can
you tell me a bad word? (opera music) – What the (beep) – (beep) – (beep) – (beep) – (beep)hole – (beep)hole – (beep) (laughter) (dramatic opera music) – F, u, c, k. – I guess the a, s, s- word. – A, s, s (coughing) (slapping) – (Interviewer] You good? – (beep) it – (mumbles) – [Interviewer] What? – (mumbles) – [Interviewer] Is there any
one word you’ve been dying to get off your chest? (laughter) – What about (beep)? (laughter) – S-word, do you know that one? – [Interviewer] No, what is it? – Stupid. – Stupid.
– Stupid. – Stupid.
– Stupid. – Stinky. – [Interviewer] What? – Stinky. – Dumb. – Stupid.
– Stupid. – [Interviewer] What would
happen if you said that? – I don’t know cause I never do it. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever called anybody that? – No, yeah, I have, my brother. – My sister said this means butt hole. – Poopie.
– Poop. – Poop.
– Poo. – Fart.
– Butt. – Butt.
– Butt. – Butt.
– Bum. – Pee.
– Pee. – Penis. – It’s a bad word. – I don’t know any bad word. – I’m not really allowed to say it, but – Hate.
– Hate. – Hate. – I hate you. – Dying. – Boring. – Shut up.
– Shut up. – Shut up.
– Screw you. – Dummy, yeah, that’s the
worst word ever, yeah. – The worst word is “you’re not cute”. – [Interviewer] Why? – Because that’s so mean. – [Interviewer] You get one free pass. – [Father] You can say anything. – I don’t want to. – [Father] What about the fu-word? – Oh, the (beep) word? – (beep) – Oh, (beep). – What the (beep). – What the crap. – Frick. – Fricking. – Heck. – Mmm, (beep). (laughter) – [Interviewer] What do
you think about this idea of like some words are naughty? – I mean, they’re fine to say, but if you talk about somebody using them, it’s hurtful. – [Interviewer] Tell me
the worst word you know. – (beep) – [Interviewer] That came out real quick. – You know any others? (laughter)

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